Why I Don’t Advertise or Promote myself on Social Media

Social Media is boring – the MTV of media diversity

I'll polish this up in August

I’m not really a social media person, both as a consumer and a creator….

Social media is the MTV of media diversity.


Back in 2014 they SOLD OUT by really pushing celebrities, influencers, mainstream media to cashout their ferrari, private jet and mansion.

It’s not the same since 2014. I joined facebook in 2007 and twitter in 2009. It’s got the same name but it’s not the same website.

Twitter, Instagram and Facebook is damaged beyond repair! The only way to fix it is to start a new website from scratch.

All I see on my Twitter News Feed is politics politics politics, even if I was to unfollow everyone who’s political

Social Media killed the reach of organic traffic for pages, to prioritise pay-to-play payola, or better put, paid advertising

Organic reach is now ranging between 2-8% since 2014

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Instagram has removed features to kill the S4S share-for-share market (that influencers used to bypass the algorithmic News Feed)

I need to make a full list of features they’ve removed

  • Stickers
  • Link stickers
  • Making the……

Social Media caters to the lowest common denominator for higher advertising revenue (think Buzzfeed)

The number 1 problem with “being popular” on youtube, is that youtube is a “trend hopper”, better yet, a perpeptual trend hopper. The number 2 problem with being popular on youtube, is that the recommendations sidebar isn’t user driven, it’s genre/format driven, in the sense that they want Buzzfeed style content, that is dumbed down to meet the “lowest common denominator”. They call it “viral journalism” what Buzzfeed is doing and there’s lots of other websites copying their genre/format, like….

  • Huffington Post
  • Upworthy
  • Now This
  • Vice
  • AJ+

The juxtaposing irony succeeds where the PR copy-safe fails

The juxtaposition between the image on the right, with the subheading “information, advice and help” tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about the type of content Youtube wants on their website. Of all the people they could have put in that leaderboard image, that’s the person they chose. And yes it is a fetish! He became a millionaire from those mukbang videos.

Social Media has weighted recommendation algorithms, it’s not user-driven any more

If your videos doesn’t fit the screenshots below, then Youtube doesn’t want you on their website. If you notice, famous science channels like VSauce and Veritasium, although they STILL get high engagement, views, retention and virality, it’s been toned down by the Youtube overlords, as it doesn’t fit the Buzzfeed-esque content that makes the most advertising revenue.

There is no way that if these youtubers were to start today, that they’d be popular.

  • Pewdiepie (let’s play’s for video games)
  • Jenna Marbles
  • Leafy (violating the NEW harassment policy that’s designed for callout channels)
  • The Fine Bros (reaction channels)

It simply would not happen!

You don’t even need to test it out as New Media, if you can already look at the financial expenditure of Old Media

New York Times: 50,000 staff, 3 countries (approximate)
Buzzfeed: 500 staff, 11 countries (approx.)
Buzzfeed makes more money with less staff and can expand into other countries.

However…..NYT is LOSING money and is being propped up by being subsidised by the parent company’s other companies, whereas Buzzfeed is making a profit. You can see where the money is, can’t ya?

Youtube has been routinely removing features that people loved, for years

There is a “conflict of interest” of what types of content makes the most money from advertiser spending and what types of content is most interesting to each and every individual consumer.

Youtube is prioritising advertising revenue over user discovery. They’re playing favourites with a weighted algorithm where some genres and formats are up-weighted whereas others are down-weighted. Whatever the multiplier is, whether it’s 2x, 5x, 10x, who knows?

Then when someone tells you….

oh I remember that one!
oh I remember that one!
oh I remember that one!

It’s one of those things that you know subconsciously but it’s not yet reached the surface, let alone bobbling at the seabed. It’s below the riverbed. Youtube has removed hundreds of features. Why would youtube remove features that everyone likes and everyone got mad at them removing? Hmmmmm

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People are newly complaining about how much searching on youtube sucks

Tiktok has an advantage over Youtube, that Tiktok isn’t a routine trend hopper

At least with Tiktok, they are upfront and honest with the type of content they want from Day One. Actually political content is banned or shadowbanned on tiktok and any of such you do see, is them trying to intrude on happenstance discovery, right before the views drop before the AI moderation eventually scans it.

Tiktok users have a slang terminology that they use, to describe intentionally posting content that violates their editorial line, for the sole purpose of getting views before the AI Moderation scanning kicks in after THIRTY minutes but I don’t know what it’s called. If you want to be successful on youtube, then every FIVE years, they will keep CHANGING what genres and formats they prefer.

But if you go with tiktok, you can GUARANTEE that they’re going to want the EXACT same type of content in 2024 that they will in 2034 Tiktok wants low-brow content and light-read content – not the opposite. Nothing high-brow or a heavy-read. Youtube is going in that direction.

And to make it worse, Youtube is a PERPEPTUAL trend hopper. They just see whatever is “hip and trendy” at the time, what is popular, what is en vogue then latch onto that.

It’s just like trend hoppers in the music industry

Like how the “cultural tastes” of music in the charts change.

  • For hip hop, first it was east coast, then west coast, then dirty south, then trap
  • For dance music, first it was ravecore, house music, then electroclash, then whatever, then electro house, then big room, then that Dr Luke sound, then tropical house thing, then that Camelphat-esque sound
  • For pop music back in the 90s there was the PSW sound in the UK, now it’s the forlorn imposter syndrome sound.

Imagine a musician who keeps “trend hopping”, they just start copycatting and latching onto whatever is popular at the time. We call them a trend hopper

Youtube is a trend hopper. They’ve been trend hopping for the past 20 years and will continue to do so. Tiktok’s editorial line will stay the same forever and eternity.

So by the time you’ve grown your subscribers, audience, crowdfunding, views, viral shares, etc, they’ll just flip and switch it, to be trend hopping onto something else. Then what do you do then, for all your hard work and the future?

Social Media users have short attention spans, which doesn’t match my heavy-read and heavy-listen content

What phones did you use as a child and young adult?

  1. Vodafone 810 (I wanted a Nokia, well several as they had multiple operating systems)
  2. Blackberry Curve
  3. Blackberry Q10
  4. Samsung Galaxy S6
  5. iPhone 6S

I make heavy-read writing

The sort of stuff that I create, is going to be very R3 Heavy reading, a heavy listen.

I’ve actually tried paying for advertising on social networks to promote my heavy-ready writing

I’ve actually PAID for advertising on social networks and it doesn’t really work for the content and websites that I make, as they tend to have VERY short attention spans. They don’t really read things or contemplate things over. I’m better off paying for banner adverts where it’s progmattic so it’s automatically placed across the web. So yeah, Traffic Quality is also a factor. Just because millions and squillions of people are on it, doesn’t always make it suitable to advertise and promote on.

I make heavy-listen music

It’s not a light read. Even for music, it’s not a David Guetta album where you can have it shuffled in a spotify playlist of 500 songs because nobody listens to albums any more. Why would I do that really, if it’s meant to be listened from start to finish?

Authenticity is gone due to cancel culture and oversharing is dead

To see my opinion on this, see my other article later to save me repeating myself. Other people gave their opinions in the links at the bottom of this article.

I prefer to use the Blog Promotion Networks (BPN’s)

Millennial Me: Do you surf the web?
Zoomer teenager: I scroll the web!

i’m using this for my sitcom

My related article is coming soon, What happened to all the Blog Promotion Networks?

Choosing too broad or too narrow a scope, can leave you of a trap of your own making, once you’re typecast and can’t shed your unsavoury label, once you try to branch out

For me to promote myself on social media, I would have to change the nature of my content

I want to avoid being typecast, yo!

Have some nice infographics I made


I went to a local meeting with ALCS in my city to discuss the looming threat of generative AI. None of us use social media for promotion either. What a coincidence!

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