Creativity FAQ

Why don’t you like the Harry Potter books?

It’s too corny, too oversimplified and too contrived. It’s corny and soppy. Especially corny.

Anything that could go right, will go right. Anything that could go wrong, will never happen. Anything that does go wrong, will be quickly averted. Anything that is contrived, will be committed by the characters in order to add some high octane drama that they would never do naturally if left to their own devices.

In other words it was corny and soppy.

By the way, Ron’s rat dying wasn’t important to the storyline or the character development.

Examples of amateur dramatics

  1. It’s a common trope that once the plot becomes more thin halfway through a story, and all the hooks and plotlines have been exhausted, that a CHEAP trick to make the story more interesting, is to simply add a NEW character into the story. I HATE that trope, and I consider it to be amateur dramatics because the writer isn’t skilled enough to do anything more sophisticated, imaginative or intuitive
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  3. another example here

How would you personally define the difference between contemporary fiction and young adult, in one image?

Can you recommend any similar authors to yourself?

I don’t read books as I don’t want to unfairly influence or prejudice my own but you can check these authors out.

Do you like any fantasy books?

Can you describe your sound?