A Brief History of Hostingz Accent

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Anyone that knows me, knows that I make novels, albums, blogs and podcasts. Anyone that knows me would also know that I have a passion for sociology as well as technology. I started my Hostingz Accent company at age 4, before the company even had a name!

I made my first website when I was 11 on Microsoft Word, and started doing it seriously at age 16. So let’s go through the websites, and I can’t give screenshots for everything.

Sadly my mother destroyed 17 years of my intellectual property.

A Surfer

The first website I made was a portal to compete with MSN, Lycos, Go.com, Netscape, AOL and Yahoo. I shut it down as I did not have the money and resources to compete with those large companies. I don’t have screenshots for this as my mum refused to buy me a zip drive as a child. The website contained flash games, jokes, recipies, memes and news. I can’t find the website on the Wayback Machine.


The second website I made was an educational website called NAET, pronounced nay-yet, providing information about academia and technology. I shut the website down as it was too much work to create all that content, and it would be a LOT of content that would need to be created for that website. I don’t have screenshots for this as my mum refused to buy me a zip drive as a child. The website contained Windows 98 tutorials and english, maths and science lessons with questions and answers at the end. I can’t find the website on the Wayback Machine.


elerHOST was a web host that offered shared hosting and reseller accounts for a low monthly price, as well as offering free shared hosting in exchange for making posts on the forum. I don’t have a copy of the first design of the website as my Mum refused to buy me a zip drive as a child. I can show you the second, third and forth designs though.

elerHOST v2
elerHOST v3
elerHOST v4

I only had 4 paying customers for elerHOST.

But what did the forum look like? Below is a screenshot.

I bet you’re wondering why elerHOST shut down. It shut down because there were too many cartels in the web hosting industry, intellectual property theft cartels, so it was hard for me to compete – even if offering free hosting. What made it worse, was that there were people who ran multiple web hosting companies at the same time, without disclosing so to the public.


Prowler is a website I made which is a collection of tools for webmasters, to compete with Bravenet. (A webmaster is someone who runs a website.)

You can find the website on the Wayback Machine, and in 2007, it had the folllowing things on it.

  • SEO Report
  • Website Directory
  • Forum
  • Blog
  • Link Exchange Marketplace
  • Incoming, which was a listing of places you can use to increase your amount of backlinks for free

Why did Prowler shut down? Because to run it, it will cost lots of money in advertising costs, it has to be a high traffic website, and I’m on low traffic. When I get the money to run it, I’ll put it back online again. Another thing? SEO is a dying industry as Google has phased out PageRank and link building (link exchanges), in favour of Trust Score, YMYL and Google Panda. I will put the Prowler Blog online later.

Tynamite (music) / BI Radio / Filter My Arse

filter my arse aka street gazer full page screenshot 2014

Filter My Arse was a wiki about academia and sociology, and it has a hidden proxy website in there as well xD. I can say that now because proxy scrpts like Surrogafier don’t work with the modern websites today due to the complexity of their javascript.

I shut the wiki down because I didn’t have the time to create the large amount of initial content needed, in order to make the website a success. Now that Compesh exists, do I really need to put Filter My Arse back online?

MoreGs and Prowler Blog

After that, I ran two review blogs called MoreGs and Prowler Loves. MoreGs was a review blog that reviewed various making money online schemes and rated them out of 5. There is no point in putting MoreGs back online, as better alternatives already exist. Such as Beer Money Forum, r/beermoney, Top Gold Forum, Dream Team Money, and GPTReview.

Prowler Loves was a blog that reviewed various things you can add to your website to make it better, along with some various “ideas” blog posts thrown in.

I will put Prowler Blog back online this year. I have the backup of both websites. I just need to finish making all my wordpress themes first.

What does Hostingz Accent actually do?

Some people have problems classifying what the company Hostingz Accent actually does. Well I can tell you what it does. Hostingz Accent is a company that does publishing and decision data startups.

The first half of the business is a publisher called Braeteon that publishes experimental novels, albums, podcasts and blogs, and I sign writers to this label who can write all four, and singers who want to be a part of that. The second half of the company does decision data startups. Startups that collect data on their users decisions.

What is a startup?

A startup is a website or app, that sends data that someone inputs on a keyboard, mouse, microphone or camera, from one screen to another, sending 0’s and 1’s, and then transmits it to another computer once the person presses enter or clicks submit.

The first startups were the email providers like Hotmail (now Outlook), AOL Mail, and Gmail. They allowed users to send messages to each other online. Snapchat, Twitter and Whatsapp are startups, and so is Facebook. They allow users to send data they input through voice, text, images, or video, to each other.

What types of startups does Hostingz Accent run?

Commentclaw is a commenting system to compete with Disqus, Muut and Commento. A comment can be marked with a hate or like, and reputation can be added to a user which is love.

Compesh is a question and answer website to compete with Yahoo Answers and Quora. Comments can be rated with a like or dislike, and a user can be given positive reputation, which is love.

Fresherplay is a music discovery and promotion website designed to be the ressurection of 15 Megs of Fame, MP3.com, and thesixtyone. Songs can be rated with a hate, like or love.

Dripbite is a pinterest alternative that does not censor red pill people or trump fans, and images (what pinterest calls pins) can be rated with a hate, like and love. Also text and markdown uploads are supported.

Your Price is a Get Paid To website where people get paid to visit web pages, complete surveys and do tasks. There are three types of campaigns. Impression campaigns where people get paid to view a web page for 12 seconds (and they type in a 5-6 numeric code after doing so), Destination campaigns where people get paid to download a file or complete a survey (and they type in a 5-6 numeric code after doing so), and manual campaigns which require the user to enter an answer into a text field once they’ve completed what the campaign asks them to do, of which the manual campaigns are then validated (or not), by the admin of the website. When a person completes an earning opportunity or offer, Your Price collects the id of the database row, the user id, the title, the url, the status whether it’s active, pending or completed, how much the offer pays in total, how much the user was paid, the date the offer started appearing on Your Price, the date and the date time. All earning opportunties or offers expire after 5 days.

Greethouse is a social network that has chat rooms, a marketplace, people browsing, photos, events, and status updates, for making new friends locally.

Only 5 people helped me in my life

When I was 3, my mother taught me to read using Peter and Jane books.

When I was 4 in reception, I was making shitty stories and songs and the teacher brought in a psychologist and we played Guess Who, used comprehension placards, and she made me take an IQ test. She told me I was in mensa and that I should never commit a crime.

When I was 11 in primary school, there was a school mentor, and she told me to have a diary.

When I was 15, muslims were bullying me which led to the entire school bullying me including the teachers and me having no friends, so a christian teacher told me to read The Guardian.

When I was 16, I sent a demo to Kode9 and 2 weeks later, a music studio called One Aim Mix Studio opened up in Jewellery Quarter near where I lived. It was funded by the lottery. I was told that BBC Radio 1 has a backdoor into every music software. When you’re on Radio 1 you’ll hear a brief silent blip in the middle of songs being played. They have every released song in the world, but they do not steal unreleased songs, so if you play an unreleased song you’ve made, they will not steal your song. Also there’s a 30 minute delay, so they can filter out swears and strong language.

Then when I was 18, I wrote Familiarity Breaks, and Jungle said, “we have to setup a team right now!”

I suppose The Greenhouse was built by the same person.

What has Hostingz Accent achieved?

  • Austerity over
  • NHS rebranded
  • Uber rebranded
  • Burial & Kode9 on BBC 6Music and Fabric Live 100
  • Lil Wayne Carter V
  • Broad City
  • Episode of Trending Live on 4music made by my brother
  • Doctor Who 2018 based on my book Familiarity Breaks
  • Tynamite on BBC Radio 1
  • Google taking money out my bank account
  • Quora data breached
  • Calvin Harris I Found You
  • Amazon terminating my associates account

When I was in The Greenhouse they put a message on the buses to thank me for making austerity over.

Who blocked me on Twitter?

  • Graham Lineham
  • Feminist Frequency
  • Hollaback
  • Clementine Ford


  • Google
  • Youtube
  • Freewebspace.net
  • Jack Dorsey
  • GitHub
  • Rupert Murdoch
  • Yahoo
  • Manpower
  • Internet Archive
  • Quora
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Muslims
  • Select Homes
  • Reddit
  • Coventry University
  • Feminist Frequency
  • Graham Lineham
  • Hollaback
  • Clementine Ford
  • Ikea.com Ikea.co.uk
  • Ditch The Label
  • Spare Room
  • Literably


  • BBC Radio 1
  • Channel 4
  • Apple
  • Mailchimp
  • Sendinblue
  • Lyf
  • Simon Cowell
  • Donald Trump
  • MyOWS
  • The Guardian
  • Warpline
  • Roosh V
  • KFC
  • Lauren Evans
  • Health Ranger
  • Clearabee
  • Visa
  • Doublehop
  • Coca Cola
  • Ask FM
  • Stripe
  • Lordswood Girls School
  • Prince’s Trust
  • Oral B
  • Kode9
  • NHS
  • Burial
  • Gab
  • Monday.com
  • Theresa May
  • Adam Darlington
  • Donald Trump
  • Jimmy Carr
  • Player FM
  • WordPress
  • Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer
  • Annie Mac
  • Katie Thistleton
  • Nick Grimshaw
  • Matt and Mollie
  • Compare The Market
  • Richard Branson
  • Barclays
  • DWP
  • Calvin Harris
  • Vent
  • Baked Alaska
  • Kiss
  • Alan Rusbridber
  • BBC News
  • Sky News
  • Flush
  • Amazon
  • Schmitty
  • The Guardian
  • Four Tet
  • Britain First
  • Thom Yorke
  • Icebreaker
  • Anxiety UK
  • ITV News
  • Twenty One Pilots
  • PRS For Music
  • Project Wonderful
  • Work Genius
  • Performa
  • CV Library

A history of myself Tynamite being censored online

Designers Talk

I got banned from Designers Talk on a thread titled “What annoys you?” and I replied “When middle eastern people say “inni bro” to pirate when black people say “get me blud”. I got banned with the reason “fuck off you cunt”. I didn’t say anything racist. I just said that copying someone and passing it off as original is annoying, not the copying. Imagine if Mark Ronson on his Version album said “I invented this genre. It’s not motown stax.”


2. I got banned from Quora for posting anti-feminist answers. It wasn’t just me who got banned. They banned 99% of people who are against feminism. The website got OVER $1 BILLION invested in it, so in order to make a profit and return on investment And Make Their Website As Big As Facebook And Twitter (It’s A Failure), they have to make the website advertiser friendly by banning and censoring all the politically incorrect answers so they can attract advertisers years after the website was started. Advertisers do not want their content to appear next to politically incorrect content. Someone asked a question there asking why Quora bans people who are against feminism. And they allow people serving lifelong sentences for murder to post answers to their website.

Hacker News

3 I got banned from Hacker News for saying that Antifa are terrorists who physically attack people for wearing Donald Trump hats, whereas 90% of the alt-right operate within the law and don’t use racial slurs on coloured people.


4 I got banned from r/creepypms for saying that a submission of a man asking a woman for sex on Tinder is not creepy, as you’re supposed to ask for sex on Tinder as it’s a dating site. The moderator said I was mansplaining. Obviously the moderators and subreddit is about hating men, being misandrist, and laughing at desperate virgins who can’t get laid.


5. There was a thread on reddit about an Indian woman from India in her 30s complaining about how her sister found someone to marry and her brother found someone to marry as they went through the arranged marriage thing being sexually repressed, but she feels she’s left it to late to find someone to marry as she wasted the best years of her life (her 20s) being promiscuous having casual sex as she wanted to liberate her sexuality and get maximum utility for it.

She blamed her situation on all the Indian men already being taken in married relationships (typical, blaming men); so I posted her comment saying that it’s not men’s fault. It’s because she’s hypergamous (attracted by status, wanting to date up), and that marriage is a price control on women because when women opt out of monogamy, they’d rather share the same male than choose a man who is single. I explained that she could find a beta male to marry her if she wanted, but she’s only attracted to alpha males, who are now dating younger women 18-29 now she’s in her 30s, who the OP (original poster) obviously isn’t attractive enough to get now she’s aged.

I got banned and was accused of mansplaining. Obviously the forum or subreddit is moderated by feminists who hate men, if they’re going to use that word.

It was later revealed in that forum that slapping your boyfriend while he’s sleeping is good, yet slapping your girlfriend while she’s sleeping is bad. The community reacted differently when the genders were reversed.


Yahoo Answers

6 I got banned from Yahoo Answers for I don’t know what reason. I wasn’t emailed to say why. I haven’t used the website in years. I logged in one day and it said my account was disabled. No reason was given. If no reason was given, then it’s a 100% chance it was politically motivated, censorship. I emailed them then got my account back.

r/nostupidquestions r/morbidreality

7/8 I got banned from r/nostupidquestions for giving the scientific reason why black people have a lower average IQ compared to white people, and that IQ determines your success in life. What I said was factual. I got banned from r/morbidquestions for the same reason, a subreddit where someone who wanted to chop off their body parts got given ADVICE of how to do it, and the person who gave the advice wasn’t punished!!!!!! Both forums allowed a paedophile to talk about his sexuality.

Roosh V Forum

9 #1 Also I got banned from Roosh V Forum twice for trolling. I never trolled once. I just have a different opinion. I heard that Roosh V has a weak ego and he bans people from his forum for disagreeing with him. The first time I posted a study that said that X% of women turn men down for sex even when they truly want sex, for whatever reason, probably because of slut shaming (because men don’t respect women who have sex on the first date so they put up some resistance due to social pressure) or because they want power over men, with a philosophy that a man’s Sexual Market Value is based on how much women they have sex with but a woman’s Sexual Market Value is based on how much men she rejects, as every man she rejects means she can do better. I was banned on the first post.

9 #2 I got banned again on the thread “What do you think members look like?” where people were making jokes by posting funny images about each other. I posted one about Roosh V’s competitor, Christian McQueen who has a blog, books, podcast, events and a forum just like Roosh, so I said that Roosh looks like Christian, and I got banned. I wasn’t trolling. I was making a joke. All the users made jokes about each other in the thread by posting funny photos, so surely I should be allowed to make a joke about the person who runs the forum, considering it’s fair game to make jokes about everyone else.

The Telegraph

10 I got banned for commenting on The Telegraph newspaper website for posting a comment explaining what cultural marxism is, on an article titled “Adverts containing gender stereotypes to be banned from 2018”. I did not express any opinions in my opinion or call anything good or bad. I didn’t break any rules.

The Haven

11 I got banned from a discord server (chat room), for generalising that men are polygamous and women are hypergamous. I think it was called The Haven.


12. Pinterest banned me without sending me any email telling me I was banned and why. I tried to login one day and I couldn’t. I got my account back but one of my boards got deleted.


13. Payza refuses to let me make payments using their service and every time I ask for a manager I am never given one.

A group on vent

14. I am banned from a bipolar disorder group on Vent for asking the question “how many times does your mood change in one day?”


15. I cannot use Skrill to process payments and they refuse to give me a reason for why they decline me.

The Baking Spot

16. I got banned from this discord server (chat room) for calling depression and anxiety a disability, which it is. That’s not a rude thing to say. It’s in the DSM and ICD-10.

Reddit advertising

17. I paid $30 for Pay Per Click advertising on Reddit and got fake clicks and no conversions for 2000 impressions. Also I got more conversions posting a free thread in the r/beermoney subreddit.

Facebook advertising

18. Facebook charges me $10-15 per click for their Pay Per Click advertising, but before that, they gave me fake clicks that didn’t show up on my Statcounter and W3Counter analytics. Their excuse was that the visitors had javascript off, when advertising networks don’t support clicks from users with javascript off.

NMI (Network Merchants)

19. I sent an email to payment processor NMI asking them to accept me, and they never replied.

Feminism group on vent

20. I got banned from the feminist group on vent and they never gave me a reason. I disagreed on a lot of their opinions that’s a part of their ideology, but I did recognise that rape, male entitlement and domestic abuse is wrong.

Google AdWords

21. I am banned from paying for advertising on Google AdWords. They give me fake traffic which is generated by bots that has the JavaScript off.

Reddit Advertising

22. I am banned from advertising on Reddit. They give me fake traffic.

Ikea.com Ikea.co.uk

23. I got banned from shopping on Ikea after I reported a serious crime.

Wayback Machine

24. I’m banned from using the Wayback Machine after I reported a serious crime.


25. I got banned from applying to jobs on Manpower after I reported a serious crime.


I wanted to use Passport.io’s services for a social network I want to run and they don’t want to work with me, probably because of the huge risk of women being murdered and raped etc. I found an alternative. Neutrino API.

Social media companies are getting STRICT on their community guidelines and social media accounts are coming up with a code of conduct

PRS For Music has a code of conduct

Our Code of Conduct also sets out the standards of behaviour that PRS for Music and its employees expect of members: members are required not to behave in a rude or unpleasant way to employees or make unreasonable demands of their time.

The vast majority of our members communicate with us in a polite and courteous manner, but unfortunately, there are occasions when the manner in which a member interacts with one or more of our employees or the nature of that interaction is unacceptable. This Policy sets out how PRS for Music will deal with such unacceptable conduct.

1.3 In this Policy, references to “Member” include references to an individual Member dealing with us personally or through another individual authorised to act for that Member in a representative capacity. Where the misconduct is that of an individual acting in a representative capacity, the Member will be considered responsible for the conduct of that individual.

What constitutes “unacceptable behaviour”
2.1 Each of our Members has a right to be listened to and understood and to have reasonable and legitimate queries and enquiries to be investigated and addressed.
We do not view behaviour as unacceptable just because a Member is assertive, forceful or determined in pursuing a reasonable enquiry of PRS for Music or because they have threatened to make a complaint through proper procedures or are pursuing that complaint.

2.2 However, our employees have a right to be treated fairly and courteously by the individuals they deal with and we expect our members to treat them with courtesy and respect. Our employees have the right to work in a safe environment, free from any abuse or harm caused by others. PRS for Music owes a duty of care to its employees to ensure that they are not subject to abusive or threatening behaviour.

2.3 PRS for Music only considers behaviour unacceptable, if in its reasonable opinion,
the member’s behaviour –
• is aggressive, abusive or offensive (see 2.3.1); and/or
• amounts to an unreasonable demand of the employee and/or unreasonable
level of contact (see 2.3.2).

2.3.1 Aggressive or abusive behaviour
Aggressive or abusive behaviour includes language (whether verbal or
written) that may cause employees to feel afraid, threatened or abused,
such as:
• threats;
• verbal abuse;
• derogatory remarks;
• rudeness;
• obscene or offensive language or images;
• inflammatory statements;
• discriminatory remarks; or
• unsubstantiated allegations.

This will apply whether such communications are made to the employee[s] directly
or indirectly including online trolling
2.3.2 Unreasonable demands and unreasonable levels of contact:
Unreasonable demands and contact include: –
• making or sending an excessive number of phone calls, emails or letters
about the same matter without presenting any new or relevant information;
• demanding responses within an unreasonable timescale;
• unreasonably refusing to accept explanations or to comply with reasonable
requests for information. This includes insisting on and pursuing complaints
and enquiries through channels other than those established by PRS for
Music for that purpose; refusing to comply with reasonable requests for
information to enable PRS for Music to respond to or investigate your query
whilst demanding that the query be resolved;
• raising queries in bad faith or mischievously;
• insisting on speaking to certain employees who are not involved in the
subject-matter of your query or complaint or authorised to deal with it;
• contacting multiple employees about the same query rather than pursuing
enquiries through channels established and published by PRS for Music for
that purpose;
• repeatedly contacting an employee where reasonably requested by that
employee or their manager not to do so. This may include contacting
employees regarding matters that are not within PRS for Music business.

Social media now has a code of conduct

Below is taken from the British government website.

The 10 Downing Street Facebook page is reactively moderated. We can’t accept responsibility for the content of any comment.

We reserve the right to remove comments received on Facebook that:

  • contain abusive, obscene, indecent or offensive language, or link to obscene or offensive material
  • contain swear words or other sorts of profanity
  • are completely removed from the topic of conversation or aren’t relevant to the item posted on the wall
  • contain abusive language towards an individual involved in the thread, other organisations or the page administrator
  • constitute spam or promote or advertise products, except where it’s for an event, publication or similar item that has direct relevance to the subject of discussion. Information about locating and sharing knowledge and expertise is welcomed, but within the specific discussion
  • are designed to cause nuisance to the page administrator or other users

For serious and/or persistent breaches of the moderation policy, we reserve the right to prevent users from posting further comments.

You can get banned from Uber if you receive negative reviews

All it takes is one review and you to make a woman feel uncomfortable.

woman feels uncomfortable in uber

Companies that have banned Gab

Payment bans:

  • Stripe
  • Paypal
  • Square
  • Bitpay
  • Coinbase

Hosting bans/censorship:

  • Joyent
  • Azure
  • Backblaze
  • Amazon AWS

Registrar bans/censorship:

  • asiaregistry
  • GoDaddy

App Stores:

  • Apple App Store
  • Google Play Store
  • mozilla extension store
  • Google Chrome extension store


  • Shopify

Third-party tools:

  • embedly
  • helpscout
  • pusher
  • Medium
  • Mailgun

Crowdfunding websites:

  • startenginela
  • patreon


  • Twitter Ads

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