How Google Profits from Copyright Infringement


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We see a lot of arguments, proposals and issues for how Big Tech should be regulated. But one thing which has to be acknowledged, is how as much as Google is technically covered by the safe harbour law, its unique position as the number 1 search engine which allows it to commit “vertical intregation” as well as having a duopoly with Facebook to control 90% of online advertising, some interesting effects can occur.

Prime Examples

Google Instant Answers (the answer box that appears in the sidebar, that negates the need for users to visit the external website that the quoted answer was sourced from)

Further Reading

Google Knowledge Graph (the closed source version of Freebase after they brought it)

Youtube Free (pirated content uploaded by users)

Youtube Premium (allowing free downloads of all content, despite hypocritically banning “stream ripping” websites)

Youtube Music (allowing licensed content with pirated content for a subscription)

Google Drive (their direct link feature is used to power video piracy websites)

Google Adsense (google turns a blind eye to their websites being used on piracy websites)

Google News stealing the ENTIRE article from newspaper websites, then replacing the publisher’s adverts with Google’s adverts, whilst also removing the publisher’s logo or making it so tiny that the user can’t see it, while also refusing to include the source hyperlink

The Value Gap, youtube using its dominant position to pay 10% of the overall royalties to musicians, despite consisting of 90% of the streams

Google allowing advertisers to bid on trademark terms (and variations of) as keywords, in its search engine

Small business CEO criticizes Google's advertising practices

Google Gemini and its whole Generative AI

An IP theft company like Google could never be created in the UK

A company like Google could NEVER be created in the UK as they’d be regulated too much under our competition laws, ESPECIALLY for the parts where Google commits IP theft. Also the 3 founders of Google are CLOSET communists. If you go back in time before Google got founded in 1998, if you look into their personal background, their belief that copyright law should be abolished, is VERY disturbing. Of course they’ll censor that in their search results.

America has weaker copyright laws than the UK

Right now I’m a member of

One of the things you learn after being a member of these repetoire rights organisations, is that a huge problem of why people in the creative arts and performing arts are underpaid, is that there are a MULTITUDE of discrepancies which exist in copyright law, when comparing how copyright is enforced in britain than in america.

For example 1) In America, musicians do not earn royalties when their music is played on terrestrial/analogue/satellite/digital radio. They are only paid for internet radio, which pays hardly anything, as they have much less listeners in comparison. 2) In America, automatic copyright for music technically doesn’t exist for full copyright, as some rights under copyright are withheld, unless the copyright holder actually registers each individual song with America’s Copyright Office. In all other countries, all copyright privileges are granted automatically without prior submission. 3) MTV doesn’t play musicians when their music videos are played on tv, british music tv channels do (eg. 4Music). And lots more.

Debasing copyright is the new tax cut

The way I see it….

  • There’s only so many times you can reduce taxes, until you can’t reduce them any more
  • There’s only so many times you can de-regulate the markets, until you can’t de-regulate them any more
  • There’s only so many times you can centralise industries through mergers, until you can’t centralise them any more, to make any bigger monopolies

So what is the next step?????

Debase copyright

Debase copyright = tax cut for the upper class, the rich and the Fortune 500

Google lobbies by proxy for weaker copyright laws

Google lobbies BY PROXY, using thinktanks, for weaker copyright laws in the UK, so Google can profit by DEBASING copyright, by screwing over and exploitng creators

debasing copyright = tax cut
debasing copyright = spotify economics


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The public debate needs to shift from copyright to repertoire rights




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