My Education Has Been a Complete Waste of Time

I'll polish this up in August

As we live life, we can go though various institutions, such as hospitals, prisons, supported accomodation, psychiatric wards, and immigrant detention centers. One insitution which we are all subject to, is school. School is seen as the “good institution”, as it helps a child’s psychosocial development, and it gives them knowledge they can use for the future, and help them to make friends that they can keep. I would not of been able to write my novels, without the knowledge I learnt from school.

When I was a child, I was told by parents that it was very important to get an education, and that if I didn’t get one, then I would be poor for life. They told me long stories about people who left school without an education then ended up working dead end jobs for a long time. I was told to engage in lessons, revise, study and generally be a good student.

I was bullied by muslims who didn’t want me to make any friends

I went to five schools. The first school was a prostetant school, I was popular but was too shy to make friends due to selective mutism. The second one, I was bullied for being popular. I had a muslim headmaster who refused to exclude the muslim who was bullying me so I had to change school. The third was a catholic school that didn’t tolerate bullying or fighting. In the forth school, I was bullied by muslims which left me with a tarnished reputation so bad, that nobody wanted to interact or sit next to me. I had zero friends. I was bullied for my appearance there. In the fifth school I was popular, but I lacked the nessacary social skills required, due to being bullied in previous schools.

School filled my brain with pointless knowledge

There are lots of things good about school, like the food, the social aspect, school trips, watching videos, lessons you find interesting. But 90% of what I learnt at school was absolute junk. There was not much of it I needed to remember, apart from the english and maths stuff. The english stuff helped me learn how to write my novels. Seriously though, what is the point of learning all this stuff at school, if we’re not going to use any of it anyway?

Most degrees are worthless nowadays

However when I was 16, I was told by my teachers that getting an education would be a futile experience, and that merely by having a degree, it doesn’t guarantee having a job. What no one could have predicted, is the degree of which mass immigration would have remarkably changed the landscape of Britain.

Fifty years ago, it would have been perfectly normal for a homeless person to visit the council at an office, claim they’re homeless, and get a council house.

Now because of mass immigration putting a strain on housing, and the Right To Buy removing a third of the council houses from the market, we are living in a very different landscape, and now housing charity Shelter is asking the government to build more social housing [1] [2].

The sort of job I wanted to do, I didn’t need a degree for it, like a lawyer or doctor, so I always knew that I didn’t need a degree in my life. It was just something I did for fun. I really enjoyed studying Computing at Coventry University, until I got kicked out for not attending my exams. I found out that my mum walked into O2 pretending to be me to get my sim card which is why my sim card stopped working, and then used that replacement sim card to login to my Google and then wiretap my laptop, then she catfished me with my own diary which led me to being kicked out of Coventry University for not turning up to my exams. I found this out in September 2018. I did appeal the decision, but they didn’t want to let me back in, but they didn’t know that my mother sabotaged my education.

I’ve been unemployed for 4 years. You can see from the below image that due to mass immigration in Birmingham, there are 100 people applying for every job. Mass immigration has put a strain on the job market. I voted to leave the EU.

You can see that in Birmingham, there are 100 people applying for every job


My life is interesting because of the way I choose to live my life, but my life is boring to watch because I spend most of the time on the computer, because I only have 3 friends. I get ghosted 90% of the time. I use Anxiety UK and Our Safe Haven. I have my own forum Compesh, my own Compesh chat room among other Discord servers I use, and I will make my own social network called Greethouse. I also use Daily Postcard. And I go to the poly meetup.

Overall, education is more seen as something you do to pass the time, rather than just sit at home watching Netflix and smoking weed. My life is interesting because of the way I choose to live my life.

I go out and speak to people, and some people tell me that they’re happy. Why are they happy? I don’t know. I’m not them, am I? Some people have a happy general disposition, and some people have to leave the house and do activities outside the house to be happy. Some people are happy to claim benefits for the rest of their life, and some people like working.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I don’t use the word happy. That word isn’t in my lexicon. My general disposition isn’t a happy disposition. It’s a nihilist disposition. Nihilism is the belief that life is meaningless. Same shit different day. I’m a nihilist. Someone told me that there’s so many meanings in a day. I disagree. I think that there’s always going to be somethingin this world that you can’t control, that will stop you from getting what you want, and someone who will actively try to stop you from getting what you want. The world can be a cruel place.

What makes me happy, is leaving the house and doing activities outside the house. I don’t like to be kooked up in the house all day every day. I like to go out and do stuff.

In short, what makes me happy is having a varied life.

In my life, I’ve had lots of good experiences. I’ve met a lot of good people. I’ve learnt lots of things, and done a lot of things that most people have never done.

You want a serious answer don’t you?

1. Having a varied life. I like living fresh experiences. I’m not into the same old same old. I like having friends, meeting new people, trying out new things, making jokes, having fun outside the house.
2. The money thing! I’ve got the transcriptionist job because I passed the training, but I’m waiting to be approved, which the website says it approximately up to 3 months.

A life that’s repetitive or monotonous, isn’t worth living. I’m into having new experiences every day, or at least I try to.