6 Reasons Why Western Culture Sucks

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Western culture. What can be said about that? If you’re from an eastern country, I suppose you’ll love it or be fascinated with it, because it’s so different. And the people who live in the west, always say that asia is better than the west, even though asia doesn’t really have socialist countries. “The people there are better” they say. Having lived in Britain for my life and been born there, I’ve noticed that western culture or the 14 eyes countries, isn’t as good as it seems, the way the people from asia make it sound.

Yes we are responsible for the majority of arts and technology, like books, music, startups, patents; but if you look at the way the people behave with each other and the attitudes and behaviours that define us, it is not as funkydory as it seems.

I will now give 6 reasons why western culture sucks.

#1 Individualism

I have a passion for sociology, if you did not know. I like all the soft sciences, but I prefer sociology to psychology. My favourite lesson at school was manufacturing (creative), and geography (soft science). Second was ICT (hard science) but it was too easy for me. When it comes to society, or even functionalism (the study of group behaviour), there are two types of cultures a country has. Individualistic or collectivist. An individualistic culture places “I” at the center of the universe so it’s me me me me me, and a collectivist culture places the tribe above yourself (or themselves), so the interests of the tribe socially, comes above the interest of yourself.

narcissist selfie

Examples of this to draw parallels from, is studying what you really want to study at university, or being pressured by tiger parents to study an intellectual and mortgage money degree like a doctor or lawyer. There is marrying who you choose to marry based on you getting tingles, and there is an arranged marriage where your parents steer you to the person you’ll marry. Lastly, there is not being able to rely on people you know for money, in contrast to your family or friends all contributing a small amount to make a big amount for any important or ambitious needs that crop up that someone would like attending to. Also in collectivist cultures, hospitality is a big thing, and it’s common to be invited into strangers houses, and nobody ever gets robbed or raped when this happens, as it’s a tight knit community and you’ll your reputation will be forever torn to shreds if you do.

white girl with vietnam people on holiday asia. tourism. hospitality.

So what is so bad about individualism? What’s so bad about being able to do what you want? Well if you hadn’t noticed, the west is not a friendly place. When I was in primary school and a girl didn’t want to talk to me, she would put her hand out and say “Talk to the hand because I don’t understand!” If only I knew what that attitude would lead to years later. If you say hello to someone while they walk down the street, they will give you a screwed up face. If you cold approach someone on the street you will get a rude response or be accused of sexual harassment. If you go to somewhere where people congregate like a church, work, nightclub, school, party, pub, whatever, and you approach someone you don’t know, even if they are by themselves and it’s a social environment, they will look at you as if you’re a paedophile.

talk to the hand because i don't understand, girl puts her hand out

girl with hand out to say stop

Not only that, every possible demographic or group are competing against each other as if they’re enemies, instead of seeing eye to eye. The bond between men and women is getting worse. The bond between white and black people is getting worse. The bond between liberals and conservatives is getting worse [two] [three].


#2 Consumerism

There are two ways you can live your life. You can live for evolutionary biology or you can live for consumerism. If you see a sandwich or wine that is £1 and another sandwich or wine that is £2, you know that the £2 sandwich or wine is better because it’s more expensive. To live for consumerism, you live to spend money on expensive stuff, go on fancy holidays, have designer clothes, and then years later you have nothing to show for all that time and money you spent.

If you live for evolutionary biology, you live in a way that increases your chances of reproducing with the opposite sex. It’s not that you want to have kids, but that you increase your chances of having kids. If you are educated, work on your talents, go out meeting new people to gain life experience, have your own place, your own car, work on your personality; you are increasing the chances that the opposite sex will find you attractive, so you are increasing your chances of reproducing, thus living for evolutionary biology.

lil wayne quote

juicy j quote

kanye west quote

The bad thing about consumerism, is that people have shallow experiences, and value spending money and holidays, more than they do the relationships they have with people and the ways they can become better more worldly people. Going to a party destination holiday or going on holiday to “help” poverty stricken africans in the third world for a charity does not make you more worldly or refined.

glitter and temporary tattoo party holiday ibiza

privileged white girl on helping starving africans working with a charity holiday

#3 Celebrity culture

In western culture we look up to famous people so much. Everyone wants to be an idol like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus or some k-pop star. Yes it does look amazing to have millions of fans clamouring for your attention and personal space, the huge amount of money, being an influential person who can make a difference to the culture of society, and getting lots of awards and praise. Who wouldn’t want a life like that? Well look at the most popular tweet on twitter!

most popular tweet

As Aphex Twin said, You have to be a crazy person to want to be famous. I agree. I don’t want to be famous. Fame is stupid. The reason why I don’t want to be famous, is that when you are famous, other people dictate to you how you should live your life, so you lost a lot of your autonomy. What to say, who to date, what to create, what opinions to think. Even what you wear will be scrutinised! It’s a lot of pressure. And you can’t walk down the street, be in a supermarket or go to the toilet, without people wanting to know about it.

kanye west fighting paparazzi

I know what you’re thinking! “But when you’re famous, you get to fuck bitches and get money!!!!!!!!! You don’t need fame to have lots of girls and lots of money.

Loads of people have money, and they’re not famous. Landlords have money. Doctors have money. What these fame-seekers fail to realise, is that once you have your basic needs met such as food, shelter, transport, utility bills, internet – no higher amount of income will make you any happier. Those people will sign a million, ahem, 100 grand pound contract where they give up their intellectual property and ideas then five years later once the initial buzz fades, they will have depression once their contract ends, or are fired or replaced by other competitors into irrelevancy. And a hundred grand doesn’t even last a lifetime so they’ll have to start again from scratch afterwards. I have two jobs and one job offer waiting I can start any time. Also I have my side hustle going on as well. I run my own startups, and I do web development, app development, editing writing, songwriting, music producing as a freelancer, so I don’t need to worry about poverty. And when I was in poverty, even though the money sucked, I struggled and it’s not fun, I was protected by benefits in a socialist country, so my poverty is not the same poverty people experience in asia and africa.

Also you don’t need to be famous to be popular. I see popular people on twitter all the time who make every effort to reply to their fans. Do they have the time to reply to all of their messages? No they do not. So what use is the popularity their fame gives them? Also another thing that those fame-seekers do not realise, is that when you are famous, your fans do not like you for you, they only like you for what they can gain off you. If you were famous and you put one of your fans in your twitch stream, youtube video or podcast, don’t be surprised once they blow up due to the increased exposure and views, how they badmouth you and stop having anything to do with you in future. Famous people aren’t special. They’re normal everyday people just like you and me. They get depression, they fall in love, they commit crime, they don’t have all the answers. As Jamie xx said when asked what it’s like to be famous, he simply replied, “It’s the same, you just meet more people”. I meet new people all the time. I am part of various social circles, such as the polyamorous community who are all hippies, the dark triad community, blue pill meetup.com, the red pill competitor of Meetup, my brother’s social circle of emos and nerds, the music industry social circle and every time I login to a dating website I get messages from girls and elsewhere I have people cold messaging me wanting me to meet them. So people don’t need to be famous to meet people. Yes fame makes it easier, but you don’t need fame to do so.

bill nye the sellout guy

begging for likes

whoring your kid for likes

facebook likes to the rescue

Because of our individualistic culture, we are always peering over our shoulder and trying to quantify success. What people don’t realise, is that you don’t need to have lots of money and popularity to be successful. Is a singer of more value than a doctor? Is an actor of more value than a teacher? Western culture would have you believe so! Especially with how when you signup to Twitter, they recommend you twitter verified a-listers for you to follow which are curated and require you follow 10 people before clicking next, rather than you make your own decisions of who you want to follow based on who you value and like. You know what I say, Everyone is talking numbers, but no one is talking words. Truer words have never been spoken!


We treat famous people like prophets. When they have an opinion and they are not an activist or in a leadership position, it goes all over the media anyway. When a celebrity makes a dire and unoriginal tweet with an opinion in it, they get loads of retweets and the media hails them a voice of a generation, but when a person with a real constructive job that keeps the system functioning makes an original and intelligent tweet, they get hardly any retweets and they are virtually ignored. So social media appeals to the lowest common denominator as it seems. Have you seen a tweet you disagree with? Good luck trying to debate people in 280 characters!

#4 Participation trophies

I have spoken about this before, so I’ll quote my article.

Something about american and western education makes people more stupid and closes their minds. Schools make people more stupid.
schools are indoctrination factories

When my parents grew up, people were judged on MERIT so if you said something retarded in class you had to sit in the corner with a dunce hat and you had to write in cursive when they told you to.
child sitting in corner wearing dunce hat

Nowadays they are teaching kids that everyone is special and unique no matter your flaws or shortcomings and they’re giving out participation trophies and people put their hand up when they have nothing important to say. It’s a crime for someone to think different than you because we all shall have the same mind.
you tried star sticker

Then instagram, tumblr, facebook and the selfie stick comes along and we reach peak narcissism. I’ll never join instagram. These sites have no dislike button so attention seeking, narcissism, degenerates and low intelligence proliferate the site without being curbed (and nobody can express they disagree), concepts such as honour, discourse and only speaking when you have something of value to say, falls by the wayside, which in turn, teaches them that it’s acceptable to think that way.

Schools and universities are not telling kids and adults what they can think, or even how to think, but instead what to think. People follow without question. If you repeat a lie early enough and long enough it becomes true. Schools and universities are banning opinionated people who disagree from speaking in debates, and they are distributing feminist and gender is a social construct propaganda which is completely false.
selfie stick narcicissm

When I was in school we did homework on paper that we wrote in a pen and now my younger brother doesn’t have to do any homework on paper, and he gets multiple choice homework on a computer. When I was in school we had circle time, where the class including the teacher sat in a circle on the floor on the carpet or rug, and we’d speak about whatever is on our minds, or whatever the question is that the teacher raised. We would be given a fruit like an apple or orange, just one, and when the person had finished speaking, they passed it to the person next to them, and they passed it to the person next to them, and so on and so on. Circle time does not happen in school any more. Sometimes we would even play games in circle time like “one day i went to the shop and brought a”. Everyone was respectful and receptive.

Kids are being taught to be narcissists who regurgitate a flurry of words for the sake of it, who believe that they are automatically special without having to earn it even if they are wrong, boring or dumb. And schools are making people stupid by giving out propaganda and not teaching kids how to think or what they can believe in, just that they have to believe something because the higher ups told them so.

#5 Men are disposable

I have also spoken about this before, but when it comes to western society, females hold all the privilege and men hold none and are the disposable sex.

What feminists do is they conflate collective power with blanket power. The privileged are typically men and collectively men are privileged, but most men are not the CEO’s, politicians, millionaires, STEM employees, writers and musicians that feminists want to be. I mean, when feminists talk about men being privileged, they are focusing on only a stark minority of men and assuming that all men have those privileges, when they don’t. So men don’t have blanket power. When it comes to men, most (or all) of them are worse off than women, as when it comes to blanket power, not collective power, if you put 50 men and 50 women in a room, more often than not, the women will be privileged. And women hold all the privilege in society.

women get lieniency and shorter sentences for the same crime

According to Jack Kammer, from his book, If Men Have All The Power How Come Women Make The Rules [[backup], “women’s power is the opposite of monumental. It’s like wall-to-wall carpeting, or a snowfall, everywhere and unavoidable, not concentrated into a few narrow monuments, like men’s”. The book has other gems such as, “The most curious sexism is women’s belief that only one sex is sexist” and “There are two possible reasons why we keep hearing that we live in a patriarchy. The first is that we do indeed live in a society dominated by men. The other possibility is that we live under a different kind of rule that is so strong and pervasive that it keeps us from seeing it for what it is” and “How come men never say it’s a man’s world.” Quoted in the book is a quote from Esther Vilar, “Women invent rules, manipulate men to obey them, and in this way dominate men – but in no way apply the rules to themselves” from a book titled The Manipulated Man, of which she received death threats for.

Feminists are just being elitists looking at the men in the suits in the offices in the leadership roles, or in STEM, and they’re making their conclusions based on that. It’s the women who have the true power, as society exists to serve and elevate women, not men.

The patriarchy does not exist. It is not real. Basically as my article says, when it comes to sexuality, attitudes, controversy, tragedies and the legal system, it is all skewed in favour of women.

You can read the article here.

#6 Liberalism

I don’t hate liberals (well I hate some of them), but I hate liberalism.

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What is liberalism? I have explained that here. Liberalism turns everything it touches into cancer. Mass immigration, political correctness, censorship, social justice warriors, affirmative action, third wave feminism, cultural marxism, calling everyone you don’t like a racist nazi, the growing influence and support of communism (with the rise of Jeremy Corbyn, Bernie Sanders, communist parties and Antifa). Also they sprout hoaxes such as objectification, institutional racism against black people and gays, the pay gap, rape culture – all which do not exist. I could debate this all day, but I’ll keep it short. Liberalism (authoritarian liberal, not a classical liberal), turns everything it touches into cancer.

feminism is cancer liberalism is a mental disorder buzzfeed is cancer

If you lived in a dictatorship or a country under religious law, then it makes sense, but isn’t it funny how in a country with democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of press and freedom of association – that people are not free to say what they think? Have a watch of the video below.

Women: Know Your Limits! Harry Enfield - BBC comedy

That video could never be aired on TV now. That was the BBC, the same BBC that nowadays discriminates against white people in job adverts [one] [two] [three], refusing to air tv shows if they are too white, changes white historical characters into black characters, and has a terms of service for their comment section that they can ring up your employer or university to get you fired or excluded [source] if the moderators don’t like your comment. Yes that’s the government owned BBC now in the 21st century funded by a government enforced mandatory tax.

antifa burning free speech flag

why free speech is important

The thing with liberals is that they control what you say through political correctness, control what you do, and they enforce a monopoly on fun.

It’s politically correct to like Hillary Clinton and politically incorrect to like Donald Trump because if you wear a MAGA hat Antifa will assault you. Liking thin or curvy women is against PC because glamour modelling (Page 3, booth babes, F1 grid girls, miss world, protein world) hot girls in bikinis in advertising is banned in London and Britain due to feminist outrage, London major Sadiq Khan and the Advertising Standards Authority, liking fat women is PC. Voting for Brexit is against PC as you get called a racist for saying you voted for it, and voting remain is PC. People are sick of being told that they cannot express their rightful and peaceful opinions and fearing losing their job or university place over it.

omfg a different opinion. triggered.

trump creates jobs

trump and farage meme

trump triggering meme

donald trump manspreading meme

trump is against and doesn't have time for political correctness

trump ending the korean war

trump ending the korean war

is donald trump your president

trump dancing

Also with liberals is that they do not view all humans as equal. Under law, we have equal rights. There is not a single thing a man can do that a woman is forbidden from doing. However under liberalism (and its subset Third Wave Feminism), women have more agency than a man. For instance, it’s okay for women to cold approach men but not the reverse. Women get shorter sentences for the same crime. And women dying, female cancer and International Women’s Day is given more sympathy and recognition than men (or the men’s day). Under liberalism, (and its subset cultural marxism), the higher you are on the oppression scale, the more agency you get. A white straight christian male is bad and a black gay muslim female is good. This is also why black people get their school grades boosted and asians get their grades reduced thanks to affirmative action (and the good of diversity), so much so, that an indian man pretended to be black to be accepted into university. This is also why a christian baker was found guilty under anti-discrimination law for refusing to bake a gay couple a wedding cake, but a muslim couple who did the same thing was found innocent by a court in the same country

google and rational wiki says that coloured people cannot be racist to white people

everything a white person does is racist white people told to have less children white people told to have less children 2 school marked down by ofsted for being too white

Use the meme below to discover and trigger anti-white racists.

white meme to trigger racists

men submissive to a woman

i have tits give me free stuff i have a penis blame me for everything

feminists blame men for everything

Also liberals want (and sometimes have) a monopoly on fun. It’s okay for them to make money from blogging, but if you make money from blogging, they are a SJW and try to get your advertisers to boycott you. It’s okay for them to be sexist and racist to men and white people whilst being twitter verified, but if you do it, you’re a nazi who should have nothing in life. It’s okay for them to dress sexually and be sultry or flirt with you, but if you give them a compliment you are sexually harrassing them [one] [two]. It’s okay for them to play video games where men are murdered, but if a woman is murdered, the video game becomes be banned from sale.

Margaret Thatcher - Capitalism and a Free Society

Communism, nobody used to take it seriously, the people who believed in it seriously anyway. There were always communists, in little fringe movements, but everyone laughed at them. Now that communist Jeremy Corbyn was democratically elected as Labour Party leader with 59.5% of the vote out of four people, and Bernie Sanders came second place in the Democrat Party leadership with 43.1% of the vote, the threat of communism is no longer seen as a joke. And people fight against it and reject it with good reason. (They claim to be socialists when really they are communists. Don’t believe the hype! Jeremy Corbyn is very bad and will wreck the country it’ll be fucked up. I’ll explain why in a later article.)


Jeremy Corbyn | Change is Coming

Jeremy Corbyn - Sheffield Rally

We are also as a population (in the west), have had enough of liberalism with its nanny state telling us what to do, say and trying to monopolise fun so we have no fun, when we are only doing what’s good for us as a people. And we are sick of globalism how mass immigration, censorship of independant media, mass survelliance is used to target enemies of the state, dissidents, and infringe on their right to act rightfully in what is supposedly a free society and us working class people are sick of our wages stagnating due to more competition for jobs and workers losing their bargaining power, with rents rising due to the demand exceeding the supply and rising, that mass immigration does cause, along with us hating the ever-increasing censorship and no-platforming, and agency inequality that liberalism causes.

Conservatism and populism is rising in response to liberalism, political correctness, communism and globalism rising and trying to take a even greater stranglehold on us.

democrats and republicans, obama and romney are the same

illuminati power structure

illuminati power structure

trump loses money in politics

lucky to be alive during trump presidency

for britain 10 point plan

I will write another article red pilling the world about how evil liberalism really is later on, but when you break it down, people have had enough about PC politics.


So although all the poor people want to come to the west to get a prosperous income so they can have a lifestyle rather than be a wagecuck, and all the immigrants want to come here to get free housing and free money so they get more money here on benefits than they would working in their own country, the west is not a bed of roses.

If you actually look at the people here and what it’s like to interact with them, once you have your basic needs met, the west is looking pretty grim as there is no life to these people except in little pocket bubble communities where the friendliness, acceptance and kindness only exists in those bubbles but not the general public we all are surrounded by. As long as I have money, I would rather live in a democratic asian country.

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