Why I Wouldn’t Move Abroad To Marry a Woman

No, definitely never. Well no for 6 reasons.

This article isn’t finished, I’ll update it later this week. This article already took me 5-8 hours to write.

Firstly there’s a risk of human trafficking and modern slavery.

Not everyone is who they say they are and means what they say they mean. Even if you get them to wave their hand and pick up a spoon on webcam and if you reverse search the image on Google/Bing/Yandex/Tineye, they can still scam you anyway. They use paid actors as a decoy.

There’s a lot of eastern europeans who are victims of modern slavery in the UK who paid a gangmaster from their own country in the hope that they’d be offered a good job once they paid them thousands of euros to arrive in my country, all so they can escape poverty. Poverty is worse in the European Union and in EuirThere are Big Issue magazine sellers designed for homeless people to sell on the street, who have their uniform, stock and ID card stolen to be used by modern slavery gangs who then sell this Big Issue magazine without permission, who are doing forced begging and forced criminality. Argos (a british department store) have stopped displaying their jewellery in front of the counter so even their bulletproof glass it was previously behind, isn’t considered sufficient enough for them.

Secondly you can end up with all your money and possessions stolen by the person you’re supposed to be marrying.

My brother has a friend who moved to another country to marry a woman he met on the internet from Poland. He had £10,000 in savings. When he got there, he found out that she already had a boyfriend and she stole all of his money and savings. Then because he had no money left and couldn’t financially support himself, he ended up being deported back to britain. So now he’s homeless and sleeping on the floor of a gaming cafe with a sleeping bag, as he is friends with the owner of the gaming cafe. In Poland that’s enough to buy a house as you can buy a house for 3500-20,000 PLN which is £700 or £3720. So £10,000 is a collosally huge amount of money in Poland.

Blanket extreme poverty causing corruption, extortion and gangs to fester

Thirdly I would be a prime target for corruption, extortion and gangs because most of the countries don’t have welfare like the UK and Europe (that british people call welfare). They don’t even have the same workers rights that we have like a minimum wage, forced overtime being illegal and it being illegal to fire anyone on strike or for being a member of a trade union.

The poverty in other countries is much worse than it is in the UK. There’s a lot of blanket widespread extreme poverty and destitution and some countries even have 60% unemployment. In some countries there are beggars at the street on every main road, by every ATM and by every traffic light. I know I’m not white but I still have eurocentric features on my face. I would just LOOK like a tourist or an expat whose native currency allows me to live a relatively rich lifestyle.

This would make me a prime target for theft, burgulary, mugging, or even corrupt public sector workers trying to extort money out of me. When american millionaire John McAfee went to a tropical country to the Belizian forest in the country of Belize to use nature to research and invent new antibiotics, he claims that he was a victim of extortion where corrupt public sector workers threatened to arrest him unless he gave them money. So he tried to flee the country to avoid being arrested on malicious charges.

The forth reason is that a job is forever but a relationship is temporary.

So I think a relationship that’ll eventually end within the first 6 years is not worth it considering the amount of poverty I would experience afterwards. I have two good jobs in britain that pay well which I am lucky to have as a working class person. Working class people would envy my job, there’s a lot worse jobs you can do. I would have to be naive (or less likely ignorant) to give that up for a lifestyle in another country that’ll only last 6 years or less. Anyone who thinks that they can escape the ill fated 1/3 marriages ending in divorce and 2/3 divorces initiated by women, by moving to South East Asia or South America, is deluded. People in other countries are becoming westernised or whitewashed and the golden era of immense opportunities abroad is being spoiled by too many foreigners flooding the market so it’s saturated. The golden era of opportunity abroad for marrying abroad is now over.

A foreign woman in a western/14 eyes country will soon become westernised or whitewashed and pick up the same toxic traits from native women that caused the man to seek foreign women in the first place

My fifth reason is that any competitive advantages that a foreign woman could provide over a british or western woman, they will all cease to exist, once that mail order bride is brang into my country. It’s just like how if you take the training wheels off a bike or increase the gear of a bike, then the rider will just end up taking more risks and doing more dangerous behaviour. They won’t drive or act as safely, orderly and responsibily as they did, once the safety is off as they did once it’s on.

What I mean by that is, in western countries which I prefer to call 14 eyes countries, we have the degenerate TRIPLE combination of firstly eradicating the concept of shame from society, secondly enablers who create a co-dependency to reward people’s worst traits, and thirdly while “commoditised trialware” teaches people that it doesn’t matter how bad they behave towards a person if they can very easily get a new one with little effort.

5.1 Eradicating shame from society

In the UK (and other 14 eyes countries) they’ve eradicated shame from society by banning school teachers from making work with red ink, banning stickers for coming first second or third on sports day, removing the happy side and sad side from the whiteboard to be placed on the teacher’s desk so the kids in the class can’t comment on the worst behaved child of the day.

Any criticism of someone’s behaviour or shaming of their lifestyle choices except for the most egregious behaviours and circumstances, will be met with the upmost contempt against yourself and your immediate banishment and eradication from society.

When you teach people that everyone is special and they can never be wrong, it causes them to be intolerant of different opinions and fail to consider their own poor and counter-productive attitudes and behaviour. People just become impervient to criticism and refuse to ask other people questions except to get reassurance for how “in the right” they are.

5.2 Men in 14 eyes countries will self-deprecate themselves in the potential CHANCE of getting female validation. This then gives women a co-dependecy towards the men who enable their toxic and socially dysgenic behaviour

In counselling terminology, a co-dependecy is a relationship of two people where one person is enabling someone else’s worst traits or behaviour, whether it’s directly encouraged, reinforced by alluding to it, or condoned using inaction by turning a blind eye to it. People have been debating for decades about who is more privileged in society, men or women. In my opinion I believe in female privilege and don’t believe in male privilege.

So where does this co-dependency that I describe exists in british and 14 eyes society, come from? Simply put, we live in a society where men are disposable, secondly where women are not held as accountable for their actions to the same extent that men are, and finally that men will sacrifice themselves to throw themselves under a bus just for the mere HOPEFUL POSSIBLITY of female validation.

Men tend to have a self-deprecating bias whereas women tend to be more egalitarian, in regards to redistributing resources. For example, if you have 20 men and 10 women, all in their own gendered group, and the men had 40 doughnuts between them and the women had 60 doughnuts between them, even though that leaves men with 2 each and women with 3 each, men will typically STILL give their doughnuts to the opposite sex for female validation, causing themselves to go without, therefore throwing their own gender under a bus. However men wouldn’t make other men go without, just themselves.

5.3 Commoditised Trialware debases relationships and hinders pair bonding

This article isn’t finished, I’ll update it later this week. This article already took me 5-8 hours to write.

5.4 Men being disposable and underprivileged compared to female privileges only exacebates the problem of foreign women picking up the toxic traits from their new 14 eyes country

The reason why I think that women are more privileged than men in society, is because men are disposable. When it comes to things like attitudes, controversy, tragedies, crime or anything else, if a man was to do something and a woman was to do the same thing, the woman would be given more sympathy, lienency, accomodations and help for it. Women get our upmost consideration and men get zilch.

When feminists use that Male Privilege Checklist aka the Invisible Knapsack written by Peggy Macintosh, which has become considered gospel by all feminists alike, they tend to use checklist bullet points for things are either “easily diffused” or “vacuously decorative.”

Easily diffused like a husband being asked for the credit card instead of the wife when a married couple go to a car showroom to buy a car. Vacuously decorative such as a lack of female protagonists on tv shows and most actors, musicians or programmers being male as if there’s some glass ceiling preventing them from advancing upwards, which there isn’t.

I believe that men being disposable triumphs all both the two types of privileges that such male privilege checklists tend to mention the most.

Not held as accountable for their actions

The United Kingdom is one of the best countries in the world

And finally because compared to other countries, well the over 200 countries, I think that I’m better living in the UK than anywhere else. I like to break down the advantages and disadvantages of my country into 5 categories.

  • Democratic freedoms
  • Economy
  • Workers rights and in-work benefits
  • Corruption and judicial review
  • The culture

In the UK I get my democratic rights such as freedom of speech, freedom of assembly (to protest), freedom of press (news media), freedom of association (to join a religion, trade union or organisation). I also am entitled to be protected from malicious arrests, an unfair trial, given a trial by jury and am considered innocent before proven guilty for most crimes. I also benefit from a lack of corruption, lack of extortion while also having judicial review, proactive monitoring and data retention laws for the prevention and detection of crime.

I live in the 5th richest country in the world and although taxes and public spending is high, our economy is better than other EU countries like Poland where prices are spiralling out of control or Greece which defaulted on its debts causing mass protests and women selling their bodies for the price of sandwich.

Regarding working conditions, we benefit from one of the most generous welfare states in the world along with free healthcare, and free . We have workers rights like a minimum wage, employment tribunal, discrimination laws, forced overtime is illegal. We also have in-work benefits which the government legally mandates employers to pay for, such as sick pay, 4 weeks holiday pay, maternity pay, workplace pension.

However I do hate western culture as in our social patterns and the people there which I’ve explained in an earlier post.


So those are my reasons why I wouldn’t do it. I would have to be desperate to even consider moving abroad to marry someone. And in the grand scheme of things, I’m much better living in the UK than any other country abroad.

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