Palitism Discrimination Makes The Literati Double-Checkpointed

First things first: most people don’t respect the literati, or anyone else within the creative arts

It’s taken a global pandemic and barely-precedented upheaval to notice that the most important contributions to society do not necessarily come from those who are the best rewarded. Despite the vast cultural industries built upon the work of creators, those who do the actual creative work somehow number among the most undervalued and least supported.

Many of us work independently, under our own steam, battling daily to further our own careers, or at least to keep them ticking along. The weight of responsibility and the sheer volume of spinning plates can relegate mental wellbeing to an afterthought, yet the negative impact on our work is undeniable. Fostering the headspace to be creative can be, all too readily, a flipping nightmare.

mental health for creative freelancers 2022
edited by woodrow phoenix

It sure doesn’t feel that way, after how I’m treated by various demographics as someone in the creative arts, or better put, the literati. It’s more like most people hate us. Would this also apply to the performing arts?

Interesting facts.

Writers are 2% of the population
Songwriters (including music producers) are 2% of the population
Programmers are 2% of the population

tynamite derived statistic from being in onboarding conference calls

According to some people, there are different types of writers.

  • Author
  • Author/illustrator
  • Editor
  • Teacher
  • Academic
  • Journalist
  • Playwright
  • Scriptwriter
  • Poet
  • Translator
  • Comedian
  • No longer writing (retired)
  • Other (such as copywriter, blogger, vlogger, games writer)

Being part of the literati, has the curse like living in a card carrying society

Imagine that you live in a country where it’s a legal requirement for you to walk around with ID, otherwise it’s a crime. Welcome to France! Now imagine a country where you are reaching a checkpoint everywhere you go, to have to show your ID to security guards. Welcome to Israel!

For a person who is part of the literati, for every achievement they ever achieve, they need to go through two checkpoints, while everyone else has to go through just one. The term “direct discrimination”, or “glass ceiling” doesn’t quite cut it here. You can see some creative person’s successes but you can’t see the uphill battles or setbacks they had to face on their journey to reach their current point of stature and footing.

I would say that we’re pretty much, double-checkpointed.

No we shouldn’t work for free

Creators Rights Alliance has lots of articles about how we shouldn’t work for free.

Customers who buy $10 art are more abusive than those who buy $100 art

Time to create a new -ism word, palitism

Yes, that’s right. A new -ism word!

The best way to understand palitism, is from my analogy

Anyone can paint a wall but if you can’t afford a professional painter to paint your wall, you’d rather paint it yourself than get someone from the street to do it, even though anyone can do it.

But with wallpaper pasting, it doesn’t matter how good or shitty the person doing it is, you just KNOW that it’ll always be done at an acceptable standard, as all you do is line something up and pat it down. There’s no way you can leave the house after doing it, while doing it bad. It’s either done good or not done at all, it can never be passable.

But with wallpaper pasting, it doesn’t matter how good or shitty the person doing it is, you just KNOW that it’ll always be done at an acceptable standard, as all you do is line something up and pat it down. There’s no way you can leave the house after doing it, while doing it bad. It’s either done good or not done at all, it can never be passable.

There are a lot of people who view others in the creative arts, whether writers, illustrators, music producers, etc, as not really doing any real work as it’s just wallpaper pasting.

When I look back it my life at the types of people who’ve always screwed me over in my life….

1/4 Workshy people

From my experience, people who are workshy want the closed off box room life.

  • Closed
  • Off
  • Box
  • Room

They want everything they could ever want in their life, in the one room. So the tv, playstation, sofa-bed telephone, bookshelf, it’s all in the one room so they never have to leave. And there’ll be no cooker, just a microwave. The only time they leave the house is to get the post.

But it’s not just enough for them to want that, have that and be happy with it. They also want to impose it on everyone else as well! That’s just how they work.

Even if I wasn’t a writer and I was a teacher, lawyer, holistic care worker, chef, lorry driver, they’d still give that person passive aggressive behaviour, as they see it that the other person likes working.

Workshy people tend to not understand the value of money

The list below should suffice.

  • Easy come, easy go
  • Water hosepipe, not a water well

About the easy come easy go mentality, they tend to be careless with their stuff, responsibility es and when dealing with other people, as they know that if something goes wrong, that they can easily get another one elsewhere. They just tend to always break the Fair Use Policy.

2/4 People who studied a soft science course at university

Imagine stuff like law, psychology, sociology, humanities, etc. I’ve just had a bad experience with them in my life.

They tend to have a “superiority complex”, outwardly portraying that they are confident with high self esteem when actually their self esteem is low.

They’re always passive aggressive and manipulative to me, as a writer.

If they have more degrees, more money, more accreditations, more column inches (in the media) and more citations (on Research Gate and Google Scholar) – they still will be passive aggressive towards people who are writers or in creative arts or performing arts, due to them thinking that they’re not cut out for the capitalist world as they think they lack marketable/personal skills.

Imagine some teenager gets paid a measly £200 to be acting out a play for a church or youth club that doesn’t have much money and sold less than 100 tickets.

The person who studied a soft science, most likely an academic researcher (eg. linguist, psychologist) who works for a university, as they feel that their job isn’t truly contributing to society, even though they have more degrees, money, accolades, accreditations, column inches and citations – they’ll be passive aggressive to the teenager who got a measly £200 for acting in a play, for a scanty, fringe and cash strapped church or youth club.

3/4 Muslims

First Things First: When you add money into the equation, people will start forming cartels

This is a fact, there are cartels which can be mentioned in my experience in another article.

Contradictions are abound, galore!

  1. Intolerant of different groups other than themselves
  2. Intolerant of minority groups. There is no muslim majority country that respects the rights of minorities
  3. They isolate themselves from the wider population. They refuse to interact with or be friendly with anyone who is not a muslim like them. In muslim culture, it is strictly forbidden for them to be friends with a non-muslim. If they are seen doing so, their parents will beat them with the belt. No muslim will ever publicly declare so, unless they work in the media industry for the sake of virtue signalling. Muslims do not assimilate, they are isolonary and exclusionary.
  4. They segregate themselves from society. They do not assimilate. Not just on a intra-personal interaction level, they do not agree with or respect our country’s laws, values and customs.
  5. They are erosive and debasing. They will move from an oppressive dictatorship islamic country to a freedom centric democratic christian country, and they will then use the freedoms that their democractic rights give them, to then utilise those freedoms to gain power and then take away those freedoms so they are therefore revoked. Look at the Iran Revolution in the 1970s and the Muslim Brotherhood in 2012 when an islamic party was democratically voted into government in Egypt. Then look at what happened afterwards. The same happened in Turkey in the following decade.
  6. Also that they are totalitarian. Everything for the state, nothing against the state, nothing outside the state.
  7. They don’t pay tax. Actually zero tax.
  8. They don’t just do tax avoidance but also illegal tax evasion. They are always paying people cash in hand, making money and not declaring it, and depositing their money into their friends family or partner’s bank account to make purchases while hiding the source of the funds. It’s part of their culture to pay zero tax and they also view state burdens as a hidden tax so they don’t pay that either. They refuse to pay for waste disposal, employment insurance, health and safety regulations, as they view that state burden as a hidden tax.

Even more contradictions sprang up with that Israel Gaza Palestine war

Cognitive Dissonance 1

Three UK Jewish schools close 'in interests of the safety of our precious children'

Rachel Riley, a jew, famous tv presenter, mentioned in the BBC News article, works with CCDH to get the Big Tech, Alt Tech, mainstream and alternative media censored. How does she reconcile the fact that CCDH with its Stop Funding Fake News campaign (that Elon Musk is threatening to sue), successfully got Infowars and Breitbart censored and demonetised, leaving Breitbart with only five or less advertisers, which she called islamophobic for criticising islam, with the later article about her complaining about antisemitism in the streets? Also the person who runs CCDH is a muslim. The cognitive dissonance is real! My opinion is that CCDH is probably an astroturfing attempt by some “old media” company in an attempt to eliminate “new media”.

The more internet censorship there is, the more money “old media” like Disney and NewsCorp makes.

Cognitive Dissonance 2

Which is the bigger “dog whistle”?

  1. The article Suella Braveman wrote in The Times, saying that the london police (the met or metropolitan), that they have double standards, for allegedly being islamophobic for tarnishing all muslims with the same brush?
  2. Muslims choosing Armistice Day to protest, of all the possible days to protest, when Rishi Sunak and other MP’s say there’s a risk of war monument The Cenotaph being vandalised and destroyed. Considering that The Cenotaph is symbolism of Britain defeating Nazi Germany and how Hitler committed genocide against the jews, it can be interpreted as a VIELED threat against jews, especially as jewish faith schools are closing down and jewish children are refusing to wear jewish clothes (eg. the kibbah) for fear of being assaulted.
  3. What happens when a minority demographic discriminates or assaults another minority demographic?
  4. Can a minority commit a hate crime against a minority, or can only majority demographics do that?

What happens when pro palestine protesters, who are muslim, start making death threats and assaults against jews, along with hate speech?
What if they’re speaking in a foreign language and a police translator has to translate one of those videos uploaded on youtube by those “citizen journalists” where someone in the comments has highlighted a certain minute out of a 6 hour video?

Three UK Jewish schools close 'in interests of the safety of our precious children'
Far-right activists dominate pro-Palestinian march in London | Israel-Hamas war

Sky News is publishing fake news to fit their liberal and cultural marxist bias.
The violence at the protests isn’t coming from the far-right, the right-wing or the EDL, it’s coming from the muslim pro-palestine protesters

Cognitive Dissonance 3

It was obvious that the liberals would be calling Suella Braveman’s article in The Times, racist and islamophobic.

Pro palestine protesters a few weeks later, started to climb ON TOP of The Cenotaph
Zero arrests were made as the Metropolitian Police is trying to weasle out of it on a technicality, by claiming that they never vandalised it, only standing on it.
However people have been arrested years ago for standing on other national monuments like Stonehenge
The police refused to use the Public Order Act to execute an arrest.

I bet there’s going to be videos of people climbing on top of it.
Then compare that to the protests of other types of protest that affect the taxman’s revenue, is right-wing, or criticises police brutality and corruption (Take Back The Night about corrupt police using police powers to arrest women to rape then murder them)

Cognitive Dissonance 4
Why is it racist for a white person to fly an England flag or a Saint George flag, to show their appreciation for british and anglo-saxon culture, whereas it’s perfectly acceptable for muslim to fly a palestine flag?

Or maybe even an israel flag if they aren’t getting death threats from muslims

Cognitive Dissonance 5
An application has been made to the Electoral Commission to register a new political party, called Islam Party

When Britain First tried to be registered with the Electoral Commission, it took them 5 years, as they were being obstructed, so they had to engage in 2 lawsuits after the first one failed based on a minute technicality. This cost them £200,000 in total for both lawsuits combined.

We’ll see if the Islam Party is ever obstructed from registering by the liberals who run the Electoral Commission

Dog Whistles are not real and don’t exist any more

Could you imagine if Labour leader Kier Starmer went to both the protests of the fragmented progressives, that’s split into factions and pressure groups

  1. People who believe in open borders and working class people with (worthless) degrees who remain in long term unemployment for years
  2. Muslims who are used for “cheap and easy” votes for lazy politicians as mass immigration helps to get a new “voter block”, along with LGBT people who the muslims are homophobic against, often doing assault and discrimination
  3. LGBT and TRA’s, who believe that transgender women should believe in same sex spaces for women, along with TERF’s (as feminists have broken up into another faction) who believe that they transgender women should be banned from female same sex spaces

How can Labour who wants to gain the progressive vote, reconcile the two, as there are newly formed factions, compared to the Labour 1997 election win and the 00’s

Could you imagine what would happen if Kier Starmer tried to appease and placate them, for voter base pandering, in an election period, if he ever tried that in 2023, going to their rallies and protests or whatever

Someone would just record it on their smartphone and put it on youtube. This is obviously why Kier Starmer is choosing to be silent on controversial sociopolitical issues. He is trying to be The Big Tent for progressives, when it doesn’t apply in 2023 as it did in 2003. And then someone on tiktok who knows some secret about some hypothetical dog whistle, they would just blab it online to GO VIRAL as they want to be an influencer.

Cultural Marxism needs to be looked at

They take advantage of political correctness and more specifically, cultural marxism, to exploit that, taking kindness as a weakness, to go against the spirit of it by claiming that it’s racist to acknowledge any apparent differences between christians and muslims, all while feigning equality, diversity and inclusion whilst doing the exact opposite of what they claim to do. They can apply the criticism towards other groups but they cannot tolerate any criticism towards themselves. What they are doing is a trojan horse operation, infiltration or subterfuge. They’ll always be moving the goalposts as they conceal their end goal. The slippery slope is real! That either you’re a saint or a nazi and if you don’t do what they say you’re a nazi, but if you point out anything bad that they do, because you can’t prove they’re a forthright brazen nazi that therefore they’re a saint.

They as the “victim class” is allowed to hold the monopoly on virtue by doing a “false dichotomy” of “you’re either with us or against us” in the sense of “you’re either a terrorist or an upstanding law abiding member of society” and there is no gray areas to condemn or criticise. But when you as the “oppressor class” is allegedly doing white supremacy, white nationalism, microaggressions or unconscious bias, then magically their “false dichotomy” that applied to them, magically cannot apply to you. The victim class is given more agency than the oppressor class, when it comes to committing a crime, freedom of speech, community centres and social societies.

They would like everyone to believe that morality only has two shades, black and white, and that there’s no room for shades of grey. So therefore any grey aspects of morality which are bad should then be ignored. Muslims are moral hypocrites. They will hold everyone else against certain morals, but they will not hold themselves towards those same morals that they subject everyone else to.

  1. Councillors and politicians turning a blind eye to crimes being committed by a demographic, because they feel that if they tackle it, then they’ll lose their core voter base. All because they rely on mass immigration for cheap and easy votes in elections.
  2. People subjecting others towards their own rules that they claim they believe and uphold, all while they do not apply those same rules to themselves
  3. If you point out that these people are preachy screechy hypocrites, you’ll be accused of tarnishing everyone with the same brush. All while they can claim to be santimonious because they are not committing the most egregious and abhorrant actions, either individiually or as a collective majority. While their point might be true and often it is, when you are accused of something wrong, you’re not given the benefit of the “mostly peaceful protesters” label. They can report you for a hate crime or to human resources, for the most anodyne and benign behaviours, like one of those seemingly innocous microaggressions, that if you reported them for it, you’d be accused of being a hypercritical hypersenstiive paranoid exaggerating snowflake.
  4. They are allowed to congregate amongst themselves regarding their demographic descriptor, whether that be intrinsic identity, interests, knowledge, personality induced subculture, moral codes, disability or circumstantial life issues. But if you try to create a student society at university or a school lunchtime club for your particular demographic, then that’s apparently bigoted and hateful and not allowed.
  5. Combine all that with censorship and the hate speech laws and the regulations and human resources laws being applied in a partisan manner, to benefit managorial ideologues, of which the dogma which underpins their ideology, it is considered forbidden to be challenged as it is sancrosanct. Also combine the censorship with newspeak, they distort the meaning of words, to suit their own agenda. They use euthamisms and commit concept creep.
    Because you are part of the oppressor class and them as the victim class, they are given more agency than you, to commit the same (good or bad) actions. It’s like weaponised sanctimonious victimhood.

When it comes to Labour, the cultural marxism is more infested within their party

  1. Allegations of racism, political correctness
  2. Cultural marxism (we need to INVERT the oppression pyramid hierarchy, to create an UPSIDE-DOWN pyramid, so there’s an equal amount of all demographics within “leadership positions. This is where liberalism differs from cultural marxism, to start diverging. Under this cultural marxism, the victim class also becomes the protected class.)
  3. Using mass immigration for cheap and easy votes out of sheer laziness to keep that cushy job and high paid salary funded by taxpayers, coming in. Gotta get that mortgage money! If I use mass immigration, then I can be LAZY and I don’t have to try. $$$$$ ££££££
  4. Muslims commit “block voting”, so they will vote for a politician ENTIRELY based on their religion first and foremost, with their pledges irrelevant

It’s all very well telling us not to generalise but what happens when there’s cartels?

The CARTELS that muslims run, need to be looked at. The trojan horse schools, extremists preaching at mosques and charities being a front for funding terrorism, is more obvious as that’s all over the news.

For context, there’s loads of allegations that Oxford University and Cambridge University, are elitist and classist. You need to be a straight A student to get into Oxford or Cambridge. If you get all A’s except for one B, you ain’t getting in. No exceptions. They’ve even got the university in the name of the vaccines. Oxford-AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccines, funded and invented by Oxford University and AstraZeneca.

The Trojan Horse School plot

In Birmingham there was a school that was registered as a non-faith school, that was teaching islamic extremism. Muslims gained control of a school by becoming the school headmaster and governor, then used it to teach muslim extremism. The irony is that it was declared to the government as a secular or non-faith school, NOT a christian, muslim, faith or multi-faith school. This makes it a trojan horse operation like in chess. Labour Party, which controls the Birmingham council, they refused to investigate it for years due to

Taxpayer funded muslim charities, being a front to fund terrorism

You would NEVER see an article like this on liberal The Guardian
Muslims are creating charities, getting funding for those charities from the government, then using them as a FRONT for funding terrorism.

If you browse here, you can see what religion is always being investigated by the Charity Commission, for whatever reason.

Notice how the BBC aired the documentary on BBC News instead of BBC One, as they don’t want people to notice it. And they aired it at 2am instead of the typical 7pm. And they only aired it once and it was NEVER repeated, like all the other episodes were repeated. They’d never air something like that nowadays. Do you want to know what the remarkable thing is? They are not first or second generation immigrants. They are THIRD generation immigrants so you can’t blame their parents or their birthplace.

Muslim Council of Britain working with the Ministry of Defence

The person behind is known for endorsing proscribed terrorist groups

The Muslim Vote UNMASKED | 'Campaign backer' exposed to be ex-UK leader of banned terrorist group

Muslims are infiltrating left-wing activism and pressure groups, to be subverted with cartels

The muslim extremists and terrorists, have INFILTRATED the left-wing liberal activism movement. There was a muslim extremist who was later discovered to be a terrorist, attending a United Against Facism protest (UAF is CLOSELY associated with Socialist Worker magazine and its affiliated Socialist Party GB)……… and this muslim extremist later terrorist, was saying “death to all infidels” on camera, recorded on VIDEO and guess who ELSE was there at the protest?

Medi Hasan. He runs the CCDH, Center For Countering Digital Hate, pressure group, which wants to get the internet censored and shut down alternative media and right-wing media. Medi Hasan works as the “spin doctor” for the terrorist, spinning whatever unsavoury facts as positive in the media, to prop up that terrorist, so he receives positive coverage in the media, as fluff pieces. That’s where we’re at now.

You’ve got muslim terrorists INFILTRATING left-wing organisations like Unite Against Fascism, Socialist Worker magazine and Socialist Workers Party, while you’ve got other muslims in there as a “spin doctor”, to prevent everyone else inside from discovering he’s a terrorist, while also publishing “puff pieces” in the media, to make the terrorist look good

The enemy of my enemy is my friend!

Hate Crime allegations made against politicians of major and fringe parties

  • Jayda Fransen, the former deputy leader of Britain First, being sued by the Halal Food Authority for hate speech to then having to pay damages of £50,000 for losing the court case, to then have ton have her home seized to pay the court fine, making her homeless and her mortgage worthless
  • Britain First leader Paul Golding being subject to a series of obstructions by Wakefield Police due to a false hate speech allegation by a muslim who is connected to the Labour Party. Despite CCTV evidence proving his innocence and the false allegation, the false accuser was never charged, never mind arrested.
  • A Tory councillor being arrested for hate speech allegations by a Labour MP, Anthony Stevens, a christian father with a christian family, for posting a video on twitter where he criticised the double standard of how police treated christians protesting about abortion in favour of muslims protesting


This afternoon, we scored a huge victory over the jobsworth bullies of Wakefield Police.

If you remember, last summer, during the parliamentary by-election campaign in Wakefield, the police ambushed our Battle Bus, arrested me and our driver Simon. They impounded the Battle Bus and confiscated my mobile phone, as well as banning me from the town of Wakefield. All of this because of an obviously fake, malicious false allegation made by a Muslim student connected to the Labour Party.

Funnily enough, the police bullies deliberately chose Bradford Magistrates Court, knowing that this would be dangerous for me.
I took a team with me to Bradford Magistrates Court where I battled Wakefield Police to try and save my driving licence. After a hearing lasting around an hour, the judge decided against Wakefield Police and allowed me to keep my licence!

Remember, this is the same Wakefield Police that allowed a 14- year-old heavily autistic English child to be thrown to the Islamist wolves over the last few days because he accidentally dropped a Quran.

Wakefield Police have been thoroughly defeated.

It’s taken nine months, but we have now overthrown all of the persecuted directed at us by super-woke Wakefield Police. The Establishment must be pulling their hair out that we keep defeating them every time. They have to realise, we will not be pushed around, bullied or persecuted. We will fight back with typical British resolve and win, every time.

Scottish Hate Crime laws, the trojan horse legislation

So Scotland elected a muslim MP and the first thing he does is create the Scottish Hate Crime law, which operates in CONJUNCTION to the one we already have in the rest of the UK like in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

It was his idea for the law. He invented it.

This law is controversial.
I’m not really a law person as I’m more sociology but the law will

replace the existing UK hate speech law that says,

The subject of the speech shall be expected to be reasonably offended for a crime to occur

with something like

The subject of the speech shall be expected to be POTENTIALLY offended for a crime to occur

I’m not sure of the exact wording of the law but it’s something like that.

The article in conservative newspaper The Times, says it will criminalise private conversations amongst family members in their own homes, even if the subject is outside the house and eternally unable to hear the speech.

For example….

Imagine if 5 white people in a house use the N word, while there are ZERO black people around and NOBODY is offended. And NOBODY will ever hear those words again as it’ll NEVER be posted on the internet or transmitted around.

In the UK, this is currently legal. In Scotland, they want to make it a crime. This is what The Times article means, when it means criminalising private family dinner table conversations.

That muslim MP in scotland wants to change

reasonably offended


potentially offended

So people can be arrested for hate speech that they never heard, never will hear and never experienced.

The liberals WANT that law in to stop all the sexism/racism/homophobia/ageism/ablelism/etc.
The liberal newspapers at The Guardian, The Mirror, Metro, The Independent, WANT the law in. Conservatives are saying that politicians and pressure groups will use it to create hyper-partisan politically motivated lawsuits, by weaponising the law to commit lawfare. Conservatives are also saying that it’ll be used by politicians to create a de facto dictatorship, by eliminating their opposition by proxy, by making them bankrupt. Conservatives are also saying that it’ll be used to make all criticism of islam illegal, whilst they use islamophobia as a deflective shield, by making it a de facto crime to mention the topic of islamic extremism.

Muslims will use the liberal ideology to their advantage, if it means they can make the country more authoritarian and totalitarian.

At first glance, to some people LOL, islam and liberalism can seem similar, if they believe in affirmative action, stronger hate speech laws and abolishing grammar schools. It took me a long time to be able to think of my snazzy graph on the pie chart, to break down the core tenets a bit further. If liberalism has the pink, green and orange sections. Then islam has the green and orange sections. Then conservatism has the pink section.

I just LOVE that diagram.

Oldham Independent Review 2001

Here’s an interesting read from 2001. It talks about fundamentalism, the NHS, mosques, positive discrimination, council funding for community projects, city emblems, St George flags, marriage, demographics, no-go areas, election fraud, clan led voting and bloc voting. Are they having a Damascus Moment now?

Runnymede Trust’s ex-leader has recanted his former beliefs

Head of ehrc
head of runnymead trust
Labour party mp
left the ehrc, labour and runnymead
recanted his former beliefs
writes articles for the times
Affirmative ActionHe used the EHRC to implement affirmative action, widespread in the country.His daughter gets denied entrance to Oxford Because she went to private school
IslamophobiaClaimed that “parallel lives” for muslims and whites, was due to muslims experiencing racism committed by white people. He invented the word islamophobia in a manifesto.Writes an article for The Times, recanting his former belief, by regrettably claiming that it’s muslims who don’t want to intregate into wider society
Hate speech lawsCampaigned for more hate speech and hate crime lawsClaims that discrimination laws have gone too far
Driving a wedgeClaimed that christians who were islamophobic, would pretend to be gay or inquire about services for gays, around muslim staff, to gain the grounds to make religiously motivated lawsuitsHaving a Damascus Moment and realising he was the “useful idiot” as it was his own political party and regulator, which used cultural marxism to erase the christian identity of the country, and using de-colonialising the curriculum and arts, to stifle racial tensions, for collectively blaming white people, making white boys newly perform worse at schools than blacks
Corporate dress codesIntervened as a regulator, when a company banned an employee from wearing an LGBT flag on their clothingRegrets being nonchalant and doing nothing about when an airline banned a woman from wearing a christian cross necklace, with impunity
[similar source]
No-go areasClaimed that no-go areas did not exist when challenged and that those who claim they do, are a racistNewly acknowledges Tower Hamlets as a no-go area for white christians, especially LGBT people
In-group and out-group competitionClassifies racism as only an issue between the majority demographic (whites) and the minority demographic (coloureds)Newly classifies racism as an in-group thing amongst minorities, where a minority group can hate the race of another minority group, by claiming the in-group racism is larger than the out-group racism, majority and minority wise
Diversity, equity and inclusion amongst minority demographics when elected as councillors and politiciansGood, inclusive and funky
Source: The Guardian
Source: BBC News
Liberals are shocked when a minority de jure discriminates against a minority muslims use laws, by-laws and policies to discriminate against LGBT people
The Casey Review, a report about social cohesion made by a liberalWould of probably agreed with Casey’s opinion of all immigrants having to verbally pledge allegiance to british values, whatever that is Newly accuses The Casey Review of having a blindsided liberal bias that glosses over some unsaid important points
Muslim schools being a hotbet for extremism, infiltration and subversionTrevor Phillips personally called Ruth Kelly, the Communities Secretary back in 2006, a racist, for her claiming that muslim schools must be banned, as Trevor said that christian schools are just as tolerant as muslim onesTrevor newly says that says schools may have to consider a 50 per cent limit on Muslim or other minority pupils to encourage social integration
Social cohesion and intregationBlamed it on white people being racist and islamophobicTrevor newly calls muslims isolonary who choose to not be pally and mingle with other races and religions
[two] [three]

Exposure therapy making muslims descendant from immigrants, more liberal
Muslims shall become more liberal, peaceful and tolerant over time, as people become 3rd and 4th generation immigrantsMuslims whose first generation immigrant predecessors came in hundreds of years ago, aghastly aren’t becoming more (classically) liberal over time
Council funds being used for community projects that are racially and religiously drivenGood and nothing but goodHe now calls it a racket that is solely self-serving
Silence for votes, bloc voting and clan led votingHe criticised Labour’s complicitness in this
Progressive politcal parites becoming increasingly more identitarian[link here]
Democratic values like freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of assembly and freedom to vote

Trevor Philips is the ROOT cause of affirmative action in the UK and a lo of the liberalism and political correctness we see today and he’s gone further and further right-wing.
Back in the 1990s, the prime minister of Labour Party, Tony Blair, paid him (or commissioned him) to produce a report on loads of racial issues. Tony Blair was born middle class and went to private school (£12k a year) Trevor was born into poverty and his had was a 1st generation immigrant. Tony Blair trusted his opinions and policies as he was working class so it would be outside his middle class bubble world.

The irony is that he got fired for what was said was racism allegations of islamophobia, when really it’s because the enemy of my enemy is my friend, so as Trevor had shifted further right-wing to become more conservative, he is no longer following the “party line” like Jeremy Corbyn is for liberalism.

My personal experiences with muslims

  1. Attempted murder on my life
  2. Doctors stealing my passwords when I was sectioned (detained) in a mental hospital under the Mental Health Act
  3. Private investigators following me around
  4. Being photographed in the street without my consent
  5. Being bullied at 2 different schools, by an entire school, for 6 years in total
  6. A school teacher who was a muslim, refused to verify my identity, for me to get Student Finance or a Citizen Card (an ID card for under 18s)
  7. A person who is two-faced who does the triple strategy of making false allegations about me (including being mentally ill), trying to make me the fall guy by tricking others into believing that I’m lapsing on my daily responsibilities, framing me for their actions and attempting to gossip sensitive information around to cause drama on me. Again, this person won’t be named.
  8. Discrimination from mental health services whilst I was on a Community Treatment Order, where they threatened to bring police to my door if I stopped taking my antipsychotic medication, while they deliberately over-medicated me for eight years.
  9. Lifelong anhedonia due to being overmedicated on antipsychotics due to discrimination from Day One (the doctors and psychiatrists were muslim)
  10. Being financially blacklisted from jobs once at age 18 and again at age 26, by the psychiatrists, all muslim, who formed a cartel against me when I was sectioned (detained) under the Mental Health Act for four weeks at age 18. It took me until age 26 to realise that it had certainly happened and I can name three employment agencies the cartel banned me from at age 26 (or maybe even before that). If it’s part of their culture to commit tax evasion, then why would they respect a writer or literati from creative arts who will add additional fish to the pond, rather than a public sector employee who just swishes the existing fish around?

4/4 Communists (but that was obvious, right?)

Irish people who support Palestine are probably closet commies

There is both an irish flag and a communist flag in the same video. What a coincidence!!!!!!!

'It's the most disgraceful' | Nigel fumes over Cenotaph and statues defaced in Palestine protests
Three UK Jewish schools close 'in interests of the safety of our precious children'

It’s IRONIC that there’s an irish flag and a communist party flag at the protest. Communists don’t believe in copyright and under a tax haven, debasing copyright by adding get-out clauses, exemptions and carve-outs, is seen by the upper class, as a tax cut.

  • Debase copyright = tax cut
  • Debase copyright = Spotify economics and amazon killing the book shops

If you want to make money from intellectual property, don’t setup your company in a tax haven, as you’ll lack the full copyright protections. America has WEAKER copyright protections than Britain, due to America’s economic ideology of having RELATIVELY more free market capitalism. Especially as Google profits from intellectual property theft.

There’s only so many times you can reduce taxes, until you can’t reduce them any more.
There’s only so many times you can de-regulate the markets, until you can’t de-regulate them any more.
There’s only so many times you can centralise industries through mergers, until you can’t centralise them any more, to make any bigger monopolies.

So what is the next step?????

Debase copyright
Debase copyright = tax cut for the upper class, the rich, the technocrats and the Fortune 500


If you want to make money from intellectual property, don’t setup your company in a tax haven, as you’ll lack the full copyright protections.

Irish people will wear a Palestine flag and attend the Palestine protest, as it’s in their best interest to debate copyright in Britain, so they can better advantage their own country. Britain has greater copyright protections than America, which is a good comparison to see what happens when Scotland cannot undercut England’s taxes whereas California can undercut Florida’s taxes, which is why all those Silicon Valley companies are based in California.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

If 2 different organisations can work together to defeat a SHARED enemy, it doesn’t matter if individually they have unreconcilable differences or will eventually be at loggerheads with each other. All that matters is that they can defeat a shared enemy.

Britain has stronger copyright laws than America so Ireland as a tax haven, along with Communist Party UK, to benefit their own interests ,they will DEBASE copyright in the UK. The enemy of my enemy is my friend!

It’s so ironic that those 2 flags were at the protest.

Applying for songwriting jobs: Clients underestimating how hard it is for a writer to copy someone else’s style – without it sounding kitsch or cliché

I’ve experienced that sort of stigma in writing. I’m a professional writer who writes in the contemporary fiction genre, not to be confused with young adult.

I’ve had people tell me that just because I can write a short story of 3-5 sides of A4 in one hour, that I should also be able to do the same for screenwriting (like for some tv show or theatre play), right after I INSIST that I can’t because that’s more complex as there multiple techniques, layers and hooks to consider all at once without them ever faltering, as a written moves 5x faster on screen, especially if there’s no rewind or replay.

Applying for tech jobs : Programming challenges for employers, run by people who can’t code

A similar thing happens in programming when they are given a job interview that contains a work challenge that they can complete at home within 30 minutes or 1 hour

When the job applicant hands it in, the interviewer ignorantly accuses them of plagiarism, getting answers from Stack Overflow or copying and pasting the tried and tested lines, as if it’s Lego Duplo or wallpaper pasting

The best terminology to use is CRUD programmers and leftpad programmers

I’ll explain.

I applied for a web developer job and was asked to do a programming challenge that should take 15-30 minutes or 1 hour to complete, depending on the person

I completed it in 15 minutes then spent another 15 minutes polishing it off

My work sample for the programming challenge was rejected because the interviewer said he copied and pasted a line into Google and found that line somewhere else on the internet

However that line was a comment, not code, as it was proceeded with 2 // so that code didn’t do anything when the code ran

I then said that I didn’t commit plagiarism as that line was a comment for wishful thinking for other people to use, so I asked him to review the code again

2 days later….

The other feedback I got was that there was too many silly comments in the code for seemingly no reason, that I should delete it all once the code is finished to make the code smaller and clean

And also that my code looked too simple so he thinks I just copied bits and pieces from Stack Overflow

The interviewer who reviewed the code, doesn’t understand a single thing about how programming works

What I did isn’t plagiarism but abstraction.

Abstraction in programming, is when the complexity is hidden from the user, to remain beneath the surface

To be pedantic, an example is code in the C programming language in an .exe file, when the programmer is coding the windows program in Microsoft Visual Studio, it starts out as C code, to become assembly language, then machine language, then binary language, when it is converted from C code to an exe

Binary is intentionally missing from the diagram as they want you to use your common sense to notice it’s missing and mentally fill it in where it’s obvious

The reason they convert the C code to various other languages down the chain, when converting it to an .exe file, is to make the programs run faster on windows

That’s an example of abstraction

Just like how iPhone Shortcuts is a more abstracted version of Mac AppleScript Maker and Mac Automator

The abstraction hides complexity from the user, to keep the complex stuff under the surface, just like video game editors like Stagecast Creator

The interviewer who has absolutely zero programming knowledge, he confused plagiarism with abstraction, as if to say, the more simple your code is, the worse a programmer you are, as if simple code is categorically always symptomatic of wallpaper pasting

I would say that CRUD programmers and leftpad programmers would have to be screened out. But the company gave us a rubbish and futile programming challenge.

Applying for music production jobs: I don’t think I’ve experienced any such palitism stigma in the music industry as

  1. I don’t go out of my way to find collaborations
  2. Most musicians don’t want to collaborate with me, due to creative differences, as my style is completely different to their desired sound and besides, they’ve already found someone more inclined to match their style anyway, right before I came along.
  3. There isn’t much of a scene for the genre and style of music that I do, which is also combined with me not changing my genre to SELLOUT or to be trend hopping or touring a circuit.
  4. I refuse to work for free

Applying for tech jobs: The tech industry in the UK, under-hiring and over-delegating

I don’t like the tech industry in Birmingham and UK so there’s no point.
In a sentence, they want to under-hire and over-delegate, to hire 1 person to do the job of 3-4 people.
So I see no point of trying to work in the tech industry.

In fact, I get more money and a more healthier managorial work environment, by working in an unskilled job that anyone could do.

The problem in the UK or at least my city, is that technology employers are cheapskates. They want to under-pay, under-hire and over-delegate.

Emphasis on under-hire and over-delegate.

They have job listings where they expect 1 person to do something that should instead take 3 or 4 jobs to do across multiple people

For example

  1. Web development
  2. Web designer
  3. SEO Marketer
  1. Sysadmin
  2. Web Developer
  3. OOP (object orientated programming)
  4. Scaling

They should be hiring 3-4 people to do each of the different jobs involved, instead of creating a job listing for 1 person to do what should consist in 3-4 people to do 3-4 different jobs

The obvious question is, what does this mean for job security?

If you are working for a web design agency or advertising agency where tjhey expect you to get the work done for the client for a STRICT deadline, how can you ensure that you’ll still have a job with that agency in 6 months time, if they’re going to be chastising and lecturing you if you fail to meet the deadline, as according to the client’s functional, usability and stylistic requirements, if the burden of employing people with the required skills and talent, falls on the employer.

So why should you get the blame for missing a deadline if they never employed all the right people with the right skills for it?
That’s starting a job with very rubbish job security, if you ask me!

I asked some other people from the UK who come from other cities and they agree with me. It’s not just in Birmingham but all over the UK.

So that’s why the tech industry in the UK sucks. Because they under-hire and over-delegate. The pay being low or high is irrelevant.

Triple Green Finger Trap, is what us literati get off people

High Expectations Need High Levels of Support
Why we should feel sorry for High Achievers
The Dark Side of High Achievers (DON'T DO THIS)
The Problem With Over-achievement
The Science Of Pretty Privilege

I remember watching a youtube video and some instagram videos (or reels), where some attractive woman who’s autistic, she said that if she was less attractive, then her autism would of been spotted earlier at school by the teachers, that she would of had more help for their shortcomings and she would not be presumed to be of as accomplished or well-adjusted as more than she actually was.

I was then thinking of people who say “well if you’re a writer or intelligent, thwn why aren’t you successful oir having lots of money?”. That sounds similar to their expeirnece to me. I call this the Grteen Finger Trap.

Some people say that baking isn’t real cooking as it’s too basic and simple. Well imagine if you got a winner from Great British Bake Off, to go on Ready Steady Cook, to have them falter.

  1. Because they are already accomplished at one thing, they are expected to find hthe increasing difficulty thing, to be much easier than they’ll find it
  2. When they are faltering or struggling, they won’t get any help, unlike if anyone else was
  3. If anything does go wrong, they’ll be asked why they didn’t get any help, when the help went to someone else with any initial requests being ignored, when the other person probably never took as much risk in as much uncharted territory, as the more experienced person did

The dark side of privilege, the double edged sword

Also there can be other compounding factors in their life, to make any privileges, a gift and a curse, the backlash and uphill struggle that comes with it.

People who envy or begrudge your privilege or talent, on the basis that you’re wasting your opportunities by selling yourself short, as if somehow, they’d be able to accomplish 10 times more than you have in your life, if they were you

Black people are more racist than white people – and more palitinist

Black people have more in-group competition amongst their own kind, unlike white people. Colourism anyone?

Light skinned black women will tell you about the hate they get from (dark skinned) black women. If the irish or eastern europeans think that racism is and for them (for them stealing all the jobs), wait until they hear about what light skinned black women go through!

The stereotype for why it’s bad to have a female boss, is due to Queen Bee Syndrome, where the boss does not want anyone to have more than them, so they’re taken down a pg. Black women exhibit Queen Bee Syndrome and colourism against light skinned black women, in a way that cannot be said for the irish and eastern europeans from english white british people. Go to a multicultural, ahem, multi-racial school, and you’ll know.

Black women slut shame and attire police light skinned black women, much more than white women

Enough said! This is so true!

Black people are more likely to have palitinist attitudes, by crossing it across a racial barrier

Jesus Christ was a black man.

People who say the above quote, are likely to be a palitinist who hates the individual people who create intellectual property, whilst also allowing it to cross a racial boundary by providing white people collective blame for inventing and writing, hence the entire race has to be subjugated and subject to theft, IP theft, a hate crime and sabotage.

There is no such thing as a non-denominational christian church, as the preachers lie about their sect

Maybe it is a cult. Who knows? Well I know two churches in my city of Birmngham which are cults but how do you prove it? It’s a wardrobe jungle out there!

The Church of Christ sect, which has a mostly black congregation, is an antisemitic and palitinist sect, whilst masquerading as non-denominational or pentecostal

Probably because jews created more intellectual property like books and inventions, than black people, if you look at the geography of how that sect originated, in the 19th century.

White Genocide in south africa, is an extreme example, of where the inability to respect intellectual property (and those who create it), leads

I’m not going to get into arguments about whether insults leads to violence. Save me the debate about “it all being on a spectrum” or there being an “oppression pyramid”.

Africa is poor due to their presidents doing embezzling, NOT due to colonialism

It’s not the white man’s fault, that black presidents are embezzling their taxpayers money, so there’s no roads, electricity, central heating and indoor toilets, while the president lives in a mansion and has a private jet and Ferrari.

Every country that left the Queen’s rule, ended up worse afterwards

This is a fact!

There is an overlap between classism and palitism

Examples of two classists I know

People become a classist, due to having an superiority complex.


You know what an superiority complex is, don’t you? It’s when a person outwardly portrays that they have a high self esteem and high confidence when it’s anything but that. Quite the opposite! They will discourage, put-down and be sneery at other people while sanctimoniously claiming the moral high ground, due to their own superiority complex.

One example is a friend I have who’s middle class whose parents pay for her university course. There is no such thing as student loans in her country. Her parents are not poor, they used their money to, well one of them, to emigrate into the country while the other parent was born there. She’s studying computer science at university but guess what her job is? A tutor. Here’s an industry secret. Tutors do not create their own teaching material or resources, they go to a tutoring school to have someone else teach them and give it to them. So the only reason why she has her job, is because she’s middle class, to have the money and connections to be able to get such jobs that working class people wouldn’t be able to get. So when a working class person likes me can achieve more in my life than she does with her money, I can see why she’s a classist, when she said she is one. Also she has depression, so there’s that. I think they call that “imposter syndrome”.

Another example is a person with two kids who had to sacrifice their social life and free time, as they have to go work, pay for childcare, drive on the school run as public transport is too slow. Without her childcare, she wouldn’t be able to work. So when she heard about a person on a zero-hour contract who can stay awake for three days without sleep, she called him pathetic. But if you take away the money, who’s life is more interesting, varied, balanced and fun? With his less money, he has a larger social life, more free time and more funny stories and anecdotes to tell.

A writer or anyone in the literati, would experience similar treatment from others, due to the nature of their (freelance) work

Yes there is an intersection of palitism and classism.

Even if you confronted them about their overt classism, they’d say that they have no intentions of harming a poor person and never would. And besides, they probably have disassociative traits and you can’t change the problems they have in their life

People who have a superiority complex, either have a mental health disorder like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or borderline personality disorder (BPD) or if they don’t, then they have dissassociative traits. Even if a person has never been depressed and has never been under mental health services, they could still exhibit the same dissoassiative traits

  • Talking to themselves
  • Laughing at their own jokes
  • Having a conversation with you then they forgot what they said 30 minutes ago
  • Having no memory of things they said 30 minutes ago
  • Getting snappy and touchy and uppity about things then 15 minutes later, not remembering that they acted in that way
  • Having deferred emotions when someone upsets, hurts or offends, where they’ll be upset for 10-30 minutes, have it mentally be blocked out, to then experience the hurt about the earlier events, later on in the day or the folllowing day (as a defence mechanism)

Once you see it, you can’t unsee it!

From personal experience, I’ve learnt to never confront people about their defence mechanisms, as all they’ll do is start crying, accuse you of being a spoilsport or party pooper, as if you’re some teacher’s pet or prefect, then tell you that you don’t know what life issues they’re going through in their life and that they have X/Y/Z problems in their life that’s making their life really difficult and very depressive and a downer and merose, so all you’re doing is taking them out of their happy place and taking the rose tinted glasses off their face. And besides, about their life issues, it’s not like they can do anything to change it.

Delusion is the key to santity!


The palitist people will hate you when you’re poor as if it’s your fault and will hate you even more once you have money

They’ll hate you when you’re poor as if you’re ungrateful, foolish and wasting your gifts and talents, as if, if they were in your position, they’d be able to make use of it to gain success, friends and money, much better than you could – all while when you do make money, in the spite of the uphill struggles you’ve had, they’ll hate you even more, that you got to be more successful with more uphill struggles in your past, than they had with virtually zero and minute uphill struggles like stepping on a leaf

My experiences of classist microaggressions which overlaps with palitism

I’ve just copied and pasted this from my previous article.

About classism, well unconscious bias and maybe microaggressions reall.

Setting the scene

Back when I was 18 I was studying computing at university. I would of also liked to study sociology but unfortunately I can’t study two subjects at the same time, especially as I had to rely on Student Finance for to fund my course instead of my parents, as a working class person

Some people were doing the course for the wrong reasons

Now about one programming tutor

I was doing a module for my Computing Course about [subject name redacted] by a tutor that prefers using the Microsoft Stack for the entire toolchain, the programming language, framework, compiler, layout engine and profiler, etc. Well anyway, we noticed two things that was strange about the way he taught.

  • Although he put the current week’s classwork up on Moodle for the students to look at after the lesson, it wouldn’t make much sense unless the student had actually attended the lesson, as the theoretical and short practical side of it, was embedded inside the first half of the two hour lesson.
  • He would never say which lesson the in-class multiple choice exam was happening, unlike all the other tutors in the university (who knew that students would skip some lessons), so if a student had missed that lesson which just so happened to coincidentally have that in-class exam on it, the student would have to repeat the year.

When asked by a student why he would never disclose in advance what date the in-class exam was, which he mentioned briefly in the first three lessons, his response was “This course costs £9000 a year. If you’re going to be doing something to better your future opportunities, that costs a lot of money, then you better value the opportunities and choices you have. It’s unfair that I had to pay £3290 or £9000 since 2011 a year to go to university, while working a job at the same time, to get my bachelors degree, all while some poor person on benefits just gets the course funded for free, that they won’t even pay back, all while using their £6000 a year student grant for living costs – all for them to throw away their opportunity by not going to lessons and not handing in their coursework on time, then wondering why they have to retake the year, if they’re the one who never attended all their lectures. The lectures, labs, practicals, assignments and drop-in sessions are there for a reason, so use it. It seems like some people just don’t know the value of money these days.”

I can agree that some people don’t understand the value of money and I find those people very annoying as well, as I’ve had bad experiences with him. I would give examples of people from my own life experience who were like this but this article is long enough as it is. I mean people like this….

  • Throwaway culture, just buying things to use just once or throwaway, like having stacks of shoes touching the ceiling with boxes, to be thrown away to make room for the next one, totalling thousands of pounds being spent, on something that’s only used once or mostly not at all.
  • Easy come easy go, like it’s some hosepipe like unlimited popcorn at AMC Cinema, when actually it’s more like a water well, so if you use the water supply out too soon too quickly, it’s a long wait before the next refill.

I think he has some unconscious bias that is classist, well although he’s not calling the poor “lazy and irresponsible” like some people and how he’s not using any prejudicial, stereotypical or exclusionary language against the working class, as anagoulous to how we should make STEM more inclusive for women, I’m sure that he doesn’t see himself as a classist, as he’s not doing the same things to working class people, that women in STEM complained about men for doing.

Module 1: Did they not consider that I don’t have a revolving door like they do?

When that middle class person leaves university, it’s very likely that they wouldn’t be subjected to over six months of long term unemployment like the working class people. Nowadays there is mass unemployment and a youth unemployment crisis, so people leaving university with degrees are often unemployed for longer than six months, one year or even years. If a middle class person gets fired, it’s likely that they can get a new job within two weeks.

Module 1: Also what if people like them, don’t hold up their end of the bargain?

When I was in my first year of university, everyone failed the programming exam except for one person, leaving 449 fail it out of 500 people. When we complained on Moodle about this, the lecturer said that we also had to do independent learning to gain further study on the concepts taught, in our own time. So when the response came which said “So what are we paying £9000 a year for? To buy books?” the lecturer was dumbfounded and couldn’t give a good comeback to that. In his case, good lectures, labs, coursework and classwork but bad exams.

Also some teachers are just not good at teaching in their entirety, who just do rote learning by reading off the screen like a textbook or powerpoint.

Module 1: They say I shouldn’t of been dallianting off course in my spare time and holiday season

To give a hypothetical example, imagine if I was to spend my money on online advertising for my websites instead of sensible work shoes for a job that doesn’t even require such shoes or prolonged walking. I’m a millennial but if I had someone from the older generation be asking me why I’m spending money on something that’s such a high risk that doesn’t really have much to show for it (at least not in the short term), then given how they had an easier time than me in the economy when they were in their early 20s and how our generation will never have the same opportunities that they had, then it’s easy for them to say that.

Module 2: If you couldn’t of done X, why didn’t you do Y? If you couldn’t of done Y, why didn’t you do Z? And so on….

Maybe I can’t remember the example from my own life, well I definitely can’t think of a good example. I’m not good at thinking of the best stories for analogies. Well imagine if I couldn’t hand in my coursework on Moodle, Blackboard or whatever is used for students to submit their coursework, while the lecturer won’t accept a print-out of my work after I booked an appointment to see him, for whatever university protocol reasons (I can’t remember what it was). Also imagine if I’m not allowed to submit my work using my friend’s working account as the lecturer and course manager said I’m not allowed to. Then my printing account isn’t working or something else or something else.

Now imagine if I hand my coursework in late or even if I didn’t and the conversation with the course manager goes like this

If you couldn’t do X, why couldn’t you of done Y?
If you couldn’t do Y, why couldn’t you of done Z?
If you couldn’t of done Z, why couldn’t you of done A?
If you couldn’t of done A, why couldn’t you of done B?
If you couldn’t of done B, why couldn’t you of done C?

You get the idea!

Well maybe because I’m working class and they are middle class, that I wouldn’t have the same safety net as they have, well I don’t mean money but also family and friends to rely on, or having certain equipment in my house, or money for the bus or train (despite being £8.50 or less), or maybe I don’t have the means of escaping domestic abusers (like people who can’t afford to leave their abusers). Or maybe some other reason why I wouldn’t have access to the same safety net, guardrails and whatever, that middle class people have, in the absense of money.

Based on my life experience, I now wouldn’t expect a middle class person to even consider those things, that maybe working class people wouldn’t have those things if some adverse scenario happens that is time sensitive.

Classism is caused by a superiority complex, subconsciously and unbeknownst to them

There is an overlap between classism and bigotry against those within the creative arts

Think about it for a few minutes, the negative treatment that the literati gets, even if they’re making full colour picture story books for six year olds.

Another thing to consider, well even though illustrators don’t exactly write literature, they still make it inside books and there are books that consist of only graphical artwork and I’m sure they would experience that negative treatment as well.

I know what you’re thinking!

If what you experienced isn’t a big deal and it’s hypersensitive to be getting offended or uncomfortable over microaggressions, as to use your words, considering how conservatives LOVE calling liberals snowflakes, triggered and emotionally haywire, then what does classism have to do with being against sexism and feminism?

Haven’t you heard of Intersectional Feminism, in response to right-wing or conservative women who claim they’re a feminist but are homophobic against gays?

If feminism isn’t really feminism if we are using feminist ideology to discriminate, be hostile and prejudicial against other demographics, then considering how feminism in the 21st century is Intersectional Feminism, then shouldn’t we be on both sides of the same team, as feminists are against classism and your coined palitism, just as much as you are?

[Insert the word trivialising/excusing/invalidating/(laying the ) groundwork-ing here]

So with that said, it would be hypocritical for you to be aligning yourself as being against classism and palitism, while turning a blind eye to sexism, don’t you think?

I’ll address that point, later on in the article!

Oh, I mean that article.

I’ve experienced more palitism in my life, than I have racism. I’m not really conscious of my minority race, in my day to day life

I’m aware that my race exists but I’m not conscious of my race. How many seconds a day/week/month do you think I actually think about my race? ……. Zilch! I’m black but I haven’t really received much racism, discrimination, prejudice in my life. (Microaggressions don’t count and are a load of nonsense.)

So what racism have I experienced in my life? When I look back, all I see is, discrimination wise…

  1. I was denied access to a grammar school, despite passing the 11+ test at age 11.
  2. I was subject to “stop and search” three times in my life
  3. A school teacher deliberately lost my coursework and refused to accept it 2 weeks later, so I went to the “head of year” and she secretly changed my course mark on the computer, by boosting it upwards based on my predicted grade
  4. When I applied for Student Finance, 2 different school teachers refused to “validate my identity” as a mandatory requirement, so I just got another teacher to do it.
  5. There has been 2 instances when people refused to be my friend because I wasn’t the same race as them
  6. I was denied a cleaning job and a live-chat job, probably due to the stereotype of black people stealing things (including gift voucher codes)
  7. Someone called me the n word while I was walking down the street, while they had 2 other men with them

The only significant one is the number 1). Imagine what opportunities, friends and connections I would of had, if that never happened. Oh the unforegone opportunities! Even so, I STILL managed to make a success with my life, by getting a good job that is cushy and prosperous. Also being quasi-signed to a record label. I’m paying for online advertising, you know! I don’t really go round telling anyone about my “success story” but I think I’ve achieved more than most people from my socioeconomic background (raised on benefits in the UK, free school meals, NRS Social Grade E)

You’re working class if you can’t take a day off.
You’re middle class if you can take a day off.
You’re upper class if you can take a year off.


Further Reading about social class

Let’s compare that to what palitism I’ve received….

  1. Attempted murder on my life
  2. Doctors stealing my passwords when I was sectioned (detained) in a mental hospital under the Mental Health Act
  3. Private investigators following me around
  4. Being photographed in the street without my consent
  5. Being bullied at 2 different schools, by an entire school, for 6 years in total
  6. A school teacher who was a muslim, refused to verify my identity, for me to get Student Finance or a Citizen Card (an ID card for under 18s)
  7. My mother throwing 17 years of my intellectual property, away in the bin, along with my qualifications and her sabotaging my university placement
  8. A psychologist who attempted to have me go to a fake psychology study where I’d be subject to hypnotism, receiving the invite, the day after I got to play music on BBC Radio 1
  9. Having my 2 younger brothers, fight me and threaten me with hammers, sticks and knives
  10. Someone who won’t be named, from the housing company, making false allegations of me being mentally ill
  11. A person who is two-faced who does the triple strategy of making false allegations about me (including being mentally ill), trying to make me the fall guy by tricking others into believing that I’m lapsing on my daily responsibilities, framing me for their actions and attempting to gossip sensitive information around to cause drama on me. Again, this person won’t be named.
  12. Discrimination from mental health services whilst I was on a Community Treatment Order, where they threatened to bring police to my door if I stopped taking my antipsychotic medication, while they deliberately over-medicated me for eight years.
  13. Lifelong anhedonia due to being overmedicated on antipsychotics due to discrimination (the doctors and psychiatrists were muslim)
  14. Being financially blacklisted from jobs once at age 18 and again at age 26, by the psychiatrists, all muslim, who formed a cartel against me when I was sectioned (detained) under the Mental Health Act for four weeks at age 18. It took me until age 26 to realise that it had certainly happened and I can name three employment agencies the cartel banned me from at age 26 (or maybe even before that). If it’s part of their culture to commit tax evasion, then why would they respect a writer or literati from creative arts who will add additional fish to the pond, rather than a public sector employee who just swishes the existing fish around?

And that’s not even including the infoprying attempts I’ve received from infoprying cartels.

Two-faced people come from a position of begrudging beyond envy

It’s funny how they’re two-faced towards every person you would be friends with in real life and not two-faced towards people who you wouldn’t be friends with. What a coincidence!

There’s a fine line between love and hate.


So yes, there is a lot of palitism within society and most people do not respect writers, content creators, the literati or anyone within the creative arts. I’m not sure if this also includes the performing arts but I suppose it does. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it!

The irony is that a lot of subcultures are built around intellectual property, while lots of people within those meetups and communities, they do not respect the people who create it or even any type of content. Sometimes that even includes the organisers or ringleaders of the group!

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