Fundamentalists like Desantis Hijack Conservatism For Quick and Easy Votes

When asked about cancel culture, being a 21st century liberal invention, liberals say that conservatives censor too

Armed activists show up to library and demand they ban books
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Articles that LGBT people read.

Well there is right-wing censorship but it’s definitely not coming from conservatives

It’s coming from fundamentalist christians, fundamentalists for short. Politicians like Desantis of Florida will hijack the conservative label, to give him cheap and easy votes in the election but a conservative is truly not what he is.

Conservatives and fundamentalists are ideologically distinct

Fundamentalists = collectivist + puritanical + catholic + victorian attitudes + scripture literalist

If you happen to be LGBT, and you live in America, then I think that fundamentalists like Desantis in Florida who has a war on disney, is a MUCH worse issue than Trump, as when you compare the ideology, I would NOT class Trump as a fundamentalist.

Fundamentalists = People who believe the world is 6000 years old and that evolution is a myth

Andrew Torba who runs Gab. claims that Desantis will remove freedom of speech rights, under the guise and pretext of hate speech laws to protect jews from antisemitism.

Payment bans:

  • Stripe
  • Paypal
  • Square
  • Bitpay
  • Coinbase
  • Visa

Hosting bans/censorship:

  • Joyent
  • Azure
  • Backblaze
  • Amazon AWS

Registrar bans/censorship:

  • asiaregistry
  • GoDaddy

App Stores:

  • Apple App Store
  • Google Play Store
  • mozilla extension store
  • Google Chrome extension store


  • Shopify

Third-party tools:

  • embedly
  • helpscout
  • pusher
  • Medium
  • Mailgun

Crowdfunding websites:

  • startenginela
  • patreon


  • Twitter Ads

The catholic sect is more puritanical and collectivist than the protestant sect

What did puritanicalism give us?

  • No sex before marriage (with chastity rings)
  • No promiscuity
  • Having extra-marital sex being taboo and an instant grounds for divorce
  • Books about magic being banned (including Harry Potter) for being satanic
  • Having bastard children being a taboo, erm, having children outside of wedlock
  • Homosexuality being illegal and socially taboo
  • Writing in cursive at school and being made to sit in the dunce chair if you asked a stupid question or did shoddy work

What did collectivist beliefs give us?

  • Banning mobile phones in school
  • Installing CCTV inside school classrooms
  • Defunding or banning creative arts and soft science courses, in favour of STEM, as only STEM courses lead to “real jobs”
  • Doctors who provide annual health checks in schools for hundreds of kids, how they shouldn’t just weigh a child and disclose if they are overweight or obese but they should ALSO disclose the child’s numerical BMI score. (An individualist would see no strong need to also disclose the BMI score, whereas a liberal would ban both the weight disclosure and the BMI disclosure to be politically correct to end fat shaming kids)
  • Affirmative action (diversity quotas)
  • Banning grammar schools
  • Open borders

You can do a quick cursory retail test to check it out!

About the catholic vs prostetant dichotomy, to compare 2 different sects, catholics are more into collectivist puriticanlism.

Under collectivism, you have to sacrifice your own individual aspirations and goals, for the betterment of the greater tribe/group. This is where the catholic attitudes of being against abortion, against homosexuality and against sex before marriage comes from, as they are more collectivist, the person (or woman), has to sacrifice her own individual aspirations and goals, for the betterment of the close-knit tribe.

Tiger parenting where parents want their child to be a prodigy with a super talent like acrobatics, piano playing, is also collectivist.

Here’s an interesting fact!

Here’s an interesting fact! People who are against abortion, tend to also believe in capital punishment, as they are more collectivist. People who believe in abortion, tend to believe in banning capital punishment. So much for the sanctity of life, hey!

Why? Because collectivist catholics believe in retribution justice and individualist protestants believe in rehabilitation justice.

One believes in punishment being highly extreme to be an eternal pariah and leper after leaving prison and one believes in punishment being sparing to allow ex-offenders to be rehabiliated into society.

When comparing two countries, America is more retribution justice whereas Britain is more rehabilitation justice.

Here’s another interesting fact! If you go onto the school uniform shopping websites in the UK, where you can “add to basket”, the ones for catholic schools tend to ban skirts and have mandatory blazers whereas the prostetant ones tend to ban mandatory blazers and have them optional, while also allowing girls to wear skirts. There are NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!!

How was the Protestant sect created?

The prostetant sect of christianity, was created when King Henry V wanted to divorce his wife and the catholic church denied him that process. So King Henry V decided to create a new sect of christianity, called a prostetant. The word protestant is also called anglican. It’s a synonym, you know!

It is of no wonder that Ireland’s laws are different from England’s and why England is better than Ireland!

It should be of no surprise, why Ireland is more homophobic and had abortion illegal in 2020, whereas in Northern Ireland and the UK, it is less homophobic and abortion was legal for over 100 years.

In Ireland, it is common for people who enter inter-sect inter-faith marriages, between a catholic and a protestant (despite both being christian), to get death threats and go into hiding by leaving the country. And now Ireland’s government wants to implement censorship laws under the guise/premise and false premise of additional hate speech laws. Why am I not surprised?

There is an entire Western world outside America’s Bible Belt, you know!

For all you americans, try reading the following.


Political commentary, weekly roundup

Do you see anyone in the UK trying to pass any “don’t say gay” style laws or be banning LGBT books? I don’t think so!

If polyamory or promiscuity truly was better than monogamy, they wouldn’t of had to ban it

Imagine if Pepsi asked the government for protection because Coca Cola is more popular, or if Sony Walkman asked the government for protection as the Apple iPod was more popular. Now imagine if it was the other way round. That would be absurd right? You don’t see the dominant brand trying to get the government to obstruct their competitors, as they don’t need to, as they’re in the Number One position.

Back in the victorian times and even before that, sex before marriage was taboo, having an extra-marital affair was taboo and promiscuity was taboo, both enforced very strongly socially by religion and the law. It’s not a taboo now and it’s not even stigma now. But the fact that the catholic church and the government historically did so, proves that polyamory is better, as if it wasn’t they wouldn’t of had to ban the competing alternative, as they can’t compete against their competition, as the competitor is superior.

Only inferior products in a losing market position, ask the government for protectionist policies which obstruct or diktat their superior competitors.

Communism isn’t the only pejorative ideology that ideologues refuse to self declare

  • Banker
  • Influencer
  • Investment Banker or Investment Consultant
  • Socialite
  • Liberalism (they nowadays claim to be centrist or centre-left)
  • Feminism
  • Communism
  • Copyright abolishionist (subset of communism)


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