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Never did I ever think I would see the possibility of having my future end on the very same day I get accepted for university. Never could I think that a degree meant nothing, and that my seventeen years of education would be considered worthless. Back then I hadn’t even applied to university yet, and I was happily getting my education. And I don’t live in Romania.

Running Your Price, I was giving away a significant amount of money to people. The money was so much, it was considered crazy. I wanted to learn about the people who I was giving money to, and what they were going to use the money for. That’s when I decided to add one of my members to msn. His username is valim.

If you’ve used Your Price, you probably would have come across an earning opportunity called Your Price Survey #1. One of the question it asks you is what you’re going to spend the money on that you cashout. I found the answers to be weird, because they were ambitious. Here are a sample of them.

  • Buy a telephone
  • Shop
  • Buy a laptop
  • Do some advertising
  • Invest them somewhere
  • Go on holiday

I was surprised by this. Most of the Your Price members are teenagers, and nowhere did I see they were going to spend the money on sweets, games or anything for leisure. These were all teenagers who had their own ideas for where they wanted to be in life. I learnt when I read the results, that I was significantly involved in people’s lives, and someone who was relied on.

I could not grasp why these people wanted to spend their money from Your Price on such expensive things. After all, it’s not like Your Price pays out $10 a week to people, is it? It’s pocket change. Obviously the people answering the survey with those answers, cannot afford to do those things. I had a think about this. I cannot imagine a life where I can’t afford to buy a telephone or buy a laptop. I can however imagine a life of not being able to go on holidays, as holidays are not a necessity. What struck me the most is that Your Price members were just ordinary people just like us, but in unfortunate positions. I know I’ve done surveys online and completed free offers to receive sweets in the post, but jeez; most of those dreams being attributed, onto cashouts from a GPT site, just isn’t right. GPT sites will always pay less than the minimum wage, so this desperation was shocking.

I had accidentally become a saviour.

Speaking to valim on msn, he gave me some answers. He told me that in Romania that there wasn’t good jobs for people, and he’s 15.

He told me that in Romania, it is corrupt. He said that every year the government says that there’s a shortage of money so that they can’t spend money on things, yet people are very careful with their money. He told me that in Romania there is the mafia, and that they work with the government. He said that the only good jobs in Romania were the illegal ones. There are no legal jobs to be found. I was on msn across the world, still not able to grasp that concept. What would a society run like that be like? He added that the minimum wage there is $150 a week if I can remember properly, which isn’t enough to live off or pay rent, and that it was much better in the times when the Communist Party was elected. Finding recent information of how communism in Romania worked, people had to wait in long lines for hours to get food, and food was only available at certain times. Also tv was only available at certain times. I suppose the government blamed this on lack of money.

Writing this retrospective post now, I realise that I won’t have much prospects after getting my education too. As degrees are becoming worthless in the UK, most graduates are working in banks for minimum wage. Valim at the time went to a technology college. I forgot the specific name of what type of college it was, but it was a college that concentrated of Maths, Science and Computing. They didn’t teach English, Art or Music. He said that he was on a course that was supposed to help people make money online, and that it wasn’t very good. He said that I have a better chance of making money online than him.

I thought about how I was in a much better position than him. I had went to a school that taught English, Maths and Science, and other vocational courses such as Art, Music and Citizenship. I also have much more opportunities to make money later on than he does.

I thought about how much positivity Your Price could add to people’s lives.

I can’t stop Romania from being corrupt, but at least I can give some hope in people’s lives, and something to aspire to. To be frank, those Your Price cashouts must have been the most legal money they got in a long time, including asking their parents for pocket money. This is part of what made running Your Price a happy and rewarding job. Even more rewarding, making a profit from it. Making profit from giving away money is like printing your own money, and when it’s Your Price giving the money, it really is making an impact on people’s lives.

I know my life isn’t rosy with much opportunities right now, but I’m doing something. I think about European countries where people aren’t starving, and I’ve never saw life in the same way again.

Your Price is a “Get Paid To” website where people get paid to visit websites and complete surveys. Your Price is also a website people who have created surveys, can use to get X amount of responses to their surveys.

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Your Price is a “Get Paid To” website that pays people to visit websites and complete surveys.

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