It’s Only Gaslighting If They’re Less Sensitive

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Some people – well two-faced people and sociopaths – they take kindness as a weakness and tolerance as an endorsement. Well there’s lots of good reasons why someone doing those things wouldn’t make them a pushover or even a doormat but that’s another topic for another time. Here’s just one reason why I wouldn’t give pushback or sternly raise the issue when someone else is being a nuisance or succumbing to external territorial nature.

I don’t think it was much life experience about me unknowingly sticking my foot in it, on my part, as it was observing other people get in clashes with others or even there being some rift on their part or some unspoken grudge from someone else. But the idea for this blog article definitely came from somewhere! Maybe it’s just me triangulating different things together from lots of different observations and experiences in my life.

Sometimes you can predict what’ll happen if you raise an issue

Terminology sans semantics. Even if they don’t know the specific terminology they’re looking for, the conversation will pretty much go like this. If you raise the issue about their behaviour, attitude or incessantly annoying persistence, you’ll be pretty much met with one of these type of reactions, within the overall attitude of it.

Accusations of gaslighting

Imagine if you was to ask them a simple question.

Why do you keep acting so finicky with me? You can see things are not quite perfect but I’m trying. Do you have to always act so insistent over petty and trivial things like this?

well it wouldn’t always be articulated like this at such length

They’ll say that they have every right to feel how they feel

Accusations of catastrophicising

Why are you being so touchy with me? Do you have a problem with me or how I’ve been behaving? Because you’ve been doing that thing just now for months and there was also X/Y/Z from two weeks ago and A/B/C from two months ago.

I don’t feel the need to give an example. Just think about a person who you know is not just sensitive, that they also get upset or uncomfortable over perceived slights, like remotely giving someone the cold shoulder, telepathically. But I think I’ll more so give a half-example in the top-level heading that is three down.

They’ll say that you’re trying to feign drama and distrust on their part, when actually you’re not, when they actually did do everything you say they did and for the reasons you say they did. It’s just that they’ve forgotten about it, as a defence mechanism where they block out the events that cause them to feel uncomfortable, days or weeks after the fact.

Then they’ll start crying for five different reasons

#1 Look at all the times I’ve helped you and defended your corner

I can definitely see this happening but it’ll be a laced-in soundbite, rather than centrifugal, so it won’t feel like gaslighting.

#2 Them being distraught that you perceived a picture-esque scene as hostile

And the disney style happily ever after or even settling with 75% of an ideal friend – it all goes poof into pixie dust. Well the symbolic imagery of it in their head, anyway!

#3 Not knowing how to rectify their behaviour and make amends, to make light out of a bad situation

#4 I don’t have a problem with you telling me you don’t like X but it’s like telling an illustrator to trash their scanty sketchpad

#5 I wouldn’t of had to try so hard, if you wasn’t so….err…. guarded, inconsiderate, invalidating, blindsiding. Try as we might or try you shall?

What type of person would behave in this way?

It is always the people who believe in microaggressions being a real issue, who act like this. We’ll soon need a new lexicon to understand these hypersensitive people, to understand everything that offends and uneases them.

When you get older, you learn that the people who look the least sensitive, often are the most

By the way, I was reading some woke cringe account on instagram, where some

Is it their unconscious bias or prejudice speaking?

These people unconsciously and inadvertently project their bad life experiences with certain demographics onto you, within a situation which is way off course, well off galaxy

If it was the other way round, they wouldn’t take their muted scowls, lightly

Every minutae doctorate change in schedule is taken personally, as if you have an issue with them

They would view the scornful hints for you to change, as a personal affront to their intrinsic identity, if you did it to them

They do the same perceived slights, they accuse you of

So what is microaggressions and gaslighting anyway?

fill this in later

fill this in later


Raising the issue is too much trouble than it’s worth

Me not being assertive enough to raise the issue, doesn’t make me a doormat, a pushover or shy of direct conflict

If there’s a Mono Messiah Complex type person around, they’ll use the argument I wouldn’t start, as ammunition to chastise you, even though I have a valid and correct point

I wouldn’t want to get myself ex-communicated

Sometimes raising the issue is more trouble than it’s worth

I can agree with that!

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