Using frame to attract girls is now cliche

asserting dominance with eye contact
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As we grow up, we go through various stages of our lives. As a very young child, we go through all (or most) of our milestones. Some time after that, we learn what is right and wrong, our morality from our parents primarily. Some time after that, we learn how to get attention (limited or not) from those around us. Some time after that, we learn who we are and our place in the world. It is then at this stage in life, that a lot of people struggle.

When we are in a social environment, or any environment of which something can be gained from another person, some people are astute so they get things that they themselves and others did not expect to happen that are positive experiences; and there are those who want those things the other person gets, or even just a fraction of it, who struggle to get that, not knowing how, so they are at a loss. Some people happen to be a natural at human interaction even if they are not being 100% direct with what they want off another person, and some people fail to get the rapport, fascination and micro-cult following that those socially intelligent people get, and others think it’s a skill or talent. The unfortunate people, not knowing what to do (or say) in a social interaction, or know how to be engaging, or how to cause a spectacle everywhere they go, or have other people go out of their way for them, truly suffer in life, even if the loss isn’t clearly visible. People turn to whatever advice they can find, whether that can be books, forums, blogs, chat rooms, or asking people they know on how to be more of a certain way, get their desired reaction they want, and amplify the expression of some of their innate good traits about their personality.

The most common self help book for social skills is How To Win Friends and Influence People, which although I haven’t read it and hardly know anything about it, I think it stresses positivity, asking questions and appealing to emotion. Another common avenue people are finding to help them with their shortcomings, is to read red pill websites, blogs and forums, of which pick up artist Roosh V was the pioneer of. I have not read the advice they teach in regards to game and social skills, but I do know that one of the things they teach is frame ( a Roosh concept from his game book Bang), as in who controls the direction of the conversation, and to never lose frame to a woman. The way things are going in the ’10s, males are entering female spaces and females are entering male spaces. Whereas before the genders had their own defined and distinct spaces, now even though gendered spaces exist, anyone is free to hop to which gendered space they want, as you are seeing with brownies and scouts, now they are no longer gender exclusive, even if you’re not transgender. So what is happening now, is not only do people read material aimed at the opposite gender to find out how they think, but they also like to join their gendered spaces and be very likely to subvert them into the opposite ethos of what those spaces originally were before they joined.

The point

So what does this have to do with game?

Well every red pill man knows that women do shit testing. Now that women are starting to read pick up artist material and try out game designed for usage on women to men, now men also have to deal with game testing as well. Girls nowadays are using game to test out men’s game savviness, and not only that, also screen for manipulative and insincere behaviour, in particular, when a man lacks authenticity and congruence.

I’ll give some examples below.

What girls in the phillippines do

Look at the dire state of the west for men, for men in the 14 eyes countries? For starters, men are the disposable sex, dating culture is degenerate, and men commit the vast majority of suicides and nobody seems to notice, and if they do, they blame the men for their misfortune saying it’s their fault (eg. for not expressing their emotions or for having toxic masculinity). There are environmental (or cultural) factors which cause this, so men seek women abroad, where they know that they will be valued as a man. Thanks to word of mouth through the grapevine and forums, people catch word, and tourism pollution happens. What was very easy, gets harder each year, the more people try to take advantage of the opportunity that awaits. Their marks either wise up to their act, or the increased competition makes it so competitive it becomes saturated – so those glorified gringos become elusive like a white butterfly.

Western influence is creeping in in the east. One thing filipinos do when westerners arrange a date with them (not from my experience), is that when they are given a time at a venue or a venue to go to for the date, they try to rearrange the time or change the venue. It’s that frame thing all over again. Do men not resist? I think they don’t. But what if the man tries to get the frame back? She won’t be impressed in the slightest. She’s seen this over 9000 times before. Same shit different day!

What prostitutes do

Everyone knows that prostitutes are at higher risk of rape than the general population. Everyone also knows that if you are having sex with a prostitute, everything you do with them must be consensual. Paying someone for sex does not mean that you have the right to do what you want to their body. Some people do not get this. Swiftly moving on, sex is a service, and with all services, the client has the right to make requests that deviate from the standard option before the transaction happens. Then the worker has the right to approve or reject the request. Something is very absurd when prostitutes in the Phillippines are very poor, and prostitutes in Britain can afford a ferrari.

If a prostitute doesn’t have a pimp or a brothel to work in, she is essentially a freelancer. As a music producer I have been paid money to make beats for singers and rappers. As far as hip hop is concerned, there are only two types of beats that I make. It’s either going to be an east coast beat or a downtempo dubstep beat for the rapping. However there are sometimes rappers who want me to make a beat for them, because they like my genre or arrangement techniques, yet they want something quite different than the beats I usually make. I’m not a west coast, dirty south, grime or trap producer, yet sometimes a rapper wants me to make a beat in that style or something more filthy as my music is soft. As I don’t like to rest on my laurels, even with my own creative work, I can create the beat in their desired style that deviates from the tynamite style, even switching up my arrangement techniques so the beat sounds like someone else made it. As Kanye West said, When you collaborate with someone, you always compromise. So whenever I am collaborating musically with a musician, I always compromise most of the time. The way society has gone in the west (not that I pay for sex because I don’t), is that I am under the impression that there are a lot of prostitutes who will never compromise with a client, that a man can make any sort of request, and the woman will never go out of her way to do it other than to do what she usually does. This gives me the impression that there are certain sex acts outside the extremity of BSDM that prostitutes will never do, and that there are certain men who are considered too ugly for prostitutes to have sex with, if them never compromising is the case. Not that women should do something sexually that they don’t want to do, but if prostitution is the only service in the world where the worker never compromises, then we are in a sorry state of society.

Also there are a lot of sex workers, including porn stars, who hate men, as they are happy to have a personal relationship with a man by accepting gifts from them on their Amazon wishlist (when their job consists of being watched by the customer behind a screen), but when asked to go on a date by their customer, they call it objectification (which she does to herself every day she does her job) as if she is fetishised and dehumanised, when she is the one who started the personal relationship with her customers. She never kept it professional. If you don’t want someone to ask you out on a date, don’t accept gifts from them. No one is forcing them to date their customers, but accepting gifts gives the impression that she possibly could be open to a personal relationship with one of her clients. If a counsellor accepted gifts from their clients they would be struck off, banned for life from being accredited.

So what do men do, knowing that sex workers accept gifts from clients and a lot of them refuse to compromise ever? They feel they have had an injustice done to them (merited or not, acceptable to have happen or not), so they try to get the frame. Once the man tries, the woman terminates the conversation with him and puts her on her blacklist. Well in her defence, the man could be an abusive person who likes to push boundaries, have controlling behaviour, not respect a woman’s autonomy, and manipulate women into doing things they don’t want to do. Given the high risk to women in the industry and the barrage of abuse they get, sometimes it’s best to stick to what your gut instinct is telling you, so you can stay safe. It’s better for everyone that way.

I don’t have an image to include here as the sex worker scrubbed her twitter account so it doesn’t exist now, but she posted a screenshot of her text messages where she said she could meet at 7:00pm. He replied “How about 6:45?”. She replied that she couldn’t do that time. He then asked again for 6:45, and then she replied that she’s not interested in meeting him any more.

He tried it, she denied it! Attempt at getting the frame denied, and he was blacklisted after he refused to accept her first no, which is controlling behaviour and him not understanding that no means no, so her behaviour to blacklist him, makes a lot of sense considering the high amount of abuse sex workers get. She clocked onto his game.

Girls nowadays are game testing guys

Girls using game techniques on men to test their if they are game savvy. They are game testing. Below is a real conversation I had with a woman. The whole conversation is jokes! It’s bloody nuts! The only reason why I participated in the conversation, is so I could see where it was going, because I knew it was going to be a once in a blue moon conversation.

Girl: Tynamite Hello kiss
Me: hello
Girl: How are you mister sex bomb?
Me: lol good
kiss Wanna see a pic of last summer?
yeah 4 defo
Yeah but on one condition. Don’t fap.
And describe me
Comment on it. Don’t say lol ๐Ÿ™‚ All guys say: Aah I will not etc. And when they seem hand in pants
*insert professional picture of herself* How do I look? Hihi
is that you?
of course it’s me
that photo looks too professionally done as it was taken with an expensive camera lmao
It’s professional, a friend is a photographer. And of course they photo me for free haha. How could he refuse me? *dog with tongue out waggling jumping up and down emoji*
well the photo is hot as you have an hourglass shape
i read that. got more? like my thong?
your hair is shiny. yeah. sleek hair
ihihi Like my hair?
yeah ๐Ÿ™‚
But I know you like my ass more. But still, that’s nice
I was going to get to that. Yeah that’s an amazing ass.
Ooh sorry for the interrupt. Go more. Say what you think :3
It’s got rhe right shape. It’s got the curve on it, it’s round, not flat. And it sticks out too. Yeah it’s a great ass. Whoever photographed you did a good job.
Hahah. I’m flattering. Damn, I know I have a big ass. But still kiss Oh, I hope you are not doing something ahahaha
I’m surely not
But you got hard a little ha? When you saw that
Yeah I did yeah
Hihi. Ok, you can do it if you want. I will make this one exception. This time. You want to do it?
I’m going offline now. Cya. I’m rarely on skype
That’s not nice.
I’ll do it later, I’ve got stuff to do now. I’ve answered your question ๐Ÿ˜‰ *logs out of skype*

When you experience a conversation like that, you know that game is dying or dead. The whole point of the conversation was not for her to get compliments or for me to wank over her. It was so she could play her mind games to see if I would give her the frame. Now why would she do this? Either because she’s been reading too much red pill material, or because she goes on lots of dates with men and has noticed that lots of men are all doing the same behaviour patterns. So she wanted to test out how frame savvy or game savvy men are. Well I think I answered the real question she wanted the answer to.

Where to go from here?


The world is getting smaller

So as you can see, social media is killing game!!! Social media has solved a content discovery problem, in a way Google does not. When people wanted to know about a topic, they would search a generic word like football or gardening into Google. But it wouldn’t tell you the recent updates in that. So Google made Google News which allows you to search lots (not all) the news websites at once, so you can get updates. When the blogosphere emerged, Technorati was the first blog search engine and Google Blog Search followed. Sadly both no longer exist any more. Now if people want updates on a topic, they use social media for updates on that. Twitter (and its competitor Gab), is someone’s public voice. If I want to know what anyone in the world is saying to the world, where I am I going to check? Their Twitter. If I want updates on the red pill, I only have to follow the pioneers of that, the three R’s, Roosh, Roissy (now Chateau Heartiste) and Rollo on Twitter and Gab. If I want updates on cooking, I only have to follow Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson and Gordon Ramsey on Twitter. Twitter is like having your own newspaper, except that it’s free to publish and free for your readers. Whereas before you needed to look in a lot of places to get updates on a topic, now you only need to look in a very few places to get updates on a topic.

The world has become smaller, due to search engines, blogs, chat rooms, youtube and social media. All which didn’t exist to the extent they do now 10 or 15 years ago. Kids now know about mental disorders and politics in a way that people born in my decade did not know when I was a child. You don’t need a lot of retweets to go viral nowadays. Also, you don’t need to get a lot of shares (or retweets) to go viral nowadays. I have gone viral at 40 retweets and viral again with a follow-up article at 60 retweets. Everyone in the technology blogs and startup industry who I wanted to see the article, saw it. My friend went viral and appeared on the news at 150 shares on facebook. You don’t need to get a million views on youtube to go viral and influence the world or your desired group or aspect of the world. You can be influential with little followers, little views and little shares, and everyone can see something with that as well. If I say “consequences will never be the same again”, “turning the frogs gay” or “ed miliband eating a bacon sandwich”, everyone will get the reference. Does it have a lot of views on youtube? No. But everyone’s seen it! Everyone knows it!

I have to admit that game techniques like neg, frame [2] and confidence, did work in the past, but they don’t work now, as now everyone knows what it is. Whereas in the past before social media and chat rooms, websites, subcultures and communities were more underground, now they are brought to the surface so they are mainstream, and the downside is that now to be influential, profitable and successful online, it’s much more competitive as there are more potential and successful influencers and businesses to compete with. Everyone is trying to make money online. Everyone has one of the following things, a twitch stream, youtube channel, startup, shop, book, music, artwork, website, podcast, live shows, etc.

In the olden days, nobody catcalled women. Nobody cold approached women. In the rare instance that a guy did walk up to a girl to cold approach them, the girls would say all giddy and estatic “Wow! He’s so confident.” Not any more they don’t! Also if you wanted to approach someone, “I’m just saying hello :)” was not an acceptable reason!!! You needed a plausible excuse. If you was at school or work, you would have to be doing work and approach someone and say “Can you help me on my work?” You then get her (or him) to help you on your work, then you try to make friends with her afterwards. If there was a girl (or guy) you wanted to be friends with and you had little contact with their friend, you wouldn’t approach your target or mark, you would become good friends with their friend, then once you are friends with your target’s friend, you would then move onto your target afterwards. Now everyone is trying to do the confidence thing, it no longer works.

Game techniques, such as negs, frame or confidence, or anything else for that matter, it worked because it was refreshing, not because it was adorable per se. They worked because they allowed a man to differentiate themselves from other men. Now that everyone is doing it, it doesn’t mean anything any more. Not just because they copied the conventions but not the underlying concept behind it, but also because if everyone is doing the same thing, why should anyone talk to you?

Although game taught by pick up artists only accounts for 20-33% of an interaction, step by step instructions for game or social skills are now an outdated paradigm, as the way society is going, it doesn’t impress women if loads of men they go on dates with, are doing the same exact behaviour patterns. And women go on a lot of dates! It just comes across as forced and smarmy. Way to set a creep radar to red alert! I predict that the future of social skill advice and game advice will stop being step by step instructions for different stages and contexts of a conversation, to then be about theory rather than practise. In theory, theory and practise are the same, in practise they are not. Now we can’t teach practise any more due to the masses of people relying only on the practical knowledge they are taught flooding everywhere with their cancer, we now can only teach theory. You know what I say, Everything starts with you!

It’s time for a new paradigm

One thing I notice, after people interact with me afk and online, is that people are copying the way that I talk. Everyone says that imitiation is the sincerest form of flattery. I don’t like it when people copy me, because one, if everyone is doing the same thing then it loses its value as its no longer different or distinct, and two, they are copying the conventions but they dont have the concept copied so they are weakening down the impact of those who apply an underlying concept in what they do. There is a lot of symbolism in the way that I talk. I don’t explictly tell you what concept I am trying to portray, but I sure am portraying a concept. And symbolism doesn’t have to be imagery, it can also be verbal too. I have identified over 10 things in the way I use language, my tone, that gives my words a distinct tone, a tynamite tone. And there are certain types of things I talk about in conversation. In fact I only talk about two types of things in a conversation, and hardly anything else. I won’t break down the way that I speak as I don’t want people copying it (including my humour). I’ve worked hard my entire life for this, so I don’t want to throw my life’s work away. Well I did go to five schools, was popular in three of them, bullied in two of them, and had girls fighting over me in two of them. And I’m not conventionally attractive. If I told you to think of a male who is attractive, I would not be the imagery you would have in your mind. If you want my honest opinion, I would change my personality if I could. I want a bubbly, chirpy and vavacious personality like those people who work in sales or a children’s tv presenter whose presence fills the entire room.

So how did I learn my social skills? How did I work on my personality? Well this is theory, if you couldn’t of guessed, but I did two things. I understood that I needed to accentuate my good traits of my personality, and I needed to differentiate myself from everyone else so I would become cool. All I did is two things. Firstly, I got a pen and paper, wrote down 1-10 on each line, and on each line I wrote down a good point about my personality, then from then I started to emphasise those things in conversation in future. Secondly, I set myself a challenge, to make friends without asking people questions and without appealing to emotion (compliments, smiling, giving people stuff). So all day everyday I tried to do those things, so I would use my brain and intution to be astute to learn how to make friends by doing both things, and I figured it out and one day everything clicked. I can ask people questions and appeal to emotion with them, but I don’t do it very often, but I do do it. However if I begin to trust the person, I do it all the time, but not all the time until then. Now I can do it all the time and still do the social skills that I taught myself. I don’t have to not do it any more. I never read books, blogs, forums or asked anyone for advice, I started this as a young child, and for over a decade, people have been always giving me free stuff without asking for anything in return. Also I’m currently working on writing a non-fiction book which wll explain how I see the world. And I want to work on my third novel as well.

So my advice for those who want to work on their social skills is to not do what is saturated, as by definition, what is saturated does not work any more (or only the stark few can do it). Be unique. Also stop being authority dependant relying on some authority figure to tell you how to think, behave, figure things out or help you make decisons. If you want to be a better you, you essentially have to be you. There’s no point in existing as you if everything you do has stemmed from someone else. You need to have opinions and behaviours that did not come from a higher person or power. Have the strength of your own convictions. Emphasis on your.

Be original. Use your intuition. Stop being authority dependant. Have the strength of your own convictions. Everything starts with you.