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People inspired by Tynamite design

Me Tynamite, I have my own way of designing websites, even though I don’t have a design background or artsy talent. Below are examples of websites which took inspiration from Tynamite design.

If you notice any other websites or apps using Tynamite design, let me know!

ask fm using tynamite design
mailchimp using tynamite design 1
mailchimp using tynamite design 2
lyf website using tynamite design
lyf app using tynamite design
channel 4 header
channel 4 screengrab 1
channel 4 screengrab 2
channel 4 screengrab 3
upwork header
people per hour
nestle header
olly murs / simon cowell / syco
apple header
donald trump header
theresa may header
doublehop header
doublehop home page
coca cola header
coca cola using tynamite design
roosh v header
roosh v using bumblebee outfit to endorse tynamite
nhs header
nhs home page
jimmy carr header
jimmy carr wearing tynamite stripe tie
this is capitalism
dwp header

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