Rookie Intern FAQ

What do you usually do within the week?

Usually I’ll be….

Using the following talents I have

  • writing (contemporary fiction and sociology, not to be confused with young adult)
  • music production
  • programming
  • podcasting
  • creating new tabletop games (board/puzzle/card)
  • playing piano (I gave this up)
  • drawing (I also gave this up)
  1. Coming later 2024
  2. Coming later 2024
  3. …………
  4. …………
  5. …………
  6. …………

coming later 2024

Right now I’m a web developer. In the future I’ll learn how to make iphone and android apps. Visit the link below for a list of skills and work.

I write in the contemporary fiction and sociology genres, not to be confused with young adult.

My second album, well first under Subway Shade is coming later this year.

This’ll be my 4th album, after I finish making the 2nd and 3rd one – of course!

My first album titled Steel Crate will be released later this year.

  • My albums on Bandcamp and elsewhere (coming soon)
  • My albums on digital music streaming (coming soon)
  • Loose songs on Soundcloud

Outside creating things, I’ll be

  • reading (blogs, news and forums but I don’t read books as I don’t want to unfairly prejudice or influence my own)
  • watching tv
  • watching youtube
  • listening to podcasts
  • creating mangled beat overdub cassette tapes (for lack of a better name)
  • collecting coins and postcards (I gave this up)
  • learning a second language (I also gave this up)
  • photography (I gave up before I even got serious)

On Friday (or maybe Thursday to avoid the crowd) I’ll be….

  • Socialising outside with friends

It might sound boring but all we do is chat.

Well on the weekends….

I work from home, so see the previous two subheadings. People always use me to do the errands that their 9 to 5 doesn’t allow them to.

How long do you typically sleep for?

  • 7 days a fortnight: 8 hours
  • 4 days a fornight: 6 hours
  • 2 days a fortnight: 4 hours
  • 1 days a fortnight: 2 hours
  • Sleep debt caveat: The caveat is that once a month, I’ll have exactly 1-2 days of the month, with absolutely no sleep, if not then 1 hour’s sleep. However the hours I didn’t sleep for that specific day (ie. 0-1), it is simply borrowed from some of the following days as “sleep debt”, so I end up sleeping more on some of the future days, to make up for the time lost. The day the sleep debt is repaid, isn’t always the following subsequent day but sometimes 1 or 2 days later.

Would you change how you live your life, if you was rich?

I would be doing the exact same thing as I’m doing now, except that I would have more money to spend on online advertising. I recommend Adsterra and Admaven.

If you ever get bored of living in London, you’re not just bored of life but the entirety of humanity itself.

sister bliss

I’m not into consumerism. I have a natural aversion to it and anything that can be deemed consumerist, is just my anathema. I have no burning desire to go on holiday and all my possessions can fit in a 4 seater car with folding doors.

Just like my writing, it’s all about the pond life, not the high octane life. I like to use the analogy of a school that has an ant tank. Directly observing the ant tank, it looks very boring and mundane. But if you got a high speed camera to record it over weeks to then speed it up at fast forward, it would look interesting. But even so, there is still a level of an intricate nature and a dense nature, if it was being played at normal speed. You just have to look carefully!

Going on holiday for me, something which I have no burning desire to do, would be too much cable-carting and not enough go-karting, too much window gazing and not enough garden grazing.

Where did the pseudonym/alias Tynamite come from?

When I was 11 in school, my brother wanted me to come up with a superhero. I found it hard to think of one but I did come up with Tynamitom which was TNT, dynamite and bomb but whenever I used it on forums and MSN Messenger, people always thought my name was Tom, so I changed it to Tynamite.

Did you ever get any nicknames?

  • For having a big head: aerodynamics, Hey Arnold, doritos
  • For being intelligent: wizard / professor
  • For being funny: class clown, clown
  • For being eccentric and saying crackpot opinions and off-key offbeat remarks: tapped, asking me if I’ve taken drugs when I never have
  • For having a triangle shaped head (technically heart): biscuit, doritos
  • For having a long face, height wise: donkey
  • For having a metabolism that never gains weight staying slimwhilst also never losing weight (even after walking 25 miles a week): Conveyor belt
  • My voice and infliction: having a goofy voice, speaking like a politician
  • For being spontaneous: random, weird, quirky (“he’s so random”)
  • For knowing worldly things and specific terminology: encyclopedia
  • The way I rap: “You have a Bassman flow” (I’ve never heard of him)
  • For weirdly having a slight green tinge to my complexion: alien
  • For being a light skinned black male: biscuit, custard creams

What was your last dream or what do you usually dream about?

The more repetitive my dreams get, the less likely I am to remember my dreams. I only remember the dreams which are more different to the ones I’ve already had hundreds of times before. Well anyway, all my dreams are about being popular.

Will you be making any more podcast episodes?

Related blog articles

What books are you currently reading and how often do you read new ones?

I don’t read books because I don’t want it to unfairly influence or prejudice my own. If you want to see what books I’m interested in, see my goodreads account.

The rationale

Neurologically speaking, the human brain technically doesn’t forget anything, it keeps ALL your past experiences inside your brain, it’s just that you don’t have access to it, it’s locked away in your subconcious.

Also neurologically speaking, when people are riding a bike or driving, they are in a quasi-hypnotic state, where they are doing part of their actions without thinking, like changing gears, which they call a hypnogogic state, which is similar to the last 30 minutes in bed before you fall asleep. It’s when you have access to your subconscious and use it to make decisions.

It can be then argued, that when a person is writing something, that their subconcious is using a stream of atmospheric random noise like a tv station with no signal with the 2 monochrome dots moving around, except that instead of it just being 2 colours, it’s just your subconcious replaying your past memories in your mind that you don’t recall or have direct access to.

To expand on this, the problem I see, with reading other people’s books, is that it puts the LAST 10 MOST RECENT BOOKS, in the PREDOMINANT FRONT of my subconscious, so the atmospheric noise in my subconscious, will be more patternistic and blockish, and less sporadic and porous.

Expanding the rationale with my long term memory being very good

My short term memory is rubbish but my long term memory is very good. I can remember multiple song lyrics in full if I practice all intact. My memory isn’t photographic but it’s something similar but worse. I like to call it second instance prompted recollection If I see anything a second time, like a book, advert, song, tv show, I can then remember the first time I saw it, even if it was 5 or 10 years ago

But it doesn’t apply to faces. So provided that I am given the relevant prompt, I should be able to remember it’s associated past event Asking what happened on 20/02/2002 20:02 doesn’t count

What do you mullingly think about, for most of the day?

  1. People who I cannot trust and who shalln’t I trust in future. If I didn’t think about this, then I’d be screwed over in the future.
  2. Things I don’t understand about people, anything I find contradictory about them, to be mulling about how to reconcile the two polar opposites, to try to strike a balance. The cognitive dissonance and logical fallacies are real!
  3. Marketing wise, how I’m going to do the pre-production and post-production marketing and branding for anything I create
  4. Marketing wise, how to protect myself against brand dilution and brand hijacking#
  5. More appreciatively anodyne and ludovian, planning the things I’m going to create
  6. My existential crisis which coincides with with my mild depression (dysthymia), along with my regrets and feelings of being short-changed in the past, along with a cynical outlook and dismal lack of hope in a nihilist manner – though thankfully not a defeatist

I don’t listen to my own music or writing, as I spend enough time primarily thinking about who can and cannot be trusted as it is, so like those russian dolls, imagine going recursive inside your brain, a brain inside a brain inside a brain. If we lived in a funkydory Fifi and The Flowertots world like Nick Jr, then I probably would go back and listen to my own creations but sometimes I just want a break of threat modelling things in my head. Doing too much introspective thinking in a mulling way, surely is nauseating and depressing. Gotta stay positive, yo!

I do not consider myself to be a deep thinker as most of the time, I’m not doing any deep thinking. How much deep thinking does a person have to do during the week, to be considered a deep thinker? For me anyway, it’s so sporadic and fleeting, that I don’t think it happens enough for it to be considered so, like when at a bus stop and two buses come at once.

I’m not a fan of deep introspective thinking about the world and myself, as it’s kind of depressing, so I’d rather do it as little as possible.

Favourite Things

  • Colour: blue
  • Kids tv show: Ed Edd n Eddy
  • My star sign: Pisces
  • Favourite genre: trip hop (see the mix below, well my style is very different to Lofi Girl)

How would you describe your general disposition?

See this article.

What are small things that make you happy?

See the above question.

What is your favourite type of weather?

See the above question.

Why do I use certain avatars like scissors, kites and upwards from a well?

Because it’s postmodernist. What can I say? I like postmodernism.

What are you banned from and why?

Upstream Providers

  1. NMI Network Merchants (payment processor)
  2. Skrill (payment processor)
  3. Payza (payment processor)
  4. Google Adwords
  5. Google CDN
  6. Facebook advertising
  7. Twitter advertising
  8. Reddit advertising

Forums and startups

  1. Hacker News
  2. Quora
  3. Pinterest
  4. Youtube (they shadowbanned me and removed my livestream privileges)
  5. Designers Talk
  6. Countless subreddits
  7. Yahoo Answers
  8. Roosh V Forum
  9. Reach Media Group, comments section for all their websites (they own The Daily Mirror and most local newspapers)
  10. Feminist group on vent
  11. “I see the ableds are at it again” facebook group
  12. “Women Against Feminism”, facebook group
  13. “I see the ableds are at it again”, facebook group

Chat rooms

  1. A discord server I forgot the name of, within the first 5 minutes, all because of my one sentence statement about gender
  2. The Baking Spot chat room on discord
  3. 3 mental health chat rooms on discord (bipolar buddies, __, __)
  4. 3 autism chat rooms on discord (squishy leaf)
  5. r/brum chat room on discord (I said that brexit is good and that I voted for brexit)
  6. 3 discord servers run by content creators, where the entire purpose of the chat room isn’t for chatting amonst the community but instead to funnel the users towards paying a monthly subscription to their Patreon crowdfunding
  7. 3 different chat rooms about writing, as me being a professional writer, was deemed as a superiority threat, by the amateur moderators
  8. 3 different chat rooms where someone with a Mono Messiah Complex manipulated the female moderator of their fancying desire, to ban me, as the man fancies the woman and sees my personality as a threat, while the woman is too manipulated over a period of years, so she’s nonethewiser that the man feigned offence and that she was manipulated

Maybe I should give the reasons for all the lists above, in another blog article, one day.

Cartel behaviour (all at the same time)

  1. Manpower employment agency
  2. Equinti employment agency
  3. Adecco employment behaviour
  4. online shop
  5. Spare Room
  6. Literably

More information about the cartel stuff here.


I’ll work on that other FAQ page, later.


What do those fancy terminology mean, that you use?

Find out here.