50 Followers Bulletin

I'll polish this up in July

Hello followers!
I thought that I would never write a Post, and now I am. Now that I am, I don’t know exactly what to write. So far on Quora I’ve just posted about what I think and know about stuff, so now I’ll try to do something different. Let’s see where this goes.

I know what to do now. I’ll start out posting factual stuff, and slowly go into something less substantially meaningful. Most of the time I have nothing to say, and nothing to ask, so if I post something, eventually something will come to my mind.

Breaking the internal dialogue
I do not like posting on Twitter and I do not like creating Posts on Quora. I’m not a low key person, but I don’t like how tweets and Posts feel like a one way medium. It feels like I’m talking to a brick wall, and that nobody is really listening. That sounds hypocritical as I follow people on Twitter who post meaningless action stuff like I just ate breads or Oh noes it’s raining. They have no problem talking to a brick wall, so why do I? Maybe my spur of the moment thoughts can be of use to someone. I just don’t like talking to a brick wall. It doesn’t make me feel good, so I don’t do it.

This should be the final Post that I make on Quora. I think that Posts on Quora are absolute rubbish! For that reason, I am going to try it and confirm it for myself. I’m treating this as an experiment to confirm my beliefs.

This post will be really long, because I don’t think I’ll make a post again. I really want to cover everything at once.

Making money online
Making money online is hard. I used to post on my blog of that topic about that sort of stuff, but I don’t do that anymore. The sad thing about poverty, is that the only way you can escape it, is if someone wealthy pulls you out of it. Don’t we all love those talented people from poverty stricken backgrounds? I like to use computers as a way of solving problems, and as I was sick of GPT websites, I made one that I thought was great. My GPT (get paid to )site I ran didn’t ask people for their money. One person got $8 in 2 weeks, with 4 referrals. One day I’ll put it back online once I have more money. I’m a uni student so I need a job.

I posted a blog post about that, called Helping Romania. It’s about how I unexpectedly became a saviour for poverty stricken teenagers in Romania. I’m poverty stricken too, but unlike me, their country doesn’t give them a chance to overcome their poverty. They have no options. Here’s an extract of it.

Most of the Your Price members are teenagers, and nowhere did I see they were going to spend the money on sweets, games or anything for leisure. These were all teenagers who had their own ideas for where they wanted to be in life. I learnt when I read the [survey] results, that I was significantly involved in people’s lives, and someone who was relied on.

The thing about Quora
That’s the thing about Quora. It allows people who aren’t paying money to advertise their blog, to have people like you reading my stuff for free. Isn’t Quora grand? I’ve been thinking about that, and what that could potentially mean.

A website that gave me 5 trackbacks for free, and has people reading my blog posts. There isn’t another website on the internet that can do that for free. I’ve been thinking about how I can capitalise on this. My idea is that if Posts could be given Topics, then Quora would be the next Mahalo, Squidoo or Hubpages. But Quora doesn’t want to be a content publishing platform, it wants to be a curated set of questions and answers about all topics.

I’ve been thinking about what Quora would be like, if it was a website for promoting blogs. See what sort of ideas I come up with? This is why I should be upvoted for Who would be ideal next member of Quora’s board of directors? to the very top of the page. People don’t have any idea about the sort of things I think about sometimes.

But making Quora a content publishing platform, would cause a problem. On Quora, the questions we ask, have a use to someone else. If we all used Posts to promote our blog posts, then these Posts that we make wouldn’t be useful to people. If you ask a question, there’s a good chance that other people would like to know the answer too. Quora doesn’t want to be piegeon holed as the Q&A website for startups. That wouldn’t be good would it? If we all used Posts to promote our blogs, that would be bad.

This has given me an idea for making a content promotion network. It will take me up to 2 weeks to come up with the concept and how it will work, but it would be a new site, that would be nothing like Quora. I hate pirating people.

If I was to make a content publishing platform, what would it be like? Is that even the right term?

Bing Will Kill Link Building
The first 10 search results on Bing have less backlinks than the ones on Google. This is why Google is scared of Bing, because they’re doing something special metric to rank pages that Google isn’t. The only thing Google has going for it results wise, is that Bing isn’t good at long tail search, and it isn’t meant to be right now. I asked a SEO Expert and he told me that if Bing was the dominant search engine, that SEO will be dead. I was right. I knew that Bing would kill link building, I just had to make sure.

That’s also something I went to post on my blog, which is a different one. Here’s an extract.

In my opinion Google will be the market leader for sometime but if Bing did ever become as big as Google, link building may become a thing of the past – algorithms and SEO techniques change so often, look how Panda has changed things recently!

I don’t blog anymore.

Thanks community
Thanks to the community who gave me answers to upvote and comment on. I don’t like singling out names, as it makes all my other followers look rubbish. I’m not following most of you back, because you answer questions I don’t like. I learnt today on Quora that I’m suffering from chronic depression. Damn I didn’t know that existed. Isn’t Quora grand? I wonder what Quora is going to do next. In fact all my followers contribute to my experience on Quora, no I meant to say everything I’m following does. Okay I’ll say both lol. Hey followers!

I wonder if I have ever influenced anyone on Quora. I doubt that I have. I’m not an influential person. My Mum says that I need Cognitive Behavioural Therapy counselling. Right now I’ve got the 38th most answers on this website!

Maybe I should have posted more
I still don’t like posts as I don’t like talking to a brick wall. Let me know if I should write more posts. I didn’t feel happy about writing this post, and today has been a bad day for 2 reasons. I only like talking to a brick wall when I want to do it, and that’s not often.

About my creativity, I don’t have much to post about now, as I’m waiting for my professional microphone to come through the post so that 2 songs can get finished then my Lab Sessions cd is done. I’m waiting to get the front cover of my novel done, and I hope that I can get it done on Monday. When those 2 things are done, I can then show you both things in their entirety. I could give you a preview, but I can’t really be bothered, and I don’t see what the point is.

I’ll end this post about something from my real life. It makes a nice contrast to my 702 answers I made on this site. It’s about a girl who liked me.

The door hinge (2008 November)
I was walking into class from my review and what did I see? That girl who likes me looking at me like that. So what did I do?

Well I put my arm out to close the door whilst looking at her. Then I noticed that the door was not closing as fast as I would like it to thanks to the door hinge making me look weak. So that’s when I started to get really frustrated and I looked frustrated with myself. So with two angry pushes with my arm the door finally shut.

For anyone else, I would have let the door shut by itself because it has a door hinge.
I think she knows that me shutting the door was done especially for her. We hadn’t spoken to each other in weeks. But that’s not my fault. And that moment said it all. And only us two know why I shut the door like that. Everyone else must of thought I was being a klutz on purpose.