Why I Vote For UKIP

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Years have passed, and I’ve not properly explained my political views. Given that I’ve been called a racist and a heartless person for my political views by some of my family, I feel the need to clarify what I think, to clear up the confusion and respond to the accusations I have faced in my personal life. But first, some graphs relating to the 2015 general election. [source]

Percentage of the votes in 2015 general election given to different political parties
Seats won under first past the post (FPTP)
Seats that would be won if the UK followed proportional representation (PR)

Current levels of immigration are unsustainable

As a working class British person, I can see, with my very own eyes, that the current levels of immigration in my city of Birmingham, is unsustainable. Let’s be real here, mass immigration puts a strain on jobs, the NHS, schools, social housing, roads, and more.

In my city of Birmingham, I noticed that schools are overstretched. When I was in school, classes had 23 people maximum, now it’s 33 and rising. There are some children who can’t get into a public school because there are no school places.

Homelessness is a real problem in my city, and because of mass immigration, there is not enough social housing available in my city to house all the homeless people. We are living in a housing crisis, so much so, that homeless people in Ealing are being housed in shipping containers.

Shipping Containers Used to House Homeless Children in Ealing | Good Morning Britain
'Coming here is mental torture' - Families forced to live in shipping containers

Shipping containers used to house thousands of homeless children in England | 5 News

I also notice that there are 100 people applying for every job in my city of Birmingham because of mass immigration, which I can easily prove with the following image.

100 people applying for every job in Birmingham
You can see that in Birmingham that there are over 100 people applying for every job

More than 1,700 people applied for eight jobs at a new coffee shop, in an indication of how tough the jobs market remains.

Coffee shop chain Costa said it received 1,701 applications for the posts at their new branch in Mapperley, Nottingham, after advertising in early December.

More than 1,700 people apply for just EIGHT jobs at Costa Coffee shop

When my parents were teenagers and young adults, they could merely find work simply by handing out CVs on the street, and be hired on the spot.

Jeremy Corbyn, Theresa May and Boris Johnson do not understand the needs of working class British people

Truly, they don’t. Mass immigration is the biggest issue the country is facing right now!!! If you are middle class, you can simply ignore the problem by renting or buying a luxury property, moving somewhere that is crime free, and only socialising with people who have money. However if you are working class, you cannot ignore the problem, because what is a world without access to social housing or a world where you’re long term unemployed because jobs have 100+ people applying to them, if you’re working class? It’s not a very rewarding world, even if you’re educated, have talents, or are socialable.

Jeremy Corbyn wants us to stay inside the Single Market, which will give us the worst brexit deal, so we will be forced to let everyone into the UK. This will keep you dependant on the state, and enthrall millions more people into long term poverty. You can’t have open borders and a welfare state! He also wants a £10 minimum wage which will kill the service industry which will not be able to afford the hike. Removing the benefit cap, will cause the public rental sector to have public sector rents spiralling out of control, which will hurt the taxpayer and the government. He has some good ideas such as the 20:1 pay ratio and banning zero hours contracts, but his open borders policy and £10 minimum wage policy, will only create poverty, not reduce it. The SNP and Lib Dems also believe in freedom of movement, so they will also create more poverty than they bring people out of.

Under a Tory government, we now have a Prime Minister who called a £250,000 salary, chicken feed, who refused to reduce the 5 week waiting time for Universal Credit. His justification for that was that you could get an advance, which is basically a loan which has to be paid back in installments.

Another thing, Universal Credit has homelessness in it by design. If you find yourself unemployed and want to claim Universal Credit so you don’t starve to death, you have to wait 5 weeks until your first payment. Unless you have a support network to borrow money from or someone’s house to crash at for 5 weeks, you’ll be starving with no money to feed yourself or pay your bills.

Also the sanctions policy! Under the old system of Jobseekers Allowance, if you missed an appointment at the Jobcentre, they would ring your phone the same day, and you had 7 working days to visit the Job Centre again for your rescheduled appointment. Under the new system, simply appearing 10 minutes late for an appointment or not turning up, can most likely get you sanctioned. You can be sanctioned for a month or even longer than that, and can be left with 75% of your Universal Credit taken off you.

They protect freedom of speech and are against political correctness

If you spend a lot of time reading blogs, like me, you will find that lots of “thought leaders” like Roosh V, Martin Sellner, Richard Spencer, Lauren Southern and lots more, are being banned from the UK. This should concern everyone. In a world where Big Tech is censoring, demonetising, and shadowbanning people, the Tory government banning influential people from entering the UK should worry everyone. We should not live in a world where the state punishes us for expressing political speech. People are being banned from entering our country for having the wrong political opinion. UKIP will protect freedom of speech, to ensure that youtubers, bloggers, speakers, and writers will have the freedom to express their opinions.

UKIP also doesn’t agree with the political correctness which the Labour Party wants to push in even further. The Advertising Standards Agency, banned a Volkswagen advert [2] [3] which showed a woman caring for her baby, because of it showing a gender stereotype. UKIP will also put an end to the “affirmative action” in STEM, the workplace, boardrooms and parliament – which will help to stop “positive discrimination”.

People are too scared to say what they think in society, and that is a concerning thing. UKIP will protect freedom of speech and abolish the political correctness which stops people from saying what they think. As I’m a writer, I’m always going to say what I think. But there’s a lot of people who can’t say what they think.

Immigrants from the EU and beyond should not gain access to social housing

Most of the immigrants who come into the UK, are not genuine refugees, they are economic migrants. They come from the Calais Jungle in France, looking to move to the countries with the most generous welfare state. I understand that there is a genuine migrant crisis in countries like Syria where people are escaping war. However, a working class person who lives a working class life, unlike the middle class politicians, can easily see that the demand for social housing, far exceeds the supply. Tony Blair expanded the “freedom of movement” when he was in power, but now the gravy train is over. Mass immigration is the prime factor which led the housing crisis.

Some people think that UKIP voters are racist. It’s not racist to recognise that there is a shortage of social housing, that we currently live in a “housing crisis” caused by mass immigration of economic migrants, and that there is not enough social housing to accomodate every migrant that comes here. Sooner or later, we have to make a choice as to who can receive social housing. British people should take priority over migrants, because migrants put a strain on social housing, of which in the 1960s, British people did not. That’s not a cruel policy, it’s a common sense policy.

Another thing the country is seeing, is HMO’s, houses of multiple occupancy. In the private rental sector, it is common for people to be renting a bedroom of a house, rather than the whole house, and sharing the communal areas like the kitchen, living room, bathroom and garden because of the housing crisis.

UKIP will scrap the unfair ATOS Work Capability Assessment and will scrap the Bedroom Tax

When Labour were in power in the 90s, people would fake depression by going to their doctors, claiming they’re depressed, filling out a questionnaire, and leaving with a sick note. They could then use this sick note to claim Incapacity Benefit. Once on this benefit, their disability of depression was never re-assessed. Under the Tories, David Cameron wanted to get everyone re-assessed and support people into work, so Incapacity Benefit got changed into Personal Independance Payment. PIP discriminates against mental health conditions, by design. It has been revealed in a Channel 4 Dispatches documentary, that ATOS assessors have targets, of how many people who apply for PIP, they are supposed to pass or fail. UKIP will scrap the Work Capability Assessment and will scrap the Bedroom Tax. UKIP cares more about the poor than Labour and the Tories. Labour just want you to be dependant on the state.

I disagree with UKIP’s plan to revoke the BBC TV License and to privatise Channel 4

What is life without music, art, television, movies, video games? What is life, without culture? Life without culture, is not worth living. There are people who spend most of their lives consuming culture. People become saddened when their favourite piece of culture comes to an end. Culture makes the world a much better place, a more colourful place. Culture has to be protected. I have seen a lot of websites come and go, and for that, I’m thankful for the Wayback Machine.

British TV is the best in the world because of the BBC. The License Fee is what ensures BBC’s quality programming and ability to take risks. The BBC can fund programmes other broadcasters can’t afford to run, and they can fund programmes that are considered “too risky” to be funded by commercial broadcasters which rely on advertisers. All the commercial broadcasters are competing with the BBC. This is what makes British TV better than American TV, because there is a hallmark for the commercial broadcasters to compare to. Also the BBC protects whistleblowers, as the BBC has a backdoor into every music software. If you report serious wrongdoing and you want protection, playing music on BBC Radio 1 will gain you extra protection. Making the License Fee voluntary will significantly harm the output of the BBC and damage culture in a significant way.

A similar reason is why Channel 4 should not be privatised, because Channel 4 also takes risks as their remit requires them to. Privatising Channel 4 will significantly reduce the quality of programming it offers, which will have a knock-on effect which will cause other broadcasters to reduce their content quality, as there will be less competition.


So those are my reasons why I vote for UKIP. I know that not everyone will agree, that’s fine. I have the comments feature turned on. I’m not turning off the comments!

I do care about refugees by the way, but how can Britain have the capacity to help them all? There are so many displaced people in the world.

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More than 1,700 people apply for just EIGHT jobs at Costa Coffee shop