Why I Prefer Paltalk over Discord

Using a simple check, there seems to be around 1.2 million chat rooms on Discord (which they colloquially call servers) and around 2000 chat rooms on Paltalk. At first glance, it might seem like Discord would be better to make friends, as more people means more opportunities, right? In my experience, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Why would that be? Maybe that would depend on whether you believe in supply side or demand side economics? Or maybe it depends on whether you take a more lockean or kantian approach to social cohesion.

First things first, what is the stereotype of a chat room moderator?

I think we all know the answer to that one! At least people who chose to stay indoors, I hope!

They tend to be social outcasts who lack agency in their life, so they end up being the slated power-tripping mods, as them abusing their power (especially if you disagree with them), is the only sense of agency and control that they can exert in their life. Interestingly so, eight moderators control the majority of the top hundred subreddits on reddit, we’d call them powermods. When this was exposed on reddit and youtube, they proceeded to create duplicate accounts (alts or sockpuppets) so they could better evade detection, to hide this fact.

The moderators be power tripping!

This predates Discord into onto MSN Chat, Yahoo Chat, Lycos Chat, AOL Chat, Meebo, etc.

Trust Silicon Valley to implement numbers driven design for chat rooms

It seems to be that numbers driven design is prevailing here at Discord, not just in conversions but also trying to keep the daily active users (DAU), as high as possible, by any means. They focus more on boosting DAU’s than to be thinking about the game mechanics involved to consider how people behave in the real world when online.

Discord just feels A/B tested to death. Especially as they cripple the search and notification feature whilst prioritising the features that make money like profile backgrounds and animations.

Never mind voice chat, here’s why I hate communicating in Voice Notes

The single worst game mechanic on Discord from Day One

Discord not having a centralised directory of chat rooms on their website, is the worst decision in discord history.


So what happens if a moderator is power-tripping? With a lack of a centralised directory for chat rooms, users who would otherwise leave the abusive moderator, instead would have to stay, as there’d be no chance of mobilising elsewhere to get the victims to collectively move somewhere else.

Instead of issues being resolved, especially ones of passive aggressiveness, social exclusion, vendettas and factions, as they predictably wouldn’t as the abusers have their pre-empted plausible deniability, instead people will just leave without warning. And without a way to bring the closet sympathisers elsewhere, if any such behaviour repeats itself in other chat rooms (servers) with any type of power-tripping moderator, after enough times, the users will just give up, as they face the same problems over and over again, to fall on deaf ears, due to plausible deniability which would either be seen as gaslighting, gatekeeping, catastrophicising or being paranoid.

The people who feel like me, crestfallen and disappointed, will just leave to eventually leave Discord altogether or to take a dormant attitude to it. So with that said, things might look funkydory at first glance to a newcomer, as all the people who’ve had bad experiences, have already left, so nobody would ever know any reason for why any such people would leave and what events made them leave.

A/B testing is when a website gives 5 or 10% of their audience a test design for when they access the website, while the remaining audience, the majority, the 90% or 95% are given the normal web design.

The person doing the A/B testing will be analysing certain metrics, to see which one is more likely to deliver the desired result (a conversion).

In marketing and online advertising, if the user performs the desired result after clicking on an advert (eg. creating a user, purchase, signing up to newsletter), then that’s a conversion.

The metrics they could be monitoring is the bounce rate, page views, session length, time spent on each web page, returning visitors, etc.

If it’s found that the B design that 5 or 10% of their users got, is more successful at delivering higher conversions and better visitor metrics, then that’s the design they’ll be keeping.

Article spinning is type of plagiarism that is more subversive and inconspicuous, whilst being so different to what we deem as typically plagiarism, that it doesn’t really meet the definition of typical plagiarism.

Article spinning is commonly done by news companies, including news verticles (cars, technology, fashion), or industry insight news (music industry news, marketing news, retail news)

It is done when a news website (of some sort) is expected to be publishing new stories as content every day or few days, when there’s a slow news day, so they have to publish something that’s substantial, otherwise they’ll disappoint their visitors, repeat readers, advertisers, subscribers along with being shared along the grapevine, buzz, virality and the blogosphere, forums and social networks.

How article spinning works, is when a writer or journalist has absolutely no ideas for a new article, what they will do is browse “user generated content” websites where lots of people congregate, to then take little bits of pieces as ideas, more like fragments of 3-8 words or maybe later 8-15 words, to then have each fragment then develop into 1-3 sentences.

They keep all these sentence fragments and coupled sentences, stored in some list somewhere (whatever they use to store their notes) and once their list of fragments becomes numerous enough for there to be some sort of common theme or interesting triangulation to be made, they’ll then write an entire article based on that.

However the plagiarism part of the article spinning, comes from the fact that they’ve just combined tiny fragments of things from other articles, to give them the inspiration for their article, whilst proactively going out of their way to LOOK for such things prior to generating any ideas themselves in the first place.

Prime Example of article spinning: Every article on the Huffington Post website

Prime example of podcast spinning: Daily Wire

The GRIFT is real

  • one
  • two
  • three

short explanation here


Read this blog article for more details.

Discord is damaged beyond repair due to bad game mechanics

Absent of sociopolitical opinions, Social Software needs to strike a balance amongst Differing Personalities

There’s a load of bad game mechanics there if you care to look

  1. Banning someone for being more popular than you, or the moderator’s friend
  2. Culture of fear where 2 people agree with moderator against one user and everyone is too scared to be the second to disagree, in fear of victiminisation
  3. There is no centralised directory of chat rooms so if a moderator is abusive or cliquish, then it’s hard to execute a mass exodus
  4. Point number 3 causes a homogenous culture. The nail that sticks out the most gets hammered down first, while also wanting to infiltrate and hijack every community
  5. Most people there aren’t really there to make friends and take interest of others. Instead they want a counsellor-client relationship
  6. Vertical attention seeking (instead of horizontal) causes vacuous and airhead like behaviours and soapboxing
  7. Moderators view themselves as exempt from criticism like the atheist community on reddit
  8. Vanity metrics which are vacuous. Do I really care if someone has partnership, guilds and whatever other badges as well as premium?
  9. Affiliation over achievement, or even better, affiliation over aspiration. Do I really care to know what someone else’s music taste is on Spotify?

It’s so incessant!

My negative experience on Discord is within the buffer zones

Being part of an overlooked 2% minority group, which faces discrimination, that isn’t subject to any discrimination and hate crime laws in most western countries

Being a dependency threat, to be thwarted and isolated upon, by those with a Mono Messiah Complex (who feign interest in others and offence from me, whilst making tactical alliances)

People who have self-paralysis who will inadvertently bring everyone else down to their same level, into more self-paralysis and co-dependency, with subservience on one end of the spectrum and enabling on the other

There is no social boundary or game mechanic to punish people who commit MUTED henpecking

Remember this! Well technically they’re not explicitly or implicitly saying anything rude, passive aggressive, territorial or coercive control, so they don’t fit the Standard Model of what domestic abuse is

Why doesn’t anyone say anything about it, within those chat rooms?

People with self-paralysis who co-opt therapy speak, prevents those with such calamities, from speaking out about their covert cold-shoulder treatment

They have plausible deniability

Being accused of gaslighting or catastrophicising

Being accused of gatekeeping

Classic defences against being accused of gaslighting

  • Not everything is about you
  • What have you done to be helpful and contributive towards others personally?
  • We love you and want you to feel happy and comfortable here

fix up these notes

I can accept that there’s some things that people individually and collectively would prefer not to talk about.

  • Moderator or their friend envious of me getting more attention than them
  • People mid-representing themselves for why they are there. They are not there for the reason they say they are, and they are not truly interested in what the server is about
  • They find any sass or imprudent behaviour to be unnerving or offensive. Debasing people’s individuality and culture for the sake of equality and inclusion so there is no diversity of opinion or culture and everyone acts in an homogeneous fashion. They hate humour, sass and being sized up. The mail that sticks out the most gets hammered down first.
  • Social outcasts doing opportunism with attention seeking and exhibitionist behaviour when beneath the surface they are quite vacuous
  • Culture of fear due to no

fill this in later

Shall we change our demeanour and persona, to better fit the mould of the group. And if so, where do we draw the line?

Is Discord for chat rooms or a pager room?

Is Discord a broadcasting network like Parler was?

I don’t experience half the problematic behaviour on Paltalk, that I’m a victim to, on Discord

Here’s an idea for a chat room app that I’m considering

But how would it accommodate to introverts?


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