Reject nanny state busybodies and reject killjoy cobbers

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This essay is over 17,000 words dissertation style, and must be read in one go. Get ready to be red pilled.


Everyone has heard of the matrix. The concept comes from the movie called The Matrix. The idea is that we are born inside a simulation called “the matrix”, and that the entire universe is a simulation which runs on a computer. And if you take the red pill you become unplugged from the matrix and see reality for what it really is, and if you take the blue pill, you remain plugged in and live out your humdrum existence nonethewiser with bread and circus. Because I have been improving myself and my life, my stature and my footing, as well as having more life experience and the success it brings (whether you see all that or not), I now believe that we are living in the matrix. In my previous article I explained how we are living in the system. We are also living in the matrix. We are living in the system and the matrix. The system is economic. The matrix is social.

If the matrix is social, how come we’ve never heard of it in documentaries or schools? Is this writer stupid, I hear you ask? I know what you’re thinking! Of course you think that you’re in the right and unplugged and red pilled because you are you, but everyone in the world believes they are right about everything they think about, so who doesn’t believe they’re unplugged, woke and red pilled? It’s just a silly label that people use to look cool to be hip and trendy, right? That’s what the illuminati globalists want you to think! And I don’t mean literal, there is no society called the illuminati, they don’t have meetings, there is no group, it’s more of an ideology and a subculture that people align themselves to, just like how hipsters, emos and goths have no structure, no leader and scheduled meetings to their society or subculture. It is more of a fluid society than a structured society. Yes I coined that term, fluid society. And I’m also coining another term, cobber, but we’ll get into what a cobber is later on.

Now you’re with me that there is a structureless leaderless scheduleless society that doesn’t officially exist but people align themselves to it, this fluid society called the illuminati that all the blue pillers and cobbers belong to, because I’m so unplugged from the matrix as I’m a free thinker and not a sheep, I will now explain red pill the world by explaining how we are living in the matrix, because I’m so woke.

People are either red pilled or blue pilled

The way society is, every social movement has either been subverted by shills, defamed by the media or devalued by posers. Because anyone and everyone can call themselves a particular ideology, people can call themselves that without properly knowing what it means, pervert the original ethos of it, or use something that was made for good and positivity for bad and evil. For example, there are different types of feminists, different types of libertarians. Some feminists are sex positive who believe in prostitution, porn and glamour modelling, and some are sex negative. Some libertarians believe there should be no government, and some only believe in a smaller government. When talking about an ideology or even debating it, both parties have to be clear about which type of the ideology word is meant. If you listen to the psuedo-red-pill idiots on Reddit, you will think that the red pill is about women women women, frame frame frame, dread dread dread. There is more to the red pill philosophy than women, and r/theredpill on reddit isn’t red pill, it’s blue pill, but that’s for another article. For the purpose of this article, red pill will mean believing in self improvement and self reliance and blue pill will mean believing in nanny state and state reliance.

In this world, people are either red pill or blue pill. They either believe in self improvement and self reliance, or they believe in nanny state and state reliance.

What is the nanny state?

But what is the nanny state? The nanny state is when the government says that they know better than you about what is best for you, when it only affects you and when it concerns consensual acts. Examples of such are below.

  • Sugar tax
  • Mandatory internet filters on mobile networks and public wifi
  • Maximum spending limits on FOB’s in gambling
  • Needing to provide ID to watch porn online
  • Banning energy drinks for under 16’s
  • Allowing various departments in the public sector to look at anyone’s internet browsing history (ICR’s) in the country
  • Banning end-to-end encryption
  • Anti prostitution laws
  • Anti brothel laws
  • Anti smoking laws
  • Anti pornography laws
  • Anti cryptocurrency laws
  • Anti gambling laws
  • Anti cycling laws
  • Anti feeding the homeless laws
  • Anti drug laws
  • Anti having trash in your car laws
  • Mandatory vaccination
  • National ID Cards (when we already have a driving license and passport)
  • Picnic permits
  • Sin taxes
  • Anti-branding laws on tobacco and alcohol
  • Age restrictions on websites, books, music, tv shows and movies
  • Needing a government license to publish content in print or online
  • Banning straws
  • Anti-child labour laws (including restricting the amount of hours children can work)
  • Carbon tax
  • Mandatory recycling
  • Banning cartoon characters from cereal boxes
  • Banning junk food advertising
  • Banning children from selling lemonade or cookies without a license
  • Mass survelliance (NSA and GCHQ)
  • Lockout laws
  • Fines for muddy cars

Who do you think knows more about what is best for you? You or the government? Obviously that’s you, because you’re you. So what gives the government the right to tell you what you can and can’t do, with all these nanny state laws, if they only affect you? The government can fuck off! Drink driving, yes that should be illegal because it affects other people. People can die from you drink driving. But taxing sugar is wrong because you having soft drinks only affects you, so the government should get lost with its nanny state. That is what the nanny state is. The government telling you with laws, that they know better than you about what is best for you, when it only affects you. The government does not have the right to do that. I do not believe in vice laws, laws that prohibit consensual behaviour. The government making vice laws is also the nanny state.

I know what the blue pillers are thinking. Drugs and prostitution! Drugs and prostitution! Even if you had a child with severe epilepsy that can only be treated with CBD (found in cannabis which is illegal) and was campaigning for help to save your child, the government would still deny the suffering child the right for CBD medication to allow that child to live a quality and happy life, because to do that, would violate their nanny state ethos. A mother applied to the Home Office to allow her 6 year old child an exception to get CBD oil for her child, and predictably, the British government said no. All because it violates their nanny state ethos. They don’t give a shit about the child. Now onto prostitution. Even if you got rid of the money, and you had people trading Pokemon cards for sex, the government would still have a problem because it violates their nanny state ethos. Even if a man approached a woman for her phone number politely in a social environment or the street and she happily gave it to him, the government would violate their nanny state ethos. Any human behaviour they can control, they will control. Remember Tony Nicklinson who was paralysed for eight years after a stroke, diagnosed with Locked In Syndrome, who communicated using eye movements and a computer on his wheelchair that he wanted permission to die from the High Court? The British government denied him that right to end his suffering which is very cruel. He had to undergo a slow and painful death by dying from a hunger strike. It took him weeks to die.

Blue pillers believe in the nanny state. When someone is in real and immense suffering, the blue pillers don’t give a shit. All they care about is whether helping such person would violate their nanny state beliefs, and if it does, they always refuse to help and not just walk away doing nothing, they do the exact opposite by making the person’s suffering worse, and then be intellectually dishonest by giving a disingenous reason why their cruelty is in the best interests of the victim and humanity, with the most farfetched reason anyone could conjure up, and the stupid sheep lap it up with glee and cheer to the blue piller’s virtue signalling about how good, kind, moral and virtuous they are and how they make the world a better place.

Blue pillers like Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May have the same end goal

Blue pillers like Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May always use the slippery slope argument. If we allow one person to have euthanasia, eventually anyone will be able to walk into their doctors and get an instant suicide like they can with cough medicine, they say. If we allow a child with severe epilepsy to have CBD oil so he can have a quality of life, eventually everyone will be allowed to take cannabis and the streets would be flooded with lunatic druggies, they say.

The irony of this, is that it is the blue pillers who are slippery slopers, not red pillers. Blue pillers always trying to creep things in through the back door ever so gradually (just like how Hitler made Jews be forced to wear a star everywhere they went years before killing them), as it is the blue pillers who want to have a monopoly on fun and they like to control every single element of your life. They will not stop with drugs and prostitution, or whatever nanny state laws they are implementing. They will not stop with the sugar tax and banning porn. If you think that, you are stupid. They will keep expanding the nanny state, and it will keep getting bigger bigger bigger, until every element of your life is controlled by the state. What you do, what you think, where you go, who you’re allowed to communicate with, what you read, what you buy, what you say, each and every little thing one could possibly imagine. Think I’m joking? Why else do we have the Investigative Powers Act which bans end-to-end encryption, requires technology companies to implement backdoors for the government, store your internet connection (web page) records for 12 months, and not only that, allow virtually every employee from every government department to look at everyone’s internet browsing history, including the Food Standards Agency. This is 1984. Read the book. This is orwellian. Eventually everyone who works in the public sector will be the secret police.

Jeremy Corbyn, depending on who you ask, is either a communist or a socialist, and Theresa May is either hurting the working class or she’s stopping the country from being wrecked by the Labour Party. Because one is spend spend spend, and the other is cut cut cut, people believe that both leaders are different. Yes in that sense they are different. But as they both are blue pillers believing in nanny state and stare reliance, they are both the same. To think that Labour and Conservative are different in 2018 is stupidity or you being brainwashed. One is a lefty liberal, and the other is lefty lite. They both have the same end goal, to control every element of your life, and creep in communism through the back door, as they both believe in nanny state and state reliance. So as long as they are both in power, they will always keep making nanny state and state reliance bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger. Corbyn and May will pretend to hate each other in Prime Minister’s Questions in parliament and in the media, but behind closed doors they both love each other really, because they have the same end goal, but just a different application. And people say that the British media tells the truth and that we live in a democracy. Instead we have the illusion of choice, just like how things were before Trump ran for president and became one.

If you want to get rid of the nanny state and state reliance, vote for UKIP, and they will defend freedom of speech, and get rid of the nanny state and get rid of state reliance. This leads me to my next issue. Mass immigration, or as blue pillers prefer to call it, immigration.

Blue pillers do not care about the poor and the prosperous

For every immigrant that is given citizenship in a country, a person who was born there is rendered worthless. Immigrants do steal people’s jobs. Mass immigration is bad because it puts a strain on jobs, strain on the NHS, strain on schools (schools are overcrowded and some cities have ran out of school places), strain on roads, strain on housing so there’s a housing shortage, it decreases wages (because workers have higher competition and less bargaining power, wages increased when migration from the EU decreased due to Brexit), it increases the price of rent (as the demand for housing exceeds the supply), puts a strain on social housing and it causes high unemployment (of which the government reported unemployment rate is fake), and even more problems. We have a mass unemployment crisis [one] [two] [three] [four]. If you tell a blue piller this, they will call you a heartless xenophobic racist and that there’s plenty of space. You only have to apply common sense to find out that is not the case. According to the Office of National Statistics, there is 1.83 million people who are unemployed in Britain. According to the same ONS, there is always a minimum of 250,000 people entering Britain every year. This means that over a period of 8 years, there will be more immigrants in the country than the unemployment. And mass immigratiyon has been happening for decades! Using simple logic and common sense, it would be sensible to conclude that government reported unemployment statistics are fake.

If you need any more proof (if you are a blue piller reading this who always says after someone says an emperical truth “have you got a source for that?”), here it is.

What the British government says:

unemployment statistics. what the government says


The true statistics that get leaked to The Guardian by a DWP employee.

the guardian. uk. real black unemployment rate.

You can read more here. Half of UK’s young black males are unemployed.

Unemployment among young black men has doubled in three years, rising from 28.8% in 2008 to 55.9% in the last three months of 2011. Which unemployment statistics do you think are the real statistics? The ones given by the government, or the ones given by a newspaper??? How did unemployment go from 28.8% to 55.9 in three years????????? The reason why black people are much likely to be unemployed than white people, is not because of racism or discrimination, but because black people tend to live in cities where there is lots of immigration or densely populated cities. Areas that have more immigration have higher unemployment. When you have 1 million people entering a country every 4 years, the country also needs to create 1 million jobs every 4 years, which this country does NOT!!!!!!! Also in the US, 102 million americans are unemployed if you look at the real unemployment rate, and 37.2% of households are on food stamps.

When you tell a blue piller these facts, they will either call you a racist, try to troll you, tell you you’re taking them out of context, give you lies to back up their arguments, or abort the conversation by blocking you or refusing to discuss it any more. Well you know what I say, Facts don’t care about your feelings. Blue pillers a full of cognitive dissonance and they come up with a hypothesis and work backwards from that.

MEETING THE ENEMY A feminist comes to terms with the Men's Rights movement | Cassie Jaye | TEDxMarin

cognitive dissonance about gender is a social construct meme transgender

The reason why blue pillers like mass immigration, is not because they care about the starving syrian refugees or because they care about people in poverty. The real reason why they like mass immigration is because they want everyone to be dependant on the state. If you were born in the 90s onwards, we will never have the living standards that our parents had. We are the lost generation. Blue pillers love it when someone graduates from university (likely with a 2:1 in a STEM degree) then end up being long term unemployed, or working a part time job (likely on a zero hours contract) not being to afford rent for their own place. They claim that they want university graduates to do well in life and get a good job, but they are lying and being disingenous. Blue pillers are disingenous.

This is also the reason why Labour and Conservative like mass immigration, to get everyone dependant on the state. Vote for UKIP, Britain First or For Britain if you want to get rid of nanny state and state reliance, preferably UKIP as they are a major political party.

Blue pillers always claim so much to care so much about the poor, so much so, that they believe in a welfare state so they believe in people claiming benefits. However if you probe these people enough, you will find that blue pillers have evil marxist beliefs. Marxist, as in beliving in the writings of Karl Marx, the inventor of communism, an evil along with marxism responsible for the genocide, oppression and extreme poverty of millions. Even if they haven’t read Karl Marx’s writing, they will still align themselves to that ideology, because they are that way inclined.

One way you can test this, is to find out whether they believe thar wage slavery is real. Blue pillers will be 100% guaranteed to tell you that wage slavery is real, because we are forced to go to work and if we don’t work we starve to death, so therefore going to work is slavery. Do you know what blue pillers is empowering? Not working and living entirely off the government. They think that is empowerment. Going to work isn’t slavery. It can be exploitative, but it’s not slavery, that’s an extreme comparison to make. I lived in a house where my landlord threatened to evict me if I got a job, so I was trapped on benefits with him violating my human rights to exchange my labour for money. Luckily I managed to move out to a landlord who allows me to work. Exchanging your labour for money is a human right, to them it is slavery. My friend had a girlfriend who would say to him “Conceirge! Hold my handbag!” If he held her handbag, that would make him feminine, if he didn’t hold it, she would be upset with me for not being chivalrous. If you were him, what do you do in that situation? That was exploitation, but it wasn’t slavery.

One way you can know whether blue pillers truly care about the poor, is to find out their attitudes to the homeless. Remember that blue pillers are disingenous, blue pillers are duplicitous. What blue pillers argue to say, is not what they mean. Don’t watch what blue pillers say, watch what they do. Well anyway, blue pillers will always tell you that they never donate money to the homeless because all they do is spend it on drugs, tobacco and alcohol. At first glance, this sounds like either ignorance or classism, looking down at people who have less status or money than you. However when you understand that blue pillers believe in nanny state and state reliance, the true reason why they never give to the homeless becomes clear.

The reason why blue pillers never give to the homeless despite claiming they care about the poor, is because they want the homeless person to be dependant on other people giving or not giving them money deciding whether or not they will have anything to eat for that day. Blue pillers never giving money to the homeless is them practising state dependance. Living off the government in poverty is empowerment and working to be prosperous is slavery. A homeless person being dependant on passers by for money is good and someone with money donating them £5 so they can buy a toothbrush, eat food, buy a sleeping bag etc, is bad because that would give them self improvement and self reliance. Blue pillers only like the welfare state because you claiming benefits makes you worse off than you would working, but if someone cannot claim benefits due to not having a fixed address or has nowhere to live due to no fault of their own, then homelessness is better than them having somewhere to stay, as they’d rather the homeless person beg and dependant on others, than them to get a leg up off the ground floor onto the first floor.

So blue pillers do not truly care about the poor and the homeless, really. They are just virtue signalling and will always sprout loudly about how much they care for poor people. As Paul Joseph Watson said, the people who do the most virtue signalling are the least moral people. Do you know who does donate to the homeless? Red pillers. Red pillers are always donating to the homeless, all the time!!! They just don’t brag about it virtue signalling about it for brownie points. In the rare instance that a blue piller does donate to the homeless, all they wll do is buy them a measely amount of food like a half sandwich that came in a packet of two sandwiches with a bottle of plain water, then later on that same day they’ll be virtue signalling about how “kind” and “virtuous” they are, when deep down they know that if they actually gave the homeless person the money they spent on that food, instead of the food, they would be much better off. Not only do blue pillers not care about the poor, they also do not care about the prosperous, because they’d rather you be claiming benefits than working, to fit their strict totalitarian state dependency agenda that for some strange reason everyone in the world must follow. Blue pillers follow a philosophy of greed, envy and selfishness. “If I can’t have something good that someone else has because they have a higher IQ higher intelligence that puts them into better and more higher paid jobs, or were born to rich or middle class parents, then nobody else can!” They are the child with ten toys that will steal the other child’s one toy because that one toy glows in the dark, even if that glow in the dark toy is not electronic and the ten toys they have are electronic and run on batteries.

Also blue pillers always use AdBlock and Ghostery (which blocks adverts and analytics), as they don’t want you to make money from your intellectual property. They claim it’s because of privacy being disingenous, when really it’s because they don’t want you to make money from your intellectual property. They don’t want you self improving seeing how popular you really are, seeing your traffic going up, and they don’t want you having self reliance making money from advertising so you make money from your work.

If you want to know where to find altrusitic people who are humble and moral, spend time around red pillers. If you want to spend time around two-faced duplicituous virtue signallers, spend time around blue pillers. This is a fact.

What is the role of government?

What is the role of government? That’s a good question. What is the role of government?

Profit and tax are both theft

If you are a libertarian, you believe in there being limited or no government, little or no taxes. You would believe in the non aggression principle or voluntarism so you wouldn’t like taxes because the government forces you to pay them and puts you in prison if you don’t. The most famous libertarian, Ayn Rand, does not believe in the public sector. In the video below, she said she believes in there only being private roads, private schools, private police and private prisons.

Libertarians believe in the free market or free market capitalism, which means that there should be no regulations for businesses, and no market distortion. Regulation that protects against pollution, no fault evictions, no fault firing, no forced over time, all bad, to a libertarian. Also a minimum wage, sick pay, maternity leave, rent caps, university price caps, all bad to a libertarian, as they are a market distortion, and a market distortion is something that artificially inflates or deflates the value of something.

Ayn Rand: Who Should Build Roads?

bSocialists and communists (and people who call themselves socialists who are really communists), believe that all natural monopolies should be run by the state, as if something is a natural monopoly, it’s better the profit is taken out the equation, if there isn’t much competition. What is a natural monopoly? A natural monopoly is an industry where it is inevitable for there to be one or a stark few companies competing in that field because it either costs millions of pounds to setup that company, or because there is limited geographical space for the infrastructure to go. Industries like telecommunications, electricity, water, gas, hospitals, postal service and public transport should be run by the state according to them

An ISP is a natural monopoly because…

  1. It costs millions of dollars to create an ISP (Less than 0.1% of the population have the money required to create an ISP)
  2. There is limited physical space to build the infrastructure for an ISP. (It’s impossible to have 100+ sets of underground wires in the same city/country or 100+ satellites in space to all provide the same service.)

Communists believe that housing, education, money, healthcare and everything else you can possibly imagine, is a human right. It sounds wonderful, but they do have lunatic beliefs you will find. However, communists don’t just believe that natural monopolies should be run by the government, but also that every business should be run by the state. Yes that’s right! Every business. However without competition and without incentive, there is firstly no incentive for the government run business to spend money efficently (I’ll get into that point later), and secondly there is no incentive to innovate. A planned economy is a failed economy. There would be no Apple or Dyson in a planned economy. Richard Branson touches on these two points in the following video.

Richard Branson on Virgin and the NHS

I believe (as a socialist) that profit and taxation are both theft. The typical response to this, is how is profit theft? If I make money for doing something, how is it theft for me to make money doing something that I’ve been paid to do voluntarily? I see that point, but listen to this.

Profit is theft because if you pay £5 for a taxi and £3 goes to the taxi driver and £2 goes to the CEO of the taxi company, the employer (or bourgeoise) has stolen £2 of the worker’s (or proletariat’s) labour. This stolen labour is called “surplus value”. When people have jobs, they do not enjoy all the fruits of their labour. If we had a society where there was no taxes, absolutely zero taxes, we would have low wages, high prices, monopolies and cartels. Every car would be made by one company. Every house would be owned by one landlord. Every shoe would be made by one company. And you would be working 12 hours a day with no weekends for a pittance in a sweatshop. You would be eating a bowl of rice every day of your life one meal a day. So that’s why profit and tax are both theft. Yes the employer invested money to start the company and needs to take a cut of the labour in order to cover the operating costs and have profit left over to keep the company running, but it’s still theft. There’s still an element of exploitation going on, even though the exploitation is essential for the economic system, the system, to function. Without profit, there would be no Apple and no Dyson. Without private enterprise of people exchanging money for products and services, how else do you think people will get stuff? From charity handouts or the government printing money out of thin air? Although profit is theft, it is essential for our society so profit is also good. It’s a double edged sword, but an essential double edged sword.

Taxation is also theft. If you don’t pay your taxes, the government can fine you or put you in prison, and if you don’t pay the fine, you will go to prison. Not only does everyone pay taxes in some way even if you don’t pay income tax because you don’t earn enough, our taxes also go on things we do not consent, such as wars, art (which the government should not fund), poor quality schools and rubbish collection that are so bad you wonder what the point is of you paying your taxes. However without taxes, you would have to pay for the police, pay for roads, pay for prisons, and your human rights would not be protected, so we all understand (I hope) that taxes are an essential thing we all pay as a cost from reaping the rewards of living in a society (instead of the hunter-gatherer times), and as we reap, we also pay back, so we pay our debt back to society.

So profit and taxation are both theft. The libertarians are always screaming to regulate tax, and the communists are always screaming to regulate profit, whereas me as a socialist believes that profit and tax are both theft, who wants to regulate both.

Communism is an ideology of force and libertarianism is an ideology of coersion. If you need food and I put a gun to your head and tell you to suck my dick for money or I’ll kill you, or I offer you the choice to suck my dick for money but the only jobs availaable from every other employer is sucking dick, what’s the dffference? Exactly! That’s what I thought!

Tynamite believes the role of government has 4 purposes

Now back to my earlier question, what is the role of government?

  1. Protect your liberty
  2. Protect your lifestyle
  3. Protect you from other people, not yourself
  4. Freedom of speech with no hate speech laws

So I believe the government should protect your liberty, as in defend your basic human rights. So theft, murder and rape should be illegal, so that your liberty is protected, so you have your freedoms. That’s pretty standard. The government should protect your lifestyle, so if you are successful or enjoying freedom, you don’t need a SJW emailing your advertisers to cause an advertiser boycott or ringing up your employer to get you fired from your job. So laws that protect your lifestyle are anti-defamation laws, anti-fraud law, anti-piracy law, intellectual property law, consumer rights law. Also nanny state laws should not exist and drug laws should be relaxed, because the role of the governmet is to protect you from other people, not to protect you from yourself.

Also we should have freedom of speech laws and all hate speech laws should be abolished. This does not mean that I support people telling passers by in the street racial slurs as they walk past, as that is harassment. But if someone is speaking on their own private wordpress blog, or at a private meeting, their own personal space, and what they say isn’t harming or advocating for the harm of someone’s liberty, and isn’t harming or advocating for the harm of someone’s lifestyle, then I do not see a problem with that.

I know what you’re thinking. “Hate speech harms someone’s liberty as it is rude and mean.” Oh really? What is hate speech? Can you define in clear english what hate speech is? The Oxford Dictionary defines sexism as “Prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex”. Let’s imagine all two categories of “sexism” in the definition in order. So if I say that an asian woman I had an appointment with who had the quietest voice I’ve heard in my life, and she didn’t like me being dominant and telling her as an employee and me not, what to do, because there’s a stereotype that asian women are submissive and dosile, so she expected me to be like all the abusive controlling men she’s dated, is that hate speech? So if I say that men think logicially and women think emotionally, is that hate speech? If I say that I prefer having male friends, is that hate speech? It’s funny how the dictionary definition conflates prejudice and stereotyping with discrimintion, when the former two are a thought and the latter is an action, and a person can have good behaviour and good end goals even if they generalise.

So as you can see, hate speech, is highly subjective and is labelled to words and people in an arbritary fashion, blue pillers are selective on who they apply that label on. Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May cannot explain in clear english exactly what hate speech is, so why should I follow hate speech law, if they can’t explain clearly what it is? Yes sexism and racism is real, but the dictionary definiton of those words reek of political correctness. So that’s why I don’t believe in hate speech laws, and you can see here that political correctness has gone mad.

So those are what I believe are the four roles of government. I’ll repeat again.

  1. Protect your liberty
  2. Protect your lifestyle
  3. Protect you from other people, not yourself
  4. Freedom of speech with no hate speech laws

Margaret Thatcher was the real socialist

Depending on who you ask, Margaret Thatcher who was the prime minister of Britain in the 80s, was either the greatest prime minister of all time, or an evil woman who never cared about the working class and the poor. Corbynistas just cannot fathom why the working class vote for Conservative, if Labour is the part of benefits. To understand Thatcher’s rise to power, you first have to understand what Britain was like before she was in power.

When Labour was in power before she was, under Edward Heath, the rich paid a minimum of 85% income tax which hurt British companies and devalued the currency, only making everyone (including the poor) worse. The Beatles were financially raped with a 98% income tax. Yes, 98%, no joke. Because of the amount of borrowing to satisfy the “socialists” ever-increasing appetite for more, the country had hyperinflation so every week prices would go up. Also because the unions were so powerful and had too much power, every week there was a strike so there were certain hours of the day when you would have no electricity, no water and no gas. Britain is world class when it comes to art, culture, wealth and business, but because of the supertax, hyperinflation, weekly strikes and more.

The country was a joke. Britain was a laughing stock of the world! We had so much potential and resources, and we were not using it and the country was stagnating and getting worse. We had a run on the pound, as our currency was worthless, any more of Labour, and we would have ended up like ’10s Greece financial crisis (if you do independant research you’ll see that it’s very bad there) where women are selling sex for less than it costs to buy a sandwich. We needed an alternative, and that alternative was Margaret Thatcher.

However not only did Thatcher move a wrecked country with a worthless currency around and turned into a powerhouse where the country got richer, but also the poor got richer too. Unemployment went down, homelessness went down, povery went down, wages went up, small businesses increased, and prices when adjusted for inflation, became cheaper. To understand, watch these videos.

Thatcher's Last Stand Against Socialism

Margaret Thatcher - Capitalism and a Free Society

Margaret Thatcher On The Homeless

I can see the cogs spinning! If you listened to the fake news in the lamestream media, you would think that Margaret Thatcher didn’t care about the poor and was a free market capitalist. Well she did. She cared more about the poor than Labour ever did. I can give examples of socialists (really communists), would rather have the poor poorer if it means the rich were less rich. The socialists, ahem, communists tried to reduce the gap of wealth inequality, and all they did is devalue the currency and cause a run on the pound which made the poor poorer.

Grammar schools in Britain used to only accept kids who scored high on an IQ test called 11+, and grammar schools would have better GCSE (school qualifications you get when you finish school) results. The socialists complained that not enough coloured, female and stupid people were getting access to these elite schools, so once the socialist blue pillers got their way by forcing grammar schools to accept a certain percentage of stupid people, everyone’s grades in grammar schools started to get worse as stupid kids were mixed with intelligent kids so teachers could not plan and teach two seperate lessons for one class in an hourly slot, and because there was so much bad behaviour from the stupid kids, so everyone’s grades got worse. The same applies with affirmative action which forces universities to accept a certain perentage of coloured people into their courses. This caused a lower pass rate as black people dropped out of STEM courses halfway through the course. The same applies to firefighters and police lowering the physical fitness requirements to join so more women can have the job, the vulnerable and harmed people are made more unsafe by people not equipped to protect them. Also this applies to video game developers. Before they were hired on merit, but when Ubisoft went the politically correct liberal diversity approach, they positively discriminated for women, so now the staff are mostly women and the games suck and their revenue and profits are down.

So not only did Maragret Thatcher care about the poor, she also believed in a welfare state as in benefits for unemployed people, and a minimum wage. So she wasn’t a free market capitalist after all! Labour was too busy trying to regulate profit profit profit, but they never once in their entire time in power, regulated tax. Do you want to know who the real socialist was? Margaret Thatcher. I do have some problems with her though. I don’t agree with the Right to Buy and Poll Tax laws that she added to the country.

Someone messaged me and told me they wanted to make an online education classroom website about programming, where people (or students), get lessons, submit their work, can see each others work and comment on it, so they can have collaborative learning. He asked me what I thought of the idea. I told him that the idea already exists, it’s called MOOC, massive open online course, and I told him that it’s a stupid idea. I told him that I am excellent with my talents, so if I was to join his MOOC, everyone would be copying my ideas, copying my techniques, copying my style and copying my work, so what incentive is there for me to join a MOOC? I told him that if you want to create a MOOC, you need to attract the talented people who are excellent, but there is no incentive for them to submit their work publicly, if everyone will copy their ideas, techniques, style and work. So I told him that if he wants his MOOC to work, he has to keep the incentive for the people at the top, otherwise it won’t function, as it is the people at the top who keep the whole system running. Someone of my talent would have no incentive to reveal my source material publicly on a MOOC.

Beware of false prophets

Whatever is red pill they censor, as hate speech is abritarily defined

As this article earlier says, red pill people (red pillers) believe in self improvement and self reliance, and blue pillers believe in nanny state and state reliance. I’m also sure you know that people are being censored online by social media, startups and technology companies. What one must know, is that if a twitter account, youtube channel, political party or news company is promoting self improvement and self reliance, then the blue pillers will try to censor it, shadowban it, get their advertisers to boycott, get demonetised, get those people fired from their job and call for it to be banned. Anything calling for self improvement and self reliance will face the social justice mob of the social justice warriors (SJWs). It has nothing to do with the red pillers being bigots, racist, sexist, islamophobic, etc; it has everything to do with them promoting self improvement and self reliance, as you’re seeing with the SJW attacks on Infowars, Breitbart and the Republican Party.

Social justice is not justice

As blue pillers will always keep making nanny state bigger and state reliance bigger no matter what, if you vote for the people they are calling a feminist, believing in equality and social justice, every element of your life will be controlled by the state; but if you vote for the people they’re calling a racist, sexist, islamophobe and a bigot, you will be free to live the life you want. They are trying to bring in communism through the back door. Red pillers will ensure that not only you will get to live the life you want, but that everyone else will get to as well. It is 1984 out here people. Read the book. Social justice is a scam.

Jeremy Corbyn is a lunatic

I know what you’re thinking. “Jeremy Corbyn (of the Labour Party) is a great person, he truly cares about the poor!” Oh really? If he is elected into power, he will wreck the country and it’ll be in ruins. I ain’t even going to lie, he has some good ideas, but his bad ideas are disastrous. His good ideas are not worth coming into law when you consider his bad ideas.

  • Removing all immigration restrictions and allowing unlimited immigration
  • £10 minimum wage
  • Taxing the majority of the rich’s income
  • Removing the benefit cap, which will cause the public rental sector to have rents spiralling out of control
  • Seizing empty houses from the rich and housing it with homeless people
  • Nationalising the water, gas and electricity companies
  • Staying in the single market giving us the worst brexit deal

Staying in the single market requires us to accept unlimited immigrants from the EU, so he would give us the worst brexit deal, denying us our democratic mandate. Removing all immigration restrictions allowing unlimited immigration. You can’t have open borders and a welfare state. He will put a strain on jobs, schools, roads, hospitals, and cause rents to rise and wages to decrease.

A £10 minimum wage which will kill the service industry which cannot afford the hike. Taxing the majority of the rich’s income which will hurt everyone. It will hurt economic growth, in fact make the economy decline and it will devalue the country’s currency causing hyperinflation and a run on the pound. The government giving itself the power to seize private property from people, is a terrible idea as it will be abused and it violates our right to own private property. Nationalising the water, gas and electricity companies is a bad idea as it will replace multiple companies with only one company. Rather than the government create an energy/gas/water company to compete with the private sector, he would rather replace multiple companies with one company, as he wants a planned economy of which all aspects of the economy is planned by the state, which will result in higher prices, less innovation, less competition, and a planned economy is bad because there would be no Apple or Dyson in a planned economy.

The minimum wage full time is £15,600 a year. The Conservative Party made the benefit cap £20,000 outside London and £23,000 inside London. The purpose of the benefit cap was not only to ensure that people were no longer better off on benefits than they were working as there were workless households who got more than households who work, but also to control the public rental sector. Every year under Labour, landlords charged the maximum rent because they knew the government was paying the rent (under Housing Benefit) and not a person, and every year the rent would go up, and every year the Housing Benefit would go up. Corbyn removing the benefit cap will incentivise the workshy, make public rent spiral out of control, cause a run on the pound due to the government borrowing money to pay for all the benefits (as they can’t get that money from increased taxation or printing money out of thin air), and cause private rent (of which the tenant pays their rent) to increase so the tenant has no money left after being paid their wages, and cause landlords to threaten their tenants with eviction if they get a job, because the Section 21, law alows a landlord to evict a tenant for any reason and not even have to give a reason with no fault evictions. [one] [two]

A vote for Jeremy Corbyn is a vote to wreck the country and the economy. He does not understand economics (or pretends not to). He’s a lunatic and a wolf in sheep’s clothing. And remember that both Labour and Conservative want to creep in communism through the back door as they will always be ever-increasing the nanny state and state reliance.

More traits about blue pillers

Now for some more traits about blue pillers. I’m sure you have figured out by now, that blue pillers are indirect about what they want and that they always creep things in the back door. Before you could not say something racist or sexist on twitter, then it was that you couldn’t retweet something racist or sexist, now the PC culture has gone so far thanks to blue pillers that you cannot follow on Twitter someone who is or presumed to be racist or sexist, even if they are your child. Before transgender activism was about tolerance that they just wanted to be accepted, then it became about equality under law, and now if you don’t want kiss a transgender you are transphobic as with what happened to Omarion on Celebrity Big Brother which was controversial when he refused to kiss a transgender woman who asked him to kiss her. Before you couldn’t misgender a transgender person, then it was you can’t state their birth sex, and now it’s that you can’t use any gendered language. When you speak to a red piller, they are direct about what they want, and when you give a red piller what they want, they will be satisfied with that and not use their stated aims to push unforeseen end goals.

Blue pillers are disingenous. The reasons they give for why they want what they want, are not the real real reasons why they want those things, as you’ve seen with mass immigration (to get everyone dependant on the state), affirmative action (to discriminate against white men) rather than be and hate speech laws (to oppress selectively red pillers who believe in self improvement and self reliance with laws applied in an arbritary fashion). Blue pillers are always enforcing newspeak on people, they manipulate language to restrict the range of thought. Instead of saying pregnant women you must say pregnant people, instead of saying sociopath you must say antisocial personality disorder, instead of saying muslim you must say asian. Blue pillers manipulate words to restrict the range of thought. They hate freedom of speech, they are aganst that. If you self censor, you allowing the communist blue pillers to win. Speak out while you can. Your silence is their gain.

Liberal used to mean someone who believes in equal rights. (For women, gays and blacks, when they faced institutional oppression.) Now we have “rights equality” the meaning changed. The previous meaning of liberal is now called a “classical liberal” and the current meaning of liberal is an “authoritarian liberal”.

It is 2018 and people are still talking about inequality and privilege even though we have equal rights. The focus has moved from “rights inequality” to “agency inequality”. Even though men and women, whites and blacks, straights and gays have equal rights under law; some groups or demographics are more free to excercise certain actions than others by having less repercussions for those actions, or by having more decisions they can choose from.

However liberals (not a classical liberal) and conservatives, differ in opinion of how to achieve this equality that we long to seek for.

Conservatives believe in equality of opportunity and liberals believe in equality of outcome.

I have examples of the destructive effects of liberalism here, for those who don’t know how liberalism affects us in today’s society..

It shouldn’t need to be said, that blue pillers do not believe in freedom of speech. But do you know what they think is censorship? Special interest groups. If you want to have a weekly meeting with musicians, hippies, dark triads, men only, women only, or bloggers, blue pillers will say this is censorship. Even if the special interest group allows outsiders to participate in their special interest group which has a polarised ethos, they will not be happy with just that, they will have to subvert the group into the opposite ethos or no ethos at all, so the more blue pillers you allow in a special interest group, the more your special interest group will disintegrate, and the more you might as well be socialising with 30 random people of the general public you’ve just picked off the street. The more blue pillers you allow inside a special interest group, if undetected and allowed to assert their power or charm, the more your special interest group will wither away.

Imagine you have three containers. One with white rice, one with brown rice and wild rice (which is blue). Diverse, isn’t it? To a red piller, there is no need for all cultures of rice to be seperate, any rice grain is free to hop from container to container as they wish. Any rice is free to go where they want to go, and all three containers have their distinct culture, attitudes, and behaviour. To a blue piller, this unfair. A blue piller has to get all three types of rice into a big container and vigorously shake it, so that there is so much varied rice in one place, each section of the container loses its distinct personality. Much like when you get oil and water, shake it, and you end up with something homogenous.

What blue pillers fail to realise, is that if you want diversity of opinion, you must also have diversity of culture. Society will not progress if you have homogenised culture and homogenised arts (books, music, tv shows), instead it will stagnate and die as no new original (or better) ideas will be created.

It should be of no surprise that blue pillers believe in a superstate, which is the EU, the European Union. Blue pillers in Britain would switch the country’s currency from pound sterling to euro of they could, so that country wouldn’t have control over their money supply. The ability for the British government to increase inflation by printing more money and reduce inflation by increasing interest rates, would be rendered null.

Who in your life can you trust?

Imagine that you have a house, a lighter, and a matchstick. Anyone can burn down a house. It is easy. Even a five year old can do it. Yes it will take a short while to get over the fear of the flame and how to handle it, but it can be learnt in less than thirty minutes. However, what is not easy, is building a house. It takes a lot of intelligence, talent and skill to build a house. You need an architect, a bricklayer, electrician, plumber and more. So as you can see, anyone can burn a house, but not everyone can build a house.

You can apply this same philosophy or logic to life and society that you see around you. Anyone can destroy society and their peers, but not everyone can contribute to society and their peers. If you are stupid, you will envy the people who contribute to society and their peers (usually socially), because they don’t have the ability to or they haven’t been in a situation where they had motivate themselves to learn it. When looking it at this way, it is easy to see why intelligent, creative, popular and contributive people get so many haters. Red pillers build houses because they are intelligent, and blue pillers destroy houses as they don’t know how to get positive attention, so the only attention they can get is negative attention.

In society, there are two sectors really. The public sector and the private sector. How does the private sector make money? From intellectual property and private property. How does the public sector make money? From charitable donations and mandatory taxes. There is a distinction to make here, that one is voluntary and one is not, but it goes deeper than that.

If an employee in the public sector does not work to maximum efficency, they still get paid. They can work at 90%, 50% or 10% efficency, and still get paid. However if an employee in the private sector does not work to maximum efficency, they get less money, as they get paid from voluntarily and the public sector employee will get paid no matter what they do.

Councils across Britain are always complaining that they have no money to deliver public resources (like libraries and waste collection in Birmingham). However the amount of council tax (which is a poll tax so it’s a flat rate and not based on your income) you have to pay, keeps on increasing every year, and if you look at council tax amounts across the years, it is higher than it was ten years ago, even if you account for inflation. So where has all that money gone? I can tell you where that money has gone. The government is rubbish at spending money because the government has zero incentive to spend money well. If the government (or council) pisses their money down the drain, they still get it back (as taxes are mandatory) and will still stay in operation in the years to come. However if a private sector company or creative individual pisses their money down the drown, they starve and the company can end up shut down due to making losses. The government (or councils) have all the money, they are just rubbish at spending it. People who work in the public sector are breastfed, they are hooked up to a machine, a feeding tube, and the people who work in the private sector have to actually walk outside their house to visit the supermarket for food.

Not only that, someone’s labour had to be redistributed to a public sector employee for them to get paid. Private sector workers are making labour backed money and public sector workers are on monopoly money, they walk past “go” and they get £200.

A private sector worker gets paid for doing a transaction, someone wants something from someone and only pays when they are happy with the result given, a transaction happens; whereas a public sector instead gets paid for making a promise, but they don’t have to deliver on the promise to get paid, they only have to convince you or someone else that they’ve delivered even if they haven’t.

It should be of no wonder, why blue pillers are always working in public sector jobs, where they can piss their efficency and money down the drain and still get it back, as they are being breastfed. Actually, if you have a think right now, and I suggest you do, look back at all the people who really helped you in life. Changed how you see the world, improve your footing in life, was there for you when you were in a bad situation. Now look back at the people who really screwed up your life. Always being directly rude and passive aggressive towards you, making you suffer in life and lose what you once had, wanting you to fail in life and doing all sorts of unacceptable behaviour. Do you get it yet? All the people who helped you in your life work for the private sector, and all the toxic people in your life work for the public sector. This is a fact. Of course there will be exceptions or anamolies, but in general, it is true.

I have a friend who thought that she might have an anxiety disorder because she was surfing the internet and she noticed that some symptoms match what she experiences. She then proceeded to phone NHS 111 to tell them this, so she could have an idea about whether she has an anxiety disorder or not, because as the NHS is free, the waiting list to get a diagnosis, she would have to wait months before she gets her assessment. When she phoned them up the first woman she spoke to on the phone had no medical background so she got a doctor to phone her back later on in the day. Later that day the second person, a doctor, said it was complex and she couldn’t give a possible guess about whether she has an anxiety disorder or not, and said that she would get a psychiatrist to call her later on that day. Finally the third person, a psychiatrist, answered that she didn’t know. After all those calls had finished, I told her to phone Anxiety UK, a British charity for people with anxiety. When she phoned them, the phone call lasted ten minutes, and the woman on the phone, with no medical background, said that she probably has general anxiety disorder but cannot be sure because she’s not a doctor. The one person from Anxiety UK in the private sector without a medical qualification, was more helpful than three people people from the government, of which two had a medical qualification. Why? Because Anxiety UK is funded not from donations, but by membership fees that its members pay to be a member of the charity in exchange for what the charity provides.

People who work for the private sector are more intelligent, more hard working, and more trustworthy. This a fact. And they just so happen to have more interesting personalities too, because they know what a transaction is.

What is a cobber?

Cobbers don’t like complexity in life. As a thrill seeker, I like complexity in life. I believe that the more uncertainty you have in your life, the more better your life is!!! If you sit at home watching netflix smoking weed all day every day, nothing good will happen in your life, and the years will fly by and it all will be wasted. I believe that you need as much variables (or factors) in your life as possible, for you to have a good life. A predictable life is bad, a life with uncertainty is good.

Some people don’t like exams. I like exams as long as I’m not learning for the sake of learning, which is why I volunteered to do the maths challenge and a Mensa IQ test, even though the tests are very hard. Some people don’t like going outside and meeting strangers. I like going outside and meeting strangers in places I’ve never been before.

All cobbers want is a simple life. Do you think the simple life a cobber wants is to be married, with kids, a car, a mortgage, a well paid 9 to 5 job with savings in their bank account? That’s not the simple life a cobber wants. Cobbers want a cobber life. A cobber wants to live in a closed off box room with a television, microwave (no cooker), bed, sofa, and toilet in one room, with no windows and no doors. And they don’t want a smartphone, they want a pager, so they can only communicate with people that they’re allowed to communicate with. Cobbers want a cobber life. They want to live in a closed off box room, where everything they need is in one room and they’ll never have to go outside (or even speak to anyone outside).

But it’s not enough for cobbers to live like that, they have to force everyone else to live like that as well! That’s how cobbers work!

Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May are cobbers who want a cobber life, but it’s not enough for them to live a cobber life, everyone else has to live like that as well. That’s how cobbers work! It’s no wonder why cobber always try to get you ex-communicated by preventing you from contacting the outside world, try to stop you being successful by breaking your stuff or throwing it away, MK Ultra, passive aggression, using your diary to catish you, attempting to murder you, and always trying to manipulate you, them trying to discourage you from achieving your dreams and ambitions with fake advice masqueraded as genuine advice. Also they do reverse negging, where instead of playfully telling you a negative, they seriously fail to tell you a positive, so cobbers always refrain from giving you positive feedback or complimenting you.

Also cobbers are antisocial and maladaptive. Antisocial as in doing behaviours that makes it harder for society to function, and are maladaptive in behaviours that are bad for evolution that make it harder for them to pass down their genes, which in this article means not being able to regulate their emotion and they have heightened responses for the most trivial of things (which is why cobbers are always self harming). Cobbers being antisocial is why cobbers are always committing crime, being directly rude or passive aggressive, don’t go to school, have no education, are unemployed or can’t keep a job.

Cobbers are very easily offended and they get very upset for the most trivial of things for a long time. Also they will always claim to have depression or mental scars for something that happened over ten years ago, that has no reflection on how they live their life now. Whereas a normal and mentally sound person can be raped ten years ago or verbally bullied ten years ago as a child, and live life as an adult not affected by it because what sex or mean words they received ten years ago, has no affect on their ability to live their life, they will always say “you don’t know what it’s like, don’t judge me”, when you can judge, because seriously though, when you break it down, it doesn’t affect them now. It only affects them because they allow it to affect them. They act as if they know everything but they have never known they were wrong about anything. They have cognitive dissonance with that, and other areas of their life. They need cognitive behavioural therapy counselling.

You know what I say, Winners focus on winning and losers focus on winners. And let’s face it, cobbers are losers. That’s why cobbers will always be stalking you on a regular basis whether you know it or not, and snooping on you, going through your emails, laptop and phone to see your private messages and files. If they put as much time into winning than they did into stalking and hating, being a hater, they would be mentally sound, less antisocial, less maladapative, and more successful and popular.

Because cobbers are generally bad people and are mean to people, they need a way to compensate for their horrible and disgusting behaviour, so what they do is they show face, they put on a facade. When you meet them, they will put on their best sunday outfit for church and be giving you smiles and pleasantries such as compliments, messages of encouragement and gifts, when really it is all fake. All they know how to do is appeal to emotion, and charm because they cannot work on their personality in any other way. Cobbers cannot be honest about who they truly are, because if they were, they would not have friends or anyone associating with them, and because they are full of cognitive dissonance. They tend to be closet haters.

If cobbers have never worked on improving their personality (or social skills) in their entire life (other than being ficitous), what makes you think that they can be cool? Exactly! That’s what I thought. Cobbers are a follow fashion, they always follow what is hip and trendy in the current year or the scene, and when that fad dies, they move onto the next current fad. If someone does not have original opinions, let alone thoughts, they are not intelligent. Only intelligent people have original thoughts.

As cobbers are stupid, and closed minded because they never listen to any advice you give them for them to become better people, they are copycats. They will see what you do and copy it, practically everything they can from you, but as they are stupid and truly do not want to teach themselves critial thinking skills so they can actually apply the intelligence they were born with, they will copy your conventions, but not your concept, so when they do what you do, it will feel ill fitting, as it won’t feel natural, it’ll feel forced or synthetic. The more time you spend around these people, the more bad vibes you will get, and the more depressed you will get. Cobbers work in the public sector and thrill seekers work in the private sector.

Cobbers are cobbers. To a thrill seeker, the world is an exciting place like an adventure movie, but to a cobber the world is a scary place like a horror movie. They will always want to live in the closed off box room and they will always want to impose their cobber life on everyone else. That’s how cobbers work! Cobbers will always be cobbering, to their detriment, and they want it to be of your detriment too.

Watch the videos below.




That’s right! She has social anxiety, she always has a constant feeling of fear all the time, she chose to be homeschooled but regretted it afterwards, and guess where she works? In the library in the public sector, very predictable, peaceful and simple Where do I work? In the private sector having two jobs as a market researcher and personal assistant. Because Monica makes intellectual property and has original opinions, she’s a nice cobber, an exception, as she isn’t trying to bring everyone else down to live her cobber life too, she believes in self improvement and self reliance, and she’s trying her hardest not to be a cobber even if she has an anxiety disorder and depression disorder that she cannot control. If she never had original thoughts (also known as having intelligence), she wouldn’t be the exception and nice cobber she is.

I don’t use blue pill technology

What allowed Facebook and Twitter to monopolise public communication online, is that when they first launched, they claimed to support freedom of speech as well as claiming to be an ecosystem that others can plug their products, services and businesses into, so they can grow and get more influential and richer.

Once these companies gained dominance, they started censoring people (particularly based on their political views in order to influence an election), by shadowbanning in news feeds, search and recommendations, censoring content and banning users. They (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube) apply their rules in an arbritary fashion so their rules means whatever they want it to mean the time, and they are applied in a selective way, so certain races, genders, and political affiliations are allowed to say certain things that other groups are not allowed to say the same thing. Google and Youtube censor too. Youtube censors videos by banning them for political reasons, demonetises videos for political reasons, and shadowbans channels by hiding them in the recommendations in the side so the channels don’t grow (also for political reasons). What most people don’t know, is that Google Search is also censored. Google demotes websites from page one for poltical reasons, such as Infowars and Natural News, they personally remove answers they don’t like from the Instant Answers feature of their search engine, and they removed negative autocomplete suggestions for Hillary Clinton to influence the 2016 election, of which that behaviour is found to swing 60% of undecided voters. Blue pill social networks do a bait and switch. They claim to be open and politically neutral, then they turn an ecosystem into a walled garden and censor based on political beliefs discriminating.

Facebook heavily promoted people paying to advertise their Pages so they could get free traffic by posting stuff to their fans, and when they switched the News Feed from achronological to “top news”, so that posts from Pages only reach 15% or less of their fans, whilst charging those who spent thousands or millions on advertising and growing their pages, money to “boost” their posts to more people. What Facebook did is fraud, gaining money by deception, and they should have been sued for that. Twitter claimed to be an ecosystem which an open API, but once they got big they cut off the API which killed media services like Twitpic, Twitvid, Plixi and Yfrog, it killed external twitter clients like Ubertwitter/Ubersocial, MetroTwit, even though their retweet feature came from Ubertwitter/Ubersocial, their bird logo came from another app, and lists came from another app. Facebook and Google make themselves a walled garden by promoting videos in the news feed that are hosted on Facebook over alternatives like Youtube, and promoting Instant Articles or AMP results over external blog articles, as well as Google illegally favouring Google Shopping over its competitors, breaking anti-monopoly law. Facebook demotes content that links to external websites through their news feed algorithm.

Reddit is triple cancer. Reddit is commienet censornet cobbernet. When people aim to create an uncensored subreddit, Reddit employees change the rules to make that subreddit illegal, or outright ban it entirely such as r/uncensorednews which deletes all the content from the subreddit off the website. The website is full of communists who are not worth debating as they are disingeous (or intellectually dishonest). And when you pay Reddit for advertising (Facebook does this too), if the staff do not like your political views, they either give you fake clicks you are paying for clicks that don’t exist that don’t reach your analytics and will tell you that your visitors have javascript off (even though advertising networks don’t accept clicks from people with javascript off), or they will give you extortionately high CPC rates ($15 per click with Facebook), that there’s no point even advertising with them.

Windows 10 and Android is spyware. Did you know that Windows 10 tracks what you do and doesn’t allow you to turn the tracking off? When you think you have turned the traffic off, Windows 10 still tracks you in ways you do not consent of which the tracking is absolutely unnessacary. Did you know that Windows 10 tracks everything you type in on your keyboard, and sends it to Microsoft every 30 minutes? It even has tracking you cannot turn off. Kaspersky sued Microsoft for blocking third party antivirus software on Windows 10, to ensure that all files are scanned with Microsoft Windows Defender. Android has Google tracking your location even if you turn location off or turn off the Google location tracking off, and this also happens if you install Google apps to your iPhone. Also Google Chrome has an antivirus that scans every file on your computer and you can’t turn it off.

Windows 10, Chrome and Android is spyware, so people choose Apple as they do not want to use cuckware. With Apple you are not cucked by the cuckmaster. When Android launched, Google Play (that was called Android Market at the time), did not have virus scanning on apps, whereas Apple’s App Store had virus scanning on apps from day one. Apple’s iPhone security is 100 times better than Google’s Android security. Yes with Windows and Android you can customise it more, but that’s like the Garden of Eden in the Bible how the apple from the tree of knowledge teaches you what evil is. Windows and Android are satantic, and their technology promotes nanny state and state reliance. That’s why christians, the red pill religion that teaches self improvement and self reliance, are always using Apple for their laptops and phones, they believe in the illuminati, their favourite newspaper is The Guardian, have read 1984 and know that people are trying to creep in communism through the back door via nanny state and state reliance. That’s also why I have switched from Windows and Android (which are satanic) to Apple. When socialising with new people. When you have Apple, it’s a status symbol to show that you are unplugged from the matrix and are part of “the club”. Just look at the first advert Apple made, of which the company launched in 1984. Apple accurately predicted the future. With Apple you are protected. I now understand why a girl asked me what phone I have, to show her my phone, then told me to get an iPhone, and when I asked her why repeatedly, she just told me “because it’s better” with no further explanation. She wanted to know if I was unplugged from the matrix.

Apple 1984 Super Bowl Commercial Introducing Macintosh Computer (HD)

Tim Cook is a terrible CEO for Apple for banning Infowars. The whole point of Apple was to stop 1984, that’s why Apple controlled everything, to protect you from a totalitarian orwellian government, which is also why their stores are designed like churches and why they have a cult following and long queues when they launch a new product. Steve Jobs needs to make a comeback.

As Richard Branson said, if you’re rich and you let your money just sit there, it goes stale. That’s why Virgin (or Virgin Group) is so big with so many businesses. Every time Richard Branson gets richer, he creates a new business to circulate his money around, create jobs, and stimulate the economy with all the jobs his businesses create elsewhere for his business simply existing. Red pillers Elon Musk of Telsa and SpaceX and Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Washington Post and Blue Origin also do this, and all three believe in freedom of speech and have done actions within their company to defend it. The irony is that blue pillers like Jeremy Corbyn, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders claim to care about the poor, are both millionaires, but they have not created a single business or a single job. Instead they create fake charities which are a cover operation for tax avoidance, as they pay less taxes on the money they get for running a charity. Corbyn has never had a real job in his life, just getting paid to be a backbencher accomplishing nothing with his life, and Sanders never had a job until he was 40.

The below videos explains how blue pill technology is loaded with gamification and subliminal messaging.

Your phone is trying to control your life

I don’t listen to blue pill music

Compare the lyrics from the chorus

Beyonce – Girls

Who run the world? Girls! [4x]
Who run this mother? Girls! [4x]
Who run the world? Girls! [4x]

Deadmau5 – The Veldt

The world that the children made
The world that the children made, here
The world that the children made, here
The world that the children made

Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On

Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on
Once more you open the door
And you’re here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on

Lil Wayne – Comfortable

I’m not saying this to shake you up saying
I’m just saying this to wake you up saying
It’s all good when we’re making love
All I ask is don’t take our love for granted,
‘Cause granted my love for you is real
If you don’t love me, somebody else will
Baby girl don’t you ever get too comfortable (comfortable)

I don’t watch blue pill news

I was watching BBC News on TV because it was already on TV, not because I chose to watch it, and there were two murder stories in a row. I thought to myself “that’s not news, how is that news?” I then switched over to Sky News and it was showing more of what was news. I do not like watching or reading BBC News because it keeps you dosile. It does not show you what is really going on in the world. Do you know how people say that the government puts flouride in the water and that they emit frequencies from cellphone towers to lower our IQ and keep us dosile? BBC News (which is run by the government) is the same thing. BBC News will not tell you what is going on in the world. Stupid people watch BBC News and intelligent people watch Sky News. Did you know that…

  • Julian Assange is under solitary confinement with no internet access in the Eucadorian embassy?
  • The European Union wants to create the EU army
  • New Zealand legalised beastiality
  • Cambridge Analytica gets undercover prostitues to have sex with politicians, get that leaked to the press, to damage that politician’s reputation
  • France debated lowering the age of consent to 13
  • Russell Brand is related to one of the Rothschilds

I don’t watch or read the news. How do I know all that?

Stupid people’s favourite newspaper is the tabloid The Sun that does sensationalist journalism (funded by corporations). Intelligent people’s favourite newspaper is The Guardian, which does investigative journalism. It was The Guardian who was the first to report on the Snowden NSA leaks and the Panama Papers, and if served a superinjunction, they can publish news abroad as they operate in three countries. Did you know that The Guardian gets more money from the general public than they do from advertising. The Guardian is independant media. Liberals and conservatives always complain that The Guardian is too left or right wing, as they are against Trump, for mass immigration, yet also against Corbyn at times, when before the 2015 election, The Guardian published articles both for and against Jeremy Corbyn, even though they publish leaks about the government as well. I think that The Guardian is bipolar. If you want to know what is really going on in the world, read independant media like The Guardian, Infowars, Breitbart, Rebel Media and Got News, even though other news media have good articles there too. Government and corporate funded media likes censoring independant media as it harms their competition and allows their narrative to not be challenged.

I don’t consume blue pill stories

Books, TV shows, movies, I don’t consume blue pill stories. What is blue pill multimedia? I define it as the high octane genre that is the trend today, designed for the social media generation with short attention spans, to compete with twitter, instagram, vine, and snapchat.

  • Short theme music (if a tv show)
  • Short introduction
  • Amatueur dramatics
  • Shock value
  • Shallow characters
  • Farfetched storyline
  • Designed for children

The high octane style for entertaining stories, what happens in them is not realistic, it’s farfethced.Childrens stories always have this structure to the story: introduction, problem, build up, conflict, resolution, ending.

What is amateur dramatics? That’s anything that a writer uses to make a story interesting that is cheap an tacky of which the trick isn’t very imaginative. Things like a introducing a new character when it gets boring, epic orchestral music like Hans Zimmer, a love interest, a character with some sort of flaw (being poor, bullied, lonely or stupid) defeating the odds in the face of adversity, an injury accident (eg. car crash).

Also there’s shock value, always trying to push the boundaries, like murder, rape, arson, sexually provocative clothing, a gay or transgender kiss or sex scene, the diversity agenda to add gay characters and a female lead, or adding people with mental disorders like autism or bipolar. The thing with shock value, is that the general public gets desensitised to it as time goes on, so the writers always have to up the ante. Eight years ago, someone being shot in a cartoon or tv show with a gun was shocking and controversial, and when that happened to Phil on Eastenders or Mr Burns on The Simpsons, everyone was talking about it and couldn’t stop talking about. The Simpsons used to be controversial then stopped being that way, then Family Guy was, then South Park was.

Shallow characters are characters of which their behaviour is not consistently matching up with their personality, instead that the character does what the writer wants them to do while going against their personality in the process. I’ll give you examples.

There’s an episode of the simpsons where Homer drives out of Springfield to a different state in order to find his kids over a paranoid suspicion that had no basis, just to make sure they were safe. There’s another episode where Homer buys a gun with no safety, parades it around in the house, doesn’t store it somewhere safe but out in the open, and plays games with it that involves damage to property and could get someone seriously injured. There’s an episode of Bojack Horseman where Bojack is an apathetic melancholy defeatist person. There is another episode where is an empathetic upbeat motivated person.

Characters in TV shows (including cartoons) nowadays are not authentic characters. They are shallow characters. There is no depth to them. They chop and change back and forth on an arbritary whim when the writer (or multiple writers) want them to. If you watch the old cartoons of the 90s, you’ll see a different style to what they’re showing today.

Now compare that to my stories that are in the thought provoking style. The complete opposite.

  • Long theme music (if a tv show)
  • Long introduction
  • Sophisticated dramatics
  • Thought provoking
  • Complex characters
  • Realistic storyline
  • Designed for adults

If you hate JK Rowling’s fantasy novels in the high octane style, you’ll love my urban life novels in the thought provoking style. So it should be of no surprise that I have red pill and conservative political views, and she has blue pill and liberal political views. If you hate her writing you will love my writing.

IQ results are scrubbed

I am a programmer who makes websites and apps, a pianist, a songwriter, music producer, blogger, novelist, tabletop game maker and podcaster. When I was 11 I took an 11+ test so I could enter a grammar school. The scored so high that the school teachers refused to tell me my result. When I got my IQ tested by university staff for a psychological experiment, the researcher running the experiment refused to tell me my result. Both work for the public sector and are cobbers.

I got my IQ tested by mensa, but what most people don’t know, (which they would if they read the small print), is that the score they give you through the post, is not your real IQ. It is an “age adjusted IQ”. Mensa claims that as you age your IQ declines, so they adjust your IQ on the results they give you. Luckily I got my IQ tested independantly myself using the real IQ test before I took the mensa test, and I got the real result, and it was very high. I do not need to say what my real IQ is, as I don’t need to give you a single number to prove my intelligence, but what I can say is that when Mensa adjusts your IQ for age, they don’t boost your score, they reduce it. I know this because the age adjusted score for the test I took independantly gave me an age adjusted IQ that was much lower than what my “raw” IQ actually is. Yes that’s right! When you take an IQ test, your score is scrubbed, because the people who score the test don’t want you to know how intelligent you really are so you underachieve in life.


Christianity is a red pill religion. Have a look at the below extracts from the bible.

Self improvement

It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God.

Mark 10:25 (English Standard Version)

Self reliance

If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat.

2 Thessalonians 3:10 (English Standard Version)

Atheists love sprouting about how atheists are more moral than christians, using flawed psychological studies, when if you look at who is running all the food banks, most of them are run by christians.

Have you ever wondered why western and european politicians chose to import millions of muslims into the country, when there are plenty of poverty stricken christians in Eastern Europe and Asia? It’s because those politicans know that islam is oppressive, that they will not shed their oppressive end goals and actions in the west, and because they want to destroy the christian culture in the country. After all, christian countries tend to be secular, democratic with equality, and muslim countries tend to be run by a dictatorship, run by sharia law where there is human rights violations. They know that. That’s the whole point!

As long as muslims fit the nanny state (of sharia law) and state reliance (of sharia law), that’s all that matters. It doesn’t matter that the muslim immigrants they are importing have values which are not compatible with western culture, just as long as it fits their nanny state and state reliance ethos. Have you ever noticed that when you go to a fish and chip shop run by a white person, they hire staff of different races and religions and have brown sauce, but a fish and chip shop run by a muslim only hire muslims and they don’t sell brown sauce? That’s all you need to know! Brown sauce was invented in Britain, HP Sauce. What does British culture represent? The first and oldest democracy in the world, freedom of speech, trial by a jury, a free press. Also in Britain muslims have an unspoken rule to not be friends with non-muslims. If a muslim is seen being pally with a non-muslim, there is stigma and they are beaten with the belt by their parents among other consequences.

unhappy muslims meme

What makes a free society? There are various definitions of this. I can think of two. Freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of press (of which the press is allowed to criticise the government), and freedom of equality. Another definition is the four estates. The first estate is democracy, the second estate is trial by a jury, the third estate is the press, and the fourth estate is Wikileaks. Muslims want to get rid of the four estates or the four freedoms, and replace it with sharia law. I know what you’re thinking. “Not all muslims are like that. Most muslims are tolerant muslims.” Oh really? There is no muslim majority country where the rights of minorities are protected. How about asking a muslim these questions?

Do you believe in gay marriage?
Should a gay or transgender person have kids?
Should burning the quran be illegal or punishable by death?
Is the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack where people died, is that justified?
What would you do if your child married a christian?
What would you do if your child had a christmas tree in their house?
Should people living in a muslim country have the right to protest for democracy?
What would you do if people were protesting on the streets about verses in the quran which incite violence, to raise awareness? Should that be allowed?
Should sharia courts continue to operate in Britain?
Should someone who is against no-go zones in Britain where homosexuality and alcohol is forbidden, be physically attacked for their beliefs?
What should happen to the women in Iran who are protesting having to wear a hijab?
Considering that non-muslims allow muslims to block roads by praying in the street and violate dress codes in the workplace, should a muslim be allowed to buy someone who is not a muslim, a bacon sandwich?
Would you bake a cake to celebrate a transgender or gay marriage, if someone who was that way, asked you to as a cake baker?
Should women who are not muslims, wear the hijab or burka?
Is quoting [oppression in] the quran, islamophobic or blasphemy?
Is making jokes about islam, islamophobic?
Do you believe that people should have been murdered in France for the drawings of muhammed that appeared on the front cover of the Charlie Hebdo magazine?

Once you get an answer from a muslim to these questions, you can come back to me about islamophobia and tolerant muslims. It’s no wonder why there is an extremism problem in the UK.

Panorama: British Schools Islamic Rules

Not only that, Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May (who donates weapons to Saudi Arabia which are used to bomb secular country Yemen) both support islamic terrorism. To find out how, watch the videos below.

The Truth About Broken Britain

Jeremy Corbyn - Why does counterterrorism policy focus so heavily on Muslims?

David Cameron savages Jeremy Corbyn on Hamas 'friends'

Get into the red pill mindset for success

There is always something interesting going on in my life. I only write in my diary when something interesting has happened, and it’s been running for 15 years and a third of those days are in my diary. Red pillers live interesting lives as they are always making decisions that ensure their life stays interesting because they are proactive.

The thing with blue pillers, is that they live boring lives. If you try to be their friends, I’m sure you’ve regularly asked them what’s new in their lives. They will always tell you that nothing interesting happened that it’s the same old same old. That’s because they don’t make an active effort to make their lives interesting. They are not proactive.

Imagine that you have a pole that stands on the ground that goes upwards. A blue piller will be moving up that pole from the floor to the sky. They will get the nice job, nice house, marriage, car, get all those things, and not be happy and not know why. However they outwardly have lots of success. A red piller’s life goes a different direction. A red piller will be moving around in a circle like a roundabout, and still be in the same footing in life than they were 3, 5 or 10 years ago, of which the blue piller moved up the ladder rapidly in those years. But what happened in both of their lives? The red piller met lots of cool people, did lots of cool things, and had a more balanced and exciting life. The blue piller moves up a pole with a successful lifestyle and no impact on the world whilst enjoying the trappings of success moving up the ladder very quickly, and a red piller moves around in a circle with no successful lifestyle but makes an impact on the world with much less trappings of success. Now you tell me who is more happy? Whose life is more interesting? Who is more successful?

A red piller’s life they steer it down the direction they want it go, whereas a blue piller’s life is stewarded, their decisions are made for them or heavily influenced by other people.

As you can imagine, blue pillers envy red pillers, for a multitude of reasons. Blue pillers are asking intelligent red pillers why they are in a bad situation in life if they’re so intelligent. However the minute these red pillers get a bit of success and popularity, the same people who called them stupid and lazy start hating on them being envious. Red pillers are free thinkers with original thoughts and blue pillers are a sheep with only rehashed thoughts. Not all is lost on those blue pillers though. There are things they can do to start being red pill, you just have to get into the mindset.

Stop being lazy

Yes. Stop being lazy. I have come across lots of people who have a talent who wasted it. I knew someone who wrote a novel and then burnt it because she didn’t like it. I know two people with a talent for writing stories but they never worked on it they never practised so they never ended up writing a novel. I wrote my 120,000 word novel in six months (with a two month break inbetween), because when I was a child I used to write short stories every week nearly every day for years. I know people with a talent for music producing who never became as good as me, because they never wanted to make an album, and they wonder why my album is excellent. Even if you’re not a creative person, everyone is good at something, whether that is hard science, soft science, athletic ability or performing arts. You just need to find something you’re good at, work on it, and keep on working on it. If you ask a red piller who you think is talented, they can mention people in their field who they think are better than them, but that didn’t stop them from trying, so why should someone being better than you stop you from trying?

I know blue pillers who claim that they are hard working and want to be successful and start a business, but they do not take the steps it requires to be successful, because they are workshy. If they got a full time job which they don’t want to do, they would have the money to fund their business.

Blue pillers are lazy but can’t admit they’re lazy, so they believe their own lies. When you tell them the steps to improve themselves or their life, or you give them helpful advice on how they can be just like you, they always refuse to take those steps, then be envious or complain about how much better or privileged you are than them, when you gave them really good advice but they repeatedly refused to follow it. Blue pillers are lazy but can’t admit they’re lazy, so they believe their own lies. They are dissonantly lazy.

Never give up

As Donald Trump, You should never ever give up. For me to get the level of success and skill I have now, I had to spend years practising. For me to get the job I have now, I had to spend years looking for a good prosperous springboard job rather than stick with a measely wagecuck dead end job. For me to have the friends and social circle I have now, I had to spend years always meeting new people. Sometimes you can try and never get anywhere, but you know what I say, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Stop attention whoring on social media

If everyone stopped attention whoring on social media (particularly facebook and instagram), the world would be a much better place. We don’t need any photos of your car, trainers, selfies or any one like one prayer photos next to a disabled person or terrorist attack just so you can grow your own Facebook page. Red pillers (like me) don’t use Facebook and Instagram because everyone there is begging for likes, (and if they do have an instagram it is private for trusted and real friends only).

Although some do, red pillers tend not to have personal or business websites, and red pillers tend not to pay for followers or engage in follow trains or follow spam to grow their followers. Red pillers prefer to grow their influence online organically and not pay or spam for followers. I’ve been headhunted by Thomson Reuters to work for HP. I was headhunted to dj playing hours of my music (along with other people’s music) at a technology conference where Apple founder Steve Wozniak was the special guest. I am related with the Fortune 500. How did I get these connections and influential people headhunting me and watching my Twitter? Because I focused on word of mouth. A blue piller will tweet something to their 50,000 followers and get no replies, likes or retweets because they paid or spammed for followers.

Red pillers seek solo validation then move onto the next thing and blue pillers seek plural validation with their one track mind doing the same thing over and over against. When a red piller wants validation for something they did or made, they only seek it from one person. A blue piller will seek validation for something they did or made, off as many people as possible, not happy with the 10th, 100th of 1000th positive feedback they get for the same thing.

Stop waiting for someone to hand you the keys

To be a red piller, stop waiting for someone to hand you the keys to what you want, and use your own initiative and lateral thinking to find ways to get what you want. Yes anyone can be in poverty or trapped in the system, or be a victim of bullying or domestic abuse, and it doesn’t make you stupid or lazy. If you don’t have the money pay for something, try teaching yourself. If you don’t have the connections, create something amazing before you start pitching half-baked work. Don’t accept outside investment from venture capitalists or angel investors where you have to give away your intellectual property, ideas or not have the majority of the company’s shares (a saudi prince owns more Twitter shares than CEO Jack Dorsey). Don’t become beholden to your advertisers so that they can’t dictate what content you make or allow to be published or submitted on your platform. Don’t self-censor if you can help it. Don’t allow yourself to be cucked by the cuckmaster.

Once youre cucked, you’re cucked for life, it’s a lifetime contrct like the Yazkuza or the Mafia. I own my voice, my brand and my intellectual property.

People said I needed to know music theory to play piano so I could understand the notes. I don’t know music theory. I only know the C major, F minor and A major scale. Yes I had a piano teacher, but I learnt piano anyway with the piano books she gave me and I just aced through it as I can read music. People told me I can’t make a website with £30 a week EMA money and that I need to pay a company £4000 to get one made. I taught myself and did it anyway. My first website I made on Microsoft Word with animated text, wordart, clipart, autoshapes and background music, as I would go to File, Save As, then save it as an HTML file (the website was shit). People told me I needed to go to a music school to be a music producer. I did it anyway self taught with no training. I never used books, youtube, advice, manuals, all just trial and error. People told me I needed to read adult books to write an adult novel. I decided not to take inspiration from my competitors and only read children’s books, and I wrote an adult novel anyway. People told me I needed money to advertise a website. I advertised it word of mouth and I paid 7 people collectively £17 to visit my web pages, an advertiser headhunted me to pay me £25 to promote their forum to them, and I made £7 profit, I did it anyway. People told me I need a script, format, or interesting or knowledgable people to make a podcast, I just used what’s around me recording it in one take improvised with no script and did it anyway.

I create my own content, do my own advertising, and my own marketing. I own my voice, brand and intellectual property. I can run a business with no money, I can run a business with pocket money, EMA, dole money and minimum wage. My business Hostingz Accent isn’t dependent on corporations with their corporate interests, because they want to own all my intellectual property and ideas, which from then on they will either then replace me after five years then after that shut the business down and strip the assets for the parent company, or they will streamline it and put shareholders interests above the user or customer. Hostingz Accent is a grassroots business.

I am moneymaxminded.

The point is not whether you can do it anyway or not, the point is that I tried to do it anyway without someone else handing me the keys or giving me step by step instructions in front of me, and the blue pillers claim they want to be an intuitive thinker who can figure things out of their own accord with no instructions, and they never even tried! Not even once!

Create your own system, art and culture.

Stop waiting on someone with authority or experience to hand you the keys or tell you what to do. When you ask someone for help and they tell or write down what to do, you do not always need to call them over to have them show you step by step instructions of what what to do right in front of you. You have a brain too. Nine times out of ten, all the knowledge you need to do what you want to do is already in your brain, you’re just choosing, consciously or subconsciously, not to use it.

Another thing you should do is expand your social circle to go beyond the regular conversations that go stale, and mix with a balanced group of people who have a diverse range of opinions. If you don’t have any friends or don’t know anywhere to go, there are red pill social networks you can use online.

Stop wallowing in your own sadness

Blue pillers say, don’t judge someone for how they feel, every feeling is valid. Where does that lead them? To being snowflakes always getting offended at every trivial thing, being a defeatist giving up on life, self harming (especially by cutting themselves), and wanting safe spaces. Red pillers that just because you’re offended doesn’t mean the other person did something wrong, which is what I say. As a great masculine mind said, If you can’t change it and it will never change, stop bitching about it and deal with the problem realistically.

Blue pillers if you have faith you’ll get what you want in life, you just have to have faith. Where does that lead them? They follow the sheep route doing what society and authority tells them to do, they get all that, then they’re not happy. Red pillers say that you create your own reality, and not to merely believe in yourself, you have to actually go out there and make it happen. Do you know where that leads them? Success, happiness and meaning in life.

Learn about the world

Learn about the world we’re living in. Do your own independant research. Just because someone in authority says something, doesn’t make it true. Question authority. People in authority (or people who claim to be your friend) don’t always have your best interest. You know what I say, Don’t take things at face value. If books or the internet aren’t of any help, ask multiple trustworthy people for help who think differently from each other, so you have a varied range of opinions to process and contemplate about.

Also if you see, hear or read something and you become inspired, don’t shy away from admitting who and what inspired you, and saying who your role models are. If you are doing something becuase you were influenced by something or got inspiration from somewhere, why do you always have to say you made it up and that it was fully your idea? How are you meant to grow as a person and fix your flaws, if you can’t even admit what about you came from where?


So in conclusion, blue pillers are nanny state busybodies and killjoy cobbers who wnat a monopoly on fun. We are living in the system and the matrix. The system is economic, the matrix is social. You are either red pill or blue pill, you are either unnplugged or plugged in. Blue pillers are trying to creep in totalitarian communism through the back door. So reject blue pill things that designed to keep you dosile so you can be oppressed and repressed. Beware of cobbers, who want to live the closed off box room life and them try to impose their sucky lifestyle on everyone else (including you), so know how to identify them, protect yourself and don’t let them win.

Don’t expect the Youtube to help you find out information on the illuminati fluid society as they censor all the intelligent and well thought out videos and keep up all the lunatic and farfetched videos. Look at what happened to JFK, Kanye West, Britney Spears and Michael Jackson when they spoke out about the illuminati trying to bring in the New World Order one world government. They were either murdered, forcibly drugged or sectioned. If any of that happens to me in the future, you know why.

I don’t believe in God. Maybe there is a God, I don’t know. But what I do know is that before I woke up from the matrix, PayPal took £1 off me and Google reversed it, and after I woke up from the matrix, the next day the computer system for the bank I use was offline nationwide, then shortly after Giffgaff took money from my account they weren’t supposed to and asked me if I wanted the money back as credit or via PayPal which I know censors people (including red pillers) so I chose the top up credit, and Facebook emailed me asking me to update my trusted friends. Maybe there is a God, but if there is, that the devil trying to break me.

In the time of the Roman Empire, the Roman leaders commonly said “it’s all bread and circuses”. What this means is that if you give a population food and shelter as well as entertainment, they will be too happy going round on their little ferris wheel to even notice the bad things happening all around them. The British Empire followed this maxim by saying “If you keep people worrying about the small things, they’ll be too busy worrying about that, to worry about the big things.” Labour prime minister in the 70s Harold Wilson followed that maxim by saying “All British people want is a bit of peace and quiet, anything for a quiet life.” Britain needs to be rescued, as we are the second most nanny state in the EU.

A myth that blue pillers and liberals believe, is that if they censor someone or people for having particular opinions, that it will stop people from having those beliefs. This belief is an absolute myth, and actually, the bigger the aggression the blue pillers, cobbers and liberals give us with their oppression and repression, the bigger the backlash they get in return. We wouldn’t of had Trump and Brexit (and other right wing groups) if it wasn’t for how satanic, communist, oppressive and repressive liberalism is. People have had enough of PC politics. The same goes with sexual harassment. Before women were called ugly for rejecting a man, then hit, and now murdered. Now we have #metoo as a backlash to that, stronger anti-rape laws (and rules in universities), and now society is more stringent on what immoral sexual behaviour we are allowed to do to each other compared to years ago.

We are living in the system, we are living in the matrix, the system is economic, the matrix is social. The system and the matrix makes up the grid. It’s red pillers vs blue pillers, self improvement and self reliance vs nanny state and state reliance, socialists vs communists. Pick a side.

Lil Wayne - Get A Life (Official Music Video)

Juicy J "Denna Bitch" feat. Project Pat (WSHH Premiere - Official Music Video)

New World Order - EMBED

Propaganda - EMBED

Grate Britain - EMBED


theresa may says she wants to promote self improvement and self reliance

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