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I was going to see Jin’s show, Shuffling Philosophies. It was a very good show, he spent an hour doing card tricks and doing storytelling about philosophy. I arrived 15 minutes late because Mum made me buy chips for my younger brother who was shouting at me swearing calling me a retard when I was supposed to leave at 4:30 but she made me leave some time at 4:50 or 5:00 and I caught the bus at 5:17 I think.

He did a card trick where he alternates between putting red and black cards into separate piles, then putting them in one pile, which messed up the order to show four red cards then four black cards, , messing up the order, as it should have alternated. He also got two volunteers (someone moved away not wanting to be picked) and he got them both to shuffle the cards, and he managed to say what card was what in the order he put them down. He put each deck into his pockets, and picked out the card that each contestant chose, before putting the cards back on the table. He got applause after each trick he did, so he did impress the crowd.

Some of the tricks he did got the crowd smiling including me, and he was good. He told philosophical stories about how he was fascinated by cards. He also managed to, several times, even after someone else shuffled the card, to say the name of each card he was putting down, 52 times, before putting the card down face up for all to see. It was impressive. He asked three times for someone to pick a number, 2, 3, or 4, and someone in the audience tried to play smart by saying 7. Card after card went down on the table, and on the 7th card, Jin successfully predicted the card he was putting down. It was impressive and he got applause for it.

The show got recorded by two cameras, my brother operated one from the side, and I think his friend was operating the other camera from head one.

After the show a woman asked Jin a question “Is it real, or is it fake? Is it real?” He looked perplexed. “Of course it’s real.” He then got some nice words off the audience saying his performance was really good and I told Jungle, “How does he remember all those words?” and he replied “How do actors do it?” There was some joke and someone asked how he got the venue and Jin replied “I paid to hire it.” and someone asked “Did you get your money back?” and he replied “Yes. I rinsed off all you lot” and everyone laughed due to the manner of which he said it. “I can’t stay and chat because the cleaners are coming” he said tactfully, and then the people went away.

Jin in the whole history of his life, has never said no to anyone once. Once those people went, other people went. He also said that his mother was going abroad to Hong Kong to chill. “How can you chill in Hong Kong?” he got asked. “She’s gone to chill!”he repeated. This happened three times, and the way the words were said, implied that Hong Kong was hot, so it would be impossible to chill there. Jungle said he didn’t need the laptop now before and after I sat down, so I was carrying a bag on me I didn’t need to carry. He combined card tricks with philosophical storytelling, which is very original. I don’t think anyone else puts on a show like he does.

I couldn’t help feeling jealous that Jin is middle class and I am working class. However Jin did get a job in sales, so maybe he’s not middle class at all, maybe he’s working class, maybe he’s kinda poor.

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This article is part of a series
Test Series