Bye Google, Hello Web 3.0

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First there was Web 1.0

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If you were born in the 90s, you would remember the days of dial up internet when video was served as Real Video, Quicktime and Windows Media Video. Flash games were also a thing, and don’t forget Shockwave. Internet speeds were 28k, 52k and 128k, and it took 30 minutes to download one five minute song. The most popular free web hosts were Host Ultra, Geocities, Angelfire,, The Real Host and the freemium web host that was provided by your ISP.

If a celebrity wanted to express an opinion, they would have to go through their record label or the “old media” as there was no social media.   The coolest websites were portals, which contained articles on every topic you can think of, MSN, Yahoo, Lycos, Netscape, AOL, and Disney’s There were more search engines around, like AllTheWeb, Excite, AltaVista, Vivisimo, Ask Jeeves, Clusty, Hotbot, Lycos Search and Yahoo Search (which now is powered by Bing). Eventually these search engines got brought by Yahoo then the assets were stripped then afterwards closed down.  

The only services that Google offered were

  • Web Search
  • Image Search
  • News Search
  • Translate
  • Google Directory (powered by Dmoz)
  • Search Appliance (a server that a business would have in their office that searches the entire company’s files, but powered by Google)
  • Google Books
  • Google Shopping (merchants didn’t have to pay to list their products, unlike the current google shopping)
  • Google Custom Search Engine
  • Google AdWords
  • Google AdSense
  • Google Desktop

Websites typically looked like this, and they had to, because speeds were slow and disk space and bandwidth was expenesive. Videos were stored on cassette VHS and zip disks.

aol home page in 90s
apple home page in 90s
internet explorer is evil home page
msn home page in 90s
space jam home page in 90s
yahoo home page

Then came Web 2.0

Two things started to happen that revolutionalised the internet completely.  

  • Broadband internet
  • The proliferation of blogs (the blogosphere)

The blogosphere killed portals, and that is a good thing. Also website directories became a thing of the past with Dmoz being defunct. Google runs Blogger, Yahoo now runs Tumblr after it was independant. Automattic, a privately held company runs WordPress the open source script and the remotely hosted blogging service. Now we could download songs in seconds, so One Hit Wonders became a thing of the past, and Virgin Megastores, HMV and Tower Records shut down or is being subsidised.

What most people don’t know, (Generation Z), is that when you illegally download music (piracy), you are not hurting the millionaires at Sony, Warner, EMI and Universal. You are not sticking your middle finger up to the big man. You are actually hurting the smaller indie artists. Did you know that the millions of profits that Lil Wayne, Beyonce, Kanye West make, those profits are used by the record label to invest into smaller artists?

Did you know that most musicians signed to a record label do NOT make a profit? In the 90s, record labels would pay you to go on tour. Now musicians are struggling so much a song gets taken down instantly by ContentID when you upload it to YouTube.   The web started to become more social with the social networks of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Discord, Ask FM, etc.  

internet traffic in 2010

Do you see what is going on? Video is becoming the biggest thing on the internet. YouTube was privately owned by one person, but he sold it to Google for $1 billion then regretted it years later but it was too late. Services like Catch Up TV, YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime dominate the show now.

Facebook advertising Pay Per Click cost $0.08-0.15 per click, and I could target my adverts to whoever liked certain Pages on facebook. I could get free traffic from Facebook and it was a dream. Twitter had an ecosystem where there was Twitpic, Twitvid, Yfrog, Metrotwit, Ubersocial and loads more other Twitter apps. The web was good and more free.  Social networks are walled gardens.

Social networks looked like this.

facebook timeline
twitter golden ratio

Now enter Web 3.0

When you use web hosting companies on, they will sell your intellectual property to multiple Silicon Valley companies that will all claim to of invented what you’ve invented, then it will move up to supercomputer Jewgle which will know what you do, what you like, what you think, and predict what you’ll do in the future.

Laws that prevent us from denying the holocaust, exist to prevent people from knowing that Google is an intellectual property theft cartel. I ONLY use web hosting companies that protect your intellectual property. My hard drive will not be leaked.    

Now we exist in the “gig economy” with Uber, Lyft, Upwork, People Per Hour, Work Genius, but we live in bubble cultures. Everyone has one of these: blog, shop, twitch stream, youtube channel, live show, deviantart, soundcloud, book, etc.  

Everyone is a CEO nowadays, you don’t need a lot of views to go viral and we live in bubble cultures. People are creating alt tech to compete with Silicon Valley.

Me personally, I have made my own

My diigo account dates back to 2006-2007, despite the page saying I joined in 2010, because I was using Delicious and I moved from Delicious to Diigo when right before Yahoo decided to sell Delicious.

Billionaire Google with its parent Alphabet is an intellectual property theft cartel.  

My concern is that Google and Facebook own 90% of ALL online advertising. When I advertise with Google AdWords they give me FAKE TRAFFIC that has javascript off. When I advertise with Facebook they give me FAKE TRAFFIC that has javascript off. I complained about it on their forum then they changed the Cost Per Click to $10-15 This fake traffic does NOT reach my Statcounter and W3Counter analytics. Hillary Clinton supports Google and accepts lobbying money from Google, and Facebook’s political bias is well documented [1] [2] [3] and Mark Zuckerberg hates Trump and loves Obama who tried to sell ICANN to the United Nations. I am also banned from advertising on Reddit, they give me fake traffic too.

google stealing money off me and paypal reversing it

Billionaire Google is an IP Theft company and Google wants to help China with Google Dragonfly. That’s my concern. I’m a writer. I understand copyright law.  

What most people don’t know, is that the only reason why Google became so big, is that presidents before Trump’s election, they accepted lobbying money from Google, such as Obama and Bush, which gave Google immunity from antitrust law, of which Google should be subjected to, as they have 60% or more market share of search engines.

Also mental health services fuzzed out the spectrum, took my passwords, stole my jacket, stole my papers and overmedicated me for 3 years. The two psychiatrists and approved mental health practioner involved in my care was a muslim and I was a christian. I was also a victim of attempted murder. This is all logged with the relevant authorities.

I protected my intellectual property from being sold to China, Saudi Arabia or Silicon Valley.

person in a bubble 1
The image above is NOT a cyberbegging plea. If I need your money, I will tweet or gab so.

Also I have

I have Yllix adverts running on Compesh right now. Also I read The Guardian, you have to read it if you run an online business. Also I follow Alan Rusbridger on Twitter.


Web 3.0 is now like a Bubble Culture where you only interact with people in your own bubble, going on the websites you like and not interacting with everyone else. I’m British, so the socialist government allows me to run my Hostingz Accent business that I could not run in America.

people in a bubble 1
people in a bubble 2

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