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In the UK the Conservative Party has been in power since 2010 since Labour’s 14 years in power came to an end. Since then we’ve had four prime ministers (if you disregard Lis Truss’s abysmal 2 months after she spooked the markets and crashed the pound sterling with her mini-budget).

The problem with the Conservative Party is that they have three different factions.

  • One Nation Conservative
  • Better Together Conservative
  • Big Society Conservative

So when it comes to the monumental laws, like Brexit, Online Harms Act, Domestic Abuse Act, as you can predict, there is much kerfuffle as they find it hard to reach a consensus to agree on things. However they’re not going to let some random person just popup from nowhere, as that leaves a party vulnerable to being hijacked. Every Tory prime minister had done over 15 years of campaigning, delegating and activism behind the scenes, before they became a politician, let alone a prime minister.

The same cannot be said for Labour, where they allow anyone and everyone to become an MP to be voting on proposed bills to hopefully or regrettably come law. They just come out from nowhere! And what do we see now? Labour doesn’t care about the working class anymore and they’ve been hijacked by career politicians who commit PC Politics whilst also doing low level embezzling, whilst also both Democrats and Republicans in America run a corpocracy where corporations are exempt from the law under regulatory capture and pay-waivers, far beyond lobbying. I vote for Reform Party.

My analogy about top-down heavy and the party line

I Don’t Like Reclaim Party as Laurence Fox is extremely more naive

Laurence Fox spectacularly lost that BBC Question Time debate, got sued for defamation by liberals over TWO seperate incidents, got his house raided by liberal police after inciting civil disobedience (unlike Extinction Rebellion) then got fired from GB News

My analogy about being top-down heavy and the party line

Laurence Fox will centralise power whereas the Tories will consolidate routes

There is a risk that centralising power to eliminate any perceived degenerative and regressive rot, that it could lead to subverting democracy into even further authoritarianism, by removing the separation of powers, data silos and managerial strata

Let’s put the main focus on Rishi Sunak

Social policy

  • David Cameron – centre-right
  • Theresa May – liberal
  • Boris Johnson – hard-right
  • Rishi Sunak – centre-right

It is of no wonder, that Telegraphites like me vote for Reform Party, as long as the comments section on the website saying to vote for Reform, as a fringe party. I’m not a timesian.

It should also be of no surprise, before the 2017 Brexit Referendum, that David Cameron and Theresa May both hate trump and they hate populism and that they don’t have populist economic policies. Theresa May would make veiled insults against Trump although she wouldn’t be so forthright as she thought saying more so would influence her chances in the election. I can’t comment on Rishi Sunak’s opinion on Trump and Brexit as the preliminary conditions for both events are over, Trump’s presidency is over and Brexit happened, so it’s a moot point.

In case some foreigner is reading this article, that Thatcherite style neoliberalism that Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan did in the 1980s under free market capitalism, that is dead and it’s never coming back, so any right-wing economic policy will never be as much as extreme as that end of the spectrum.

Rishi Sunak in a post-brexit world, is just tone deaf. We can both see the problem and can agree on the problems but he just strikes the wrong chord. Something is seriously wrong with his ethical principles and analytical lens, something I speak about in this previous article.

#1 Fiscal Responsibility

Mass immigration is draining all the public services and ALSO public money dry

Child migrants straining services in Devon town
May and Corbyn clash in the Commons over public sector pay
PMQs: jabs and jibes as May and Corbyn clash over universal credit
'This government doesn't know whether it is coming or going,' Corbyn tells May during PMQs

How many times are the government going to keep reforming the tax and payslip regulations, before they stop reforming it?

These four regulations will do nothing to solve the problem

  • Scanning people’s bank accounts and payment processors once a month, will do absolutely nothing
  • Adding tax reporting requirements inside online marketplaces (eg. Etsy, Ebay, Fiverr, Vinted), also isn’t the solution
  • Making Tax Digital to allow online-only and real-time access for instant siphoning off data, also isn’t the solution
  • Phasing out cash and replacing it with a Central Bank Digital Currency that’s powered by blockchain, also isn’t the solution

None of these will help to solve the hidden economy or the black market. The one I’ve put in bold, shows that they’ve completely got their priorities back-to-front.#

Also look at what japanese Conyac freelance marketplace does, that has mostly japanese users. They want my Tax ID number, which over here would be a National Insurance number. The obvious question is…

The obvious question is, why do I need to upload my ID Card and Tax Number to a freelance marketplace, if they only support withdrawals via Paypal, if it’s practically easier for only Paypal to ask me for it anyway?

Think about it. The more you think about it, even with a severe terrorism threat, the more foolish those politicians sound.

Mass surveillance is wrong and even if terrorism is a threat, it doesn’t work anyway

Doctors, nurses and train drivers should never of got a 9% pay rise, as firstly they’re not poor and secondly the people on benefits should of got it

I’m left-wing economically but it seems like the only way to understand the Laffer Curve on SME’s being the backbone of the economy, is to like me, completely avoid reading fringe Corbynite magazines

Theresa May tells a nurse "there isn't a magic money tree"
'They're not poor!' | Do YOU support rail strikes?

I mean magazines such as

No I don’t read those three magazines, the people who are more left-wing than The Guardian. It makes you wonder why they’re not in The Guardian. It can’t just be for a lack of space within their 500 new articles a day but maybe also how far-left they are. For context, in the 2017 election, The Guardian supported the Liberal Democrats.

Normal everyday people on the street would say that I’m left-wing economically but people who read those three magazines (and anything like them), they’d say “No you’re not left-wing economically, we’re the true left-wing and you’re a centrist”.

I actually thought that Jeremy Corbyn was going to win the 2017 election as the people who would read those types of magazines, who are typically more left-wing than those who would of voted for Ed Miliband (or Kier Starmer), those who otherwise would of never voted, would start voting again for the first time in over 5-10 years, to then give Corbyn his win once the Labour leader has briefly swung more left-wing than usual. My prediction was wrong!

#2 Education

This CONTROVERSIAL advert got scrapped after lots of people in the creative arts and performing arts, complained about it on twitter and in those opinion articles in the news websites. For context, the government was putting £300 million in funding towards bootcamps and workshops to put young people without any qualifications, into STEM, for them to learn at rapid speed, all while WITHDRAWING £30 million of funding towards the arts. Celebrities like Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa were complaining so there was a lot of newspaper headlines.

  • Rishi Sunak is doing the following things
  • Replacing BTEC’s with T Levels
  • Demoting creative arts subjects in the BACC and Eba
  • Requiring young adults turning 18, to need a C grade qualifcation in both English and Maths, before returning to university
  • Defunding creative arts, performing arts and soft science courses

Now if we can classify all the jobs we have, into 5 different types of jobs….

  • Unskilled jobs
  • Skilled jobs
  • Qualified jobs
  • Specialised jobs
  • Talent jobs

Factory line careers is a false promise, as real STEM jobs require talent

Putting a round peg is a square hole, is setting people up to fail. Browbeating or straight-jacketing them into it, is the wrong decision.

It’s ironic that most of the money generated from technology in the UK, is generated from other people’s content, the same creative arts that Tories sneer at

Investing money into creative arts often injects more money into the economy, the same cannot be said for STEM

NATO sanctions on Russia proves that you can’t eat clicks

Russia has the following things

  • Natural resources
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Pharmaceuticals, well the raw ingredients for them

Margaret Thatcher and Hillary Clinton sold off our manufacturing in the 1980s, as it was cheaper to generate coal in China then transport it halfway across the world, than to actually produce it in your own country. They shut the coal mines and factories down as tHe FrEe MaRkEt says it’s cheaper and cutting taxes and expenditure, helps to create jobs (under the trickle down theory) as companies with more money expand into new products, services, markets, industries – then hence creating more jobs.

Apple’s share price is ARTIFICIALLY inflated as

  • They combine the 30% in-app purchases (IAP) as services (Apple Music, Apple TV+)
  • They commit “planned obscelence”, by slowing down their older iphones in order to encourage people to buy a newer model, along with other ways of doing that.

#3 Labour Market and Skills Gap

#4 Property Crime and Shoplifting

The police don’t investigate crime any more

The reason is mass immigration

Shoplifting hurts the law abiding poor and middle class, more than it does the rich, in the long term

Increasing sentences and implementing forced court attendances, is topsy-turvy priorities, if you can be stabbed for shoplifting nowadays

  • Lucy Letby serial killer

#5 Antisocial Behaviour and Public Order

Using “tough on crime” rhetoric doesn’t work in 2023 as it did in 2013, 2003 and Labour’s 1997 win, as there’s no money to tackle shoplifting or street crime

Guess which person got fired, in order to appear less racist, to appease (and hopefully placate) the general public in an upcoming election (in 6 months)?

Some police advert I saw on the bus

Rishi Sunak is tone deaf when it comes to public order and crime, as his priorities and ethical principles are back-to-front, topsy-turvy

Simply look at these two things, then you’ll see he’s incompetent.

  • Creating a new law to force people found guilty of a crime in Crown Court, who are awaiting visiting court a second time to hear their sentence before being transferred to prison, to be FORCED to attend their second court date to hear the judge say what sentence they’ll get (despite being already guilty and already going to prison)
  • Firing Suella Braverman to appear less racist, as she wrote an article in The Times which said that the Metropolitan Police had double standards when policing, which was pro-muslim and anti-right-wing, in the midst of the Save Palestine protests

The obvious question is, would Rishi of fired Suella, if there wasn’t an upcoming election in 6 months?

An even better question is, by firing Suella, is that going to cause eloping voters to switch from voting Tory to Reform? In my opinion, yes, firing Suella will only make Reform Party get more votes with the Conservative Party getting less.

#6 Immigration

We’ve had 14 years of Tory rule where both David Cameron and Theresa May made promises to get immigration down (to the tens of thousands) and it never happened. In a post-brexit world, although some restrictions were made to make it harder for people to enter the country, how loosely applied the various jobs and sectors were for, to qualify for a “skills shortage visa”, it made a mockery of the system to allow around 600,000 immigrants enter the UK this year.

New migrant worker rules will focus on 'brightest and best' | ITV News
How could a UK points-based immigration system work? - BBC Newsnight

Under british immigration laws, EU citizens (and elsewhere for that matter), they aren’t given automatic british citizenship but they are instead given “pre-settled status” where they are denied some rights that british citizens have (like claiming benefits). After 5 years, the immigrant will have to attend a Habitual Residency Test with the immigration department, to prove they are eligible to stay in the country to gain “settled status“. If they cannot achieve this settled status after 5 years, they are deported. The purpose of the HRT is to protect public finances by preventing benefit tourism, as there are people who would enter the UK as benefits (welfare) over here, pays more money than they would get from working in their own country.


Chefs Chef


Head chef

Pastry chef

As the UK is no longer in the EU, it should be safe to say that Freedom of Movement is over, so them visiting here doesn’t automatically grant them to british citizenship. However the idea that a person can easily enter the UK as an EU citizen on a “skills shortage visa” by working their way up from an assistant chef, to a general chef then a head chef, it’s a lax and regressive rule that undermines the other rules. How absurd!

So to hear in the news that Rishi Sunak’s attempt of lowering the embarrassingly 600,000 immigrants that entered the UK in 2023, in a post-brexit world, when compared to the pre-brexit statistics of 200,000 a year.

I don’t like the way their interventions sound, so I can predict how they’d be elsewhere

Environmentalism putting millions of people in poverty

Even MORE Mass surveillance

Exacerbating the Middle Class Burden

Diktat or straightjacket regulations on technology, which inadvertently and counter-intuitively advantages Big Tech and obstructs Alt Tech, as only billionaire companies can afford the lawyers and lawsuits

But what about Labour? What about the poor?

Labour is hijacked and betrayed its voter base

It’s just PC Politics and low level embezlling from hereon, as they’re career politicians, just like Obama, Clinton and Biden.

Labour is not going to increase benefits or increase market regulations or housing regulations – only the minimum wage

Idiosyncrally so, right-wing parties will do more to tackle poverty, than left-wing ones

If Labour won’t tackle poverty, what will they do exactly and what are they good for?

  • Online censorship
  • Debanking (like how Natwest terminated Nigel Farage’s bank account)
  • Add more stuff here

It’s very interesting how my sociopolitical opinions have remained at its same slot of the spectrum

Disagreeing with The Guardian’s liberal bias and being a telegraphite when I was 14-15 back in 2006

Voting UKIP in 2010 when I was 16 back in 2010

Hating The Economist and Financial Times newspapers

  • I’m not a fan of shorting, although it has its place in society
  • I’m not a fan of speculative value, although it has its place in society
  • I’m not a fan of supply side economics, although it has its place in society
  • Probably something else but I don’t know much about economics and its terminology
  • Same again. Ditto.

Ever wondered why?

It must be my analytical lens

  • Functionalism
  • Miniature Mental Model (diorama)
  • Kantian (predates liberalism and conservatism)
  • Market Theory
  • Diarched Shelter
  • Triple Discordant Peer Quandary (I need to find a snappier way to rephrase this)

The people who are most likely to call me not listening or stubborn, are the people who are most likely to use “syllogism logic”

How they construct their argument is like thius

X is Y
X is Y which causes Z

Then if I disagree with their overall opinion, I’m then accused of “not listening” because of course Y is true as it’s so obvious to everyone. This article shall quell those fears, for you to see what I mean. I see collectivist people and interactionists (both which I’m not), have that exact same type of debating style all the time. You’ll never see me doing that!


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