Marketing Mini Glossary

cost per action
When the advertiser’s desired action is performed by the user, within the context of affiliate marketing, the CPA is showing how much they are willing to pay the promoter of the advertiser’s offer (whether that be ringtones or free smartphone games)
cost per click
An advertiser who is paying each time an advert is clicked
cost per thousand
The advertiser paying for advertising, where they’re charged for each time the advert is viewed (with a maximum budget of course)
contextual advertising
When banner advertising uses the content of the webpage it’s being placed on, that the user is currently visiting, to deliver adverts relevant to the webpage being browsed. This is not to be confused with personalised advertising.
Google Panda
A collosally majorithm update for Google Panda, that shook the SEO industry overnight and affected millions of mainstream websites, designed to demote thin content and promote quality content, by eradicating what Google calls “thin content”.