Most People Burn You The Same In The End

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Consumerism is thriving, discourse is not

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In our society, consumerism is thriving! But what is consumerism? Consumerism is the idea that in order to be happy, we must keep buying the latest stuff. We see this all the time in advertisements. Buy that L’Oreal make up, and you’ll be worth it, buy that Green Giant sweetcorn, and you’ll become a giant, buy some Red Bull, and you’ll grow wings. Anyone that knows me, knows that I reject consumerism. I’m a simple person, I have a simple life, it doesn’t take much to make me happy, and I don’t have a lot of possessions.

Nowadays people spend so much time wired to their laptops and smartphones, not to do anything constructive, but to look at others on Facebook and Instagram, who they perceive have a better life than them. Rather than stop using the stupid websites and apps that gives them mindless content of people who have a better life than them, and instead spend that time doing something productive or finding better people to spend time with – they instead get sad, upset and depressive after spending so much time watching people more successful than them with a better life than them, which makes them feel depressed about their own lives. They compare themselves to the person on the screen, and then get saddened when the reality they see on the screen doesn’t match up to the reality of their own lives.

The solution for this problem, is to simply stop conforming to the consumerist ideal of always buying the latest product advertised to you, stop looking at celebrities on social networks who have a better life than you if that makes you feel depressed about your own life, and do something constructive with your life and meet people who accept you for who you are and stop spending time with toxic people.

Vapid behaviour is highly rewarded

In this society, the more outrageous and controversial your content is, the more views you get. Also in this society, the more you can screw over other people without providing any value to the end user, the greater your rewards are, than if you just operated in an ethical way.

Who remembers Facebook game company Zynga? They were the most unethical facebook game company in the world, spamming millions of users, pirating smaller company’s games, installing spyware and adware onto their users computers for commission, and it gave the company a “competitive advantage” against all the other companies. They did every dirty trick in the book, to become the number one facebook games company, and it worked.

Sociopaths say that sociopathy is an advantage from an evolution standpoint. Well that’s true to an extent, but sociopathy is only advantageous in small numbers. If everyone was a sociopath, society would not function. You need people who will contribute to society, people who encourage those less fortunate to help themselves, people to reward those who work hard, and people to punish the rule breakers. If everyone in the world was antisocial, the world would not function. The world needs new ideas to move society forward, and not just that, people who have a happy general disposition, to be able to do the menial work that others are not able to do, for no fault of their own.

Liking is considered active, and doing is considered passive

I was doing some thinking, and it occured to me how crazy is it how merely clicking a like button, is considered to be a more greater contribution to making the world a better place, than simply doing something, because rather than do something solitary that you benefit from doing because you enjoy doing it, you are instead making someone else happy and spreading positivity and good vibes.

I understand. Not everyone can be a writer like me. Not everyone is born with the talent to be able to be a content creator. Multiple people have told me that they wish that they could write a book. People who cannot write a blog, have to resort to vlogging their thoughts in front of the camera, appearing on someone else’s television show or youtube channel in an interview, or doing some twitter activism. If you cannot create your way our of a situation through your own imagination, you then have to resort to the supplication of helping others, by being a good listener, chatting to them, telling people that they matter, and all the good remarks to be said that people need to hear so they feel that they have a place in the world.

When it comes to relationships, we all have to get our needs met. What I find confusing, is why some people are submissive. How can it make sense that people exist, whose purpose it is catering for the every whim of someone else that they admire? What do they get out of doing all those kind things for that person, and why isn’t any kindness being spread that way? I think that the effort it takes to control or manipulate someone else, is considered “too much work” for some people, so it’s easier to be lazy and just do as they say. To quote latebit, controlling another person takes high intelligence, empathy and intutition.

To be an effective controlling person means to be able to anticipate the actions and thoughts of the person being controlled, and they need to constantly be in touch with the moods and reactions of the person they’re controlling. It wouldn’t do for the person being controlled to be ahead of the person doing the controlling; the dominating person must always stay at least one step ahead.

It appears to be, that doing and saying things that makes others feel good, is considered to be 10x better than doing a solitary activity that is of no benefit of anyone but yourself, regardless of how many people see you do it. The world can be a cruel place, as there can be lots of barriers that stop you from getting what you want. So if you can do something that makes someone feel better about who they are, what they’ve done, and what situation they’re in, it appears that that is a much better thing to do than simply do something on your own like postcard collecting or writing.

Most people view others as halloween outfits

Halloween outfits. Those are the things that you buy, wear once a year to the halloween party or to trick or treating, and then never wear again. Would it surprise you if I told you, that I think that most people view people in this way? What would my reasoning for that be? I think a simple list is best suited for this.

  • Parents that abuse their children
  • Men who abuse their women
  • Fake friends who only talk to you because they’ve got no one better to talk to
  • Family members who say they care about you, but then when offered a chance to speak to you, they don’t want to speak to you
  • Teachers that claim to care about their pupils, but when you need them to do you a favour, they don’t want to do it
  • People who say you can visit them at any time, but they don’t mean it
  • Two-faced people who pretend to care about you but they don’t
  • People in the creative industry, who only choose to work with people with fame or status, and not someone lesser known who has more talent

I think when these bullet points are thought about, that you’ll get my point.

Being respectful is not enough, a healthy relationship is also earned

Nobody tries to prove themselves any more in this 21st century society. I mean, we look at all the bad people in the world doing bad things, and because we know that we would never do something as bad as those people do, that we are automatically good people, so therefore other people must like us too. People think, that if they are nice, then other people should automatically like them, just for being nice. It doesn’t matter that the humans that inhabit this planet are autonomous beings, whose needs might not match up with yours, just as long as you know you’re good, and that there are other people around you who are bad, and that you know you’re not as bad as them – other people should automatically like you right, because you’re good, right?

Well it doesn’t work like that. A prerequisite to getting along with someone isn’t just being nice. It’s having something in common, having shared goals and being able to meet each other’s emotional needs. If two parties cannot do that, a conversation is as good as dead. Women, having being approached a million times by men, at varying levels of creepiness, have a “sixth sense” to be able to detect which men are dangerous, which men are creeps, and which men are just plain annoying, within 30 seconds of an interaction. Women can do this, in a way that men cannot. It should be of no surprise, that my friend told me that “men are shit”. She was going to tell me why, but she was tired.

Most people live a double life

Most people live a double life, and I think this something that we all know too well. There’s probably someone you know who is or was in a relationship, but didn’t disclose it on their Facebook profile. Or someone who was part of a certain community and doesn’t disclose it publicly. Or a person who is LGBT who doesn’t disclose that for fear of being made homeless. As I’m an open minded person, people tell me secrets about themselves that would ruin their lives if I was to tell others about it. They know that I won’t judge them or blab it to anyone, so that makes me the perfect person to tell their secrets.

Trust is key to any relationship, so people have to make a quick and rational decision, or even use their “gut instinct”, to judge what type of person, a person is, because you never know which people are bad people, as bad people present themselves as good people, as they avoid the spotlight and know how to be charming. Given that most people are not open minded and that the world is full of bad people who do not discriminate against who they apply their abuse to, it should be of no wonder, why so many people hide things about themselves, for fear of retribution, or spoiling a good thing.

Most people do not respect writers and celebrities of any level

I was speaking to an adult who used to be famous, and she told me that when you’re famous, people do not value you for “you”, they only value you for what you can give them. That they do not value you as a person. They only want to reap the benefits of your fame and status. If she was to give someone of lesser prominence attention, they would not feel too kindly towards her after she helped them become more successful. It should be of no wonder, why celebrities only date celebrities. Because celebrities are the only people celebrities can trust to not be using them for fame or money. Lots of celebrities or people in the public sphere face trolls. People who take pleasure out of upsetting people. There’s a lot of trolls out there! Recently I saw a petition submitted to the government to try to get the trolls wiped off the internet.

Yes you can have fans, but just because someone is a fan, doesn’t mean they’re a nice person or someone you should spend time with. Look at how many stalkers Taylor Swift has to deal with, and they’re say they’re her biggest fans. You know what I say, if you wouldn’t borrow money to a fan, that fan is not your friend. If you can’t borrow £10-100 to someone and get it back within a reasonable timeframe unless there’s some genuine reason why they cannot under any circumstances pay the money back, they are not your friend. There’s a lot of bad people in the world. You just have to learn to detect them, deal with them, and avoid them if you can.

Most people do not respect writers. Here’s what I experience as a writer.

  • Hacking attempts
  • Attempted doxxing
  • Private investigator following me around by a muslim landlord
  • Stalking
  • People wasting my time
  • Collective bullying on social networks
  • Pranks
  • Rape
  • Attempted murder by a muslim who just come out of prison
  • Passive aggression
  • People searching your stuff (emails, diary, bins)
  • People recording themselves being abusive towards you without your permission
  • Physical violence
  • Verbal abuse
  • Destruction of property
  • People stealing your stuff
  • People making up unsubstantiated allegations to try to get me evicted

It’s all about the Jungle guy to sort it out. I use Anxiety UK and Our Safe Haven.

How much good do you have to do to be considered a good person? It doesn’t matter how good you are, someone will always find a problem with you. You just have to find people who accept you for you are, within reason, and try to be the best person you can be.

To survive in this world you need a screening criteria

Below is my screening criteria for what I consider to be a healthy relationship.

  • Not being guarded
  • Saying how you feel
  • Communication
  • Knowing how to apologise
  • Flourishing the positive and negating the negative
  • Not comparing the person to another person
  • Freedom of expression
  • Not being passive aggressive
  • Getting the person to add you outside the app (if you’re talking to them online)

Loud language is needed in these precarious and dark times

In this society, it’s not about who says the most, it’s about who’s got the loudest voice. Everyone wants to have a 1 million followers, or for their content to the be seen by the most people. We also have to be realistic, and realise that most content creators are not going to have a large following as they expect, and that there can be forces that prevent them from following their dreams. What you need is to get your message out there, and to do so, is very hard, considering that you’re competing with the millions of other blogs on the internet. How will you get your blog, music, video, or book noticed? How? The Tynamite marketing strategy is as follows.

  • Don’t use Twitter or Gab for self promotion. 90% of my tweets or gabs do not promote myself or a political cause.
  • Don’t tweet or gab often. You see some celebrities with 50K tweets. Keep tweeting to a minimum. Only speak when you have something important and interesting to say.
  • Get endorsements not engagement
  • Don’t beg for likes
  • Don’t use a call to action
  • Don’t copy what your competitors are doing
  • No paying for followers
  • No follow trains
  • No follow spam
  • Don’t tweet or gab most things you create
  • If you do tweet or gab something you create, do so weeks or months after you’ve created it
  • Post on forums
  • Try not to scrub your internet history, if you can help it


So my point of this article, is to say that 90% of the people you interact with will burn you the same in the end. When you get older and look back at your life, you’ll see that you were surrounded by so many trash people, and didn’t realise it at the time, before things fell by the wayside. There’s only so much bad energy a person can take, before they flip out. I say that we need to create a more kinder society, however we can achieve that. There’s too many bad people and fake people in the world.

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