100 Followers Bulletin

I'll polish this up in August

This one will be much shorter. Most of the time I have absolutely nothing to talk about, so the same will be here.

What I’m up to
I knew from the begninning that promotional content wouldn’t work here, so all I can say about that now, is tell you what I’m up to. Well next year I’ll be a working on new music and be working with a lady singer. Also I’ll be part of an investment society that had a growth of 1.2% last month. I’ve got other stuff bouncing around the place too.

Like yesterday I’ve been offered a job in London as a Junior Intern Web Designer if I relocate. I’m going to have to do it. I’m living in the biggest jobs recession in 35 years, and times are hard; so I have to take every opportunity I get. Especially as I’d been looking for a job for a year last year and couldn’t get one. I got the phone call yesterday. Life is so hard. I’m on the outside looking on the inside. That’s that done, now onto something else.

Thoughts on Quora
So Quora have now made the Boards feature, so you can have a space to reblog all content from this site to it, and post your own content, but on a particular topic. Boards are similar to Reddit, but are very clever, in the sense that instead of rehashing external links, you instead rehash internal content. This encourages you to post your own exclusive content to Boards, and create value for the Quora Platform. Yes Quora is a Platform, they just haven’t made it one yet. Quora will be the number 1 content publishing network on the internet.

I don’t really have a complaint about the Boards feature. I think it’s a really great feature, it’s just that I don’t really have a use for it. I think that Boards are Quora’s attempt of improving the signal to noise on the News Feed, without having the stupid questions eradicated from the website. They lock everyone into their own silos, so that the intelligent people, stupid question people, and idiotic and incessant teenagers, can all have their place on this website and cohabit peacefully – without interacting with each others questions. The Quora admins are more clever than we give them credit for.

The only thing I don’t like is the Show to topic followers for 50 credits, on new questions. It should either be done by default, or not be done at all. My little enjoyment of Quora is gone – except for my answer comments – because I now am clueless about new questions added into my followed topics.

This is the part of the show where I run out of things to talk about. I know what I’m going to talk about now. I’m sick of all these copycat designs that are coming out. Why can’t people be original nowadays? Am I the only person who prefers the iBook G4 Clamshell to the MacBook Pro? I hate it when things are modernised, as all they do in the process is make it glossy with rounded corners, and once they’ve done it, something is missing that once was. It’s like the heart and soul of it was gone.

Maybe I should write a design blog. But for now I don’t think I need to. My Design Perspectives board suffices. Something is seriously wrong with the way people are taught nowadays in this capitalist society, if all people do nowadays is copycat each other and jump on bandwagons. I will never pirate anyone. People who sellout don’t gain longevity.

I could design in a Web2.0 way, but I never have.

I can’t really post anything interesting about my life now. You think the period between Boxing Day and News Years Day is bad? What about the time from the Christmas holidays up to Christmas day? Nothing happens in those days. All I can do is utilise these days to do work and revise.

I was having a debate one time and I said that for someone to constantly do the same thing again and again and get away with it, for example gangsta rap or epic guitar solos, you have to be really good at what you do. Not everyone can do the same thing repeatedly and be acclaimed for it.

I know what I want to post now.
It has come to my attention that I am a radical person. I was also called that in an answer to that question about who on Quora is radical. To me I don’t understand this.

I’ve been blocked by 5 people now, and one of them I’ve never interacted with. My thoughts can’t be far removed from society, can it? I’ve already had someone block me for a politically incorrect answer I made. Why do some people here find me offensive? And more importantly, why am I always being blocked for what I think? I’ve already had 4 people tell me I don’t write good enough answers here (yet in 3 months I got to 1105 a2a price).

I really want to understand where other people are coming from. Do I really think radically? Some people tell me “Do you know how clever you are” and I always reply “No”. I wish I knew why I was clever but I don’t.

I also have a way of being abrasive to people, as I have a blunt and abrupt way of talking to people sometimes.

But most importantly, why would someone block me because of what I think. I don’t think bad things do I? I consider all opinions to be of equal value, whether they’re about capital punishment, racism, feminism or favourite colours. I have never downvoted an answer because I disagreed with it.

Blocked by 5 people. That is so funny because I can die today with no regrets so the only people I can direct the fault at, is at them for being infantile. I’m not going to feel guilty for the way they react to trivial matters. I wonder who else has blocked me without me knowing it.

My number 1 question of today is, Who am I going to offend on Quora next? I already upset a woman today in a conversation that lasted for hours that was in her inbox.
Damn, I really am outlandish. I say the most accusative, judgemental, clever, funny, and immature things.

PS. Shoutout to the 2 people who unfollowed me. I supposed they blocked me too.
Let’s make that 7. Isn’t it funny how people can’t say things to my face? The bitches!