Why I Support Donald Trump

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Anyone who has read my blog, twitter or gab, would know that I support Trump. Why I do this, I have not explained properly this. As the political sphere is more heated with terrorist organisations like Antifa, National Action and muslim charities which are a front for funding terrorism, as well as the inequality between the rich and poor seemingly widening, combined with mass unemployment in western countries that mass immigration brings, it couldn’t make more sense for me to explain why I support Trump. So now I’ll explain.

First of all, Hillary Clinton supports Google. Billionaire corporation Google, now owned by Alphabet, who answers to no one, is responsible for censoring millions of people, demonitising millions of people, lobbying the US government for years, interfering with democratic elections, anti-competitive practises, helping China, and permenantly deleting YEARS of content from the internet forever. If you build an online business with Google, you have already failed from the moment you started. Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, PayPal, Pinterest, and Quora cannot shut me down. I am anti-fragile. I see people get their Facebook, Twitter and Youtube accounts get shadowbanned so they get restricted reach, all they get their account deleted – that doesn’t happen to me. Yes I lose money as 90% of the banner advert networks that existed in the 90s shut down, and Google has AMP, Facebook prioritises content hosted within Facebook to external content, and Twitter removes the Open Graph for people they don’t like – all the accelerate the death of the blogosphere and the indie publisher.

All writers want to do is write, and they will write nearly every day until they are dead. You cannot tell a writer to stop writing. They are always going to write, whether you like it or not! That’s the way the world works! Even songwriters write songs for singers all the time, and they don’t have a lot of money because they’re songwriters. Most writers don’t have money. It’s VERY hard to make a living from writing. I’ve only sold 7 books. No joke! If you read The Trichordist you will know this.

Most people don’t respect writers.

All writers want to do is write, but they face a lot of threats from the haters, the SJWs, the bullies. People have tried to hack and negative SEO my websites and failed LOL. A lot of writers get “hate comments”, but if you notice, I NEVER get hate comments. I think that’s because there’s merit to the things I say. I can back it up. My writing comes from either my life experience, a concept I want to portray, or knowledge I’ve gained from reading blogs and news articles. I think that if you can back up the things you say with facts or emperical evidence, that you won’t get any hate comments – which I never do xD

I was very popular in 2 schools, and I’m popular in a social environment because I’m outgoing and frank. I meet and speak to a lot of girls whose mindset comes from a position of jealousy and envy after observing me for whatever reason, and they make it their high priority to try to waste my time for as long as possible. I’ve learnt how to detect them. Women are experts at wasting men’s time.

Then there’s the people who get triggered, rude, talking about you behind your back, refuse to engage with you and physically violent towards you because they don’t like your opinions.

Bernie Sanders will damage the economy and he gives people false hopes

Bernie Sanders promises free medicare for all, a $15 minimum dollar wage, capped drug prices, a greener environment, free university, strengthening unions, giving prisoners the right to vote, a job guarantee where the government will create jobs for unemployed people, paying teachers $60,000, and in one of his Instagram videos, he calls having maternity leave, sick pay, not working a dead end job, being rejected for a loan, not having student loan debt, not being forced to pay high treatment costs, and not having your small business devoured by a larger competitor – he calls all those things freedom.

What Bernie Sanders will instead do, is increase taxes on small businesses to pay for all the super elaborate free stuff, and small businesses will have to either cut jobs, sell their assets or streamline the company in order to operate. The economy will move further from a market economy to a planned economy. Another thing he will do, is he will advocate for open borders to bring in unlimited immigrants into the country, of which most of them will be economic migrants who come from backward cultures, who will bring crime, drugs, rape, terrorism into the country. Sure some of them are nice people, but the way western countries are with the multicultural “diversity is our strength” agenda, we are living with mass unemployment, mass homelessness, a lack of places for school kids, hospitals overstretched, and an overall lack of social cohesion – of which religion can’t fill the void.

What use is all the free stuff, if you can’t get a job because small businesses (which are 90% of the businesses), are suffering, and there’s no jobs because of mass immigration??? A vote for Bernie Sanders will have you enthralled in even deeper poverty. Even in the Calais Jungle’s favourite hotspot, the UK, people miss out on vital treatment, because the funding isn’t there for certain treatments, or because the hospitals are overstretched. Another thing, it doesn’t matter how much you guve a socialist, they will always want more. There is not enough you can give a socialist, to make them stop wanting more. Although unions gave us a minimum wage, sick pay, maternity pay, weekends, anti-discrimnation laws and more, if you give the unions unlimited power, there will be a strike every month.

Bernie Sanders always talks about millionaires and billionaires, but he NEVER talks about small businesses. He would destroy small businesses with his increased taxes and regulations, and small businesses make up 90% of the businesses.

There is no perfect system. If you want to create prosperity, you have to stimulate the economy, but if you try to do so without understanding economics, you will inadvertently create even more inequality and misery. Promising teachers a $60,000 wage, the ability to not work a dead end job, not being rejected for a loan, and not having your small business devoured by a larger competitor, without first explaining what anti-trust laws you’re going to add – it’s just the sound of a person talking a lot of catharsis. If you can appeal to emotion, use videos of everyday normal people talking, with chearful or dreary music, it doesn’t really matter what the person says, as long as it registers with them on an emotional level, with a catchy graphic that can be used for meme value. Don’t get me wrong! I’m not a free market capitalist. Of course in countries where there is a large disparity between the rich and poor, and the wealth is stratified, the government should do something to remedy the situation via wealth redistribution.

Trump creates jobs

Whether you believe that the government reported unemployment rate is real or not (I don’t), the fact is that mass unemployment is real. What is also real is that Trump is creating jobs, enabling manufacturing inside the US to happen, and giving working class people a tax cut.

Trump does more than create jobs

I won’t get into a long tirade so I’ll just list bullet points

  • Building the wall
  • Ending chain migration
  • Giving working class people a tax cut
  • Tacking Big Tech censorship. Big Tech or Silicon Valley is censoring millions of people.
  • Banning Huawei
  • Simplifying the convoluted tax code
  • Appealing Obamacare which cruely provides mandated healthcare that poor people are put in prison, fined, or get their possessions repossed and become homeless because they can’t afford to pay the healthcare mandate. It’s a Margaret Thatcher Poll Tax, which unlike the NHS, it doesn’t pay for everything.
  • Increasing competition in healthcare insurance
  • Exposing how crooked and evil and satanic Hillary Clinton really is
  • Punishing China with tarrifs and preventing them from buying loads of US dollars to manipulate the US dollar
  • And more


I do recognise that there is wealth inequality in America, and areas that homeless people congregate that are full of tents, vans, shacks, and drugs and filth. In cases like these, it is up to the particular state to solve the homelessness problem, not Trump. In cases where millionaire corporations pay their lowly workers a pittance and refuse them workers rights, like Disney, Deliveroo, Walmart, McDonalds, and Uber, it is up to the government to strengthen workers rights and introduce a 20:1 pay ratio. However, the service industry cannot afford such a drastic rise in the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Although promises and good intentions sound good in theory, one should stop being enticed by a me-centric outlook as if the whole world revolves around them, and instead become a worldly person, use critical thinking, and weigh up the facts and figures – before making such hasty or life changing decisions. It would be gtreat if everyone was open minded and world, but people can be foolish and stupid or ignorant and stupid. The world can be like that.

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